Orange County Divorce Mediation Infidelity with Finances Recommendations Part Two

I run a mortgage company and obviously, I see everybody's finances in the process of it. And it didn't dawn until now but I actually had a client where after the conference call with him and his wife were done, he called me back separately. He asked me to keep a few things confidential. He actually had a different amount of money every month from his paycheck going to a separate bank account that she didn't know anything about. And what I find as odd though is that I remember hanging up thinking, well this is a bad situation.

For me to be in , first, but then remember hanging up going, how does she not know When they do their taxes at the end of the year, the W2, the paychecks I don't know how he's pulled it off. She may not even look at it. She might just sign her name if she's not worried about checking it. A lot of people just sign. Yeah, I guess so. So what do you recommend in a situation like that Obviously, your business is divorce and getting it over with as easy as possible. But I'd like to say,.

Don't get divorced. Make an effort not to. I would think that from somebody like you that's pretty much heard it all, what's some good advice you can give for people to not be in that situation Is it, don't have separate accounts and maybe you should just have one or is it Have a financial date as one of our TLPs says all the time and talk about things. Well, I think I want to start off by saying that the show isn't supposed to promote distrust on your spouse, first and foremost. We don't.

Want our listeners to take this, go home, and start doubting what their spouse is spending their money on. But I do think that you need to trust your instincts. If something feels like it's a little bit off, look into it. Don't just pretend like it's not there because your instincts are oftentimes right. But as far as some practical advice, I would say that in my opinion it would be better to have one main account that all money goes into, whether it's a dual income or single income. And then if you guys want to have separate.

What Happens to an Inheritance During a Divorce

If someone has received an inheritance it can raise questions about what's going to happen to that money in a divorce. If money that has been gifted to a spouse through inheritance or in other fashion, it is kept completely separate. It remains that spouses separate property they get to keep it. Again, there's no uniform answer and there could be some exceptions but if a gift of money or an inheritance is commingled with community propertycommunity wages if they're commingled in the same bank account then it raises questions about.

How Much Does Divorce Cost

How much a divorce costs is a really good question because there is no easy answer. Again every case is unique, every family is unique, if you have nothing to fight about, you have no property, no kids, no child support, you could probably get it done for under two thousand dollars. That's literally nothing to fight about. But if there are areas that need resolution even if you're not gonna turn it into World War Three, meaning areas such as what's the parenting plan gonna be for your children, especially if you have young, children what's a child support.

Gonna be, is there a need for spousal support, how are you gonna divide your property, how complicated is your property, do you have vacation houses, do you have retirement assets, do you have art collections, do you have car collections. all of those areas lead to the complexity of the case and add to the cost and if there's no way that you're ever going to agree with your soon to be ex spouse then you have to go to trial and you could be looking at a cost of 50,000 to 500,000.

Differences Between Divorces With and Without Kids

The difference between a divorce with kids and a divorce without kinds is that you have far less work to do if you have a divorce without kids. You don't need to come up with the parenting plan, you don't need to come up with an order for child support, on which those can potentially be very contentious. So if you just have a divorce with property, doesn't mean it's not going to be contentious, but you have less agreements to make. Essentially, that's the difference between if you have children or if you don't have children.

Why Does My Husband Blame Me for His Affair

Why does my husband blame me for his affair I'm not the one who had sex with someone else. If he can make you think it is your fault, then he isn't considered responsible for the affair. Also, If he can make you think it is your fault, such as not having enough sex or gaining weight after the marriage, then he can manipulate you into being like the other woman. I hardly ever give him the cold shoulder, much less blue balls. He could only use that excuse if we were living like roommates without benefits for years.

And there are women who actually do that to their men, and for them, divorce or marriage counseling with someone who doesn't automatically heap all the blame on the men is the only solution. That used to be the main reason men were willing to marry. You couldn't get the milk for free, and the market rate was expensive. So yes, lack of loving could drive him to cheat, but there are so many options other than cheating. He's also blaming this in ADD and impulse control. That explains him blurting out a dumb excuse like it is all your fault, instead of getting.

On his knees, apologizing, and offering to go to counseling. It takes a lot more than a few seconds to have an affair. And a lot of thought and effort into hiding it. If he's not getting cut off and hated at home, he's only got himself to blame for the affair. And the other woman. She couldn't have done anything without him, honey. Though a man whose wife has turned into a shrew and shows him only hatred and contempt at home could discover he's having an affair to get what he isn't getting at home.

Do Grandparents Have Custody Rights in South Carolina Anderson, SC Custody Lawyer 8642267222

What rights do grandparents have to custody or visitation with their grandchildren. I'm Nancy Jo Thomason, and I'm a family court lawyer in Anderson, South Carolina. I get asked this question a lot by grandparents who are concerned about what's going on with their grandchildren. It's a difficult question to answer, because technically grandparents don't have anymore rights to their grandchildren than a perfect stranger does. The ultimate person who has the ability to control where a child goes, and where a child lives is their parents. But unfortunately there are all too often.

Situations where parents become addicted to drugs, they lose their way in life, and they're just not capable of parenting their children. And in those circumstances, if a grandparent can prove that a parent is unfit, then they can in fact file an action in family court and ask to be granted custody of their grandchildren. It's a very difficult case to try to win, but in those very serious circumstances where the children are gonna be harmed if they're left in the parent's home, grandparents certainly should intervene and do have the right to intervene.

The Rebirth of Yisraelite Marriage

In a world where the scriptural family is under attack by S.A.tan, one man has written a book that exposes the lies of the enemy and brings the truth of scripture to light. That man is Rabbi Moshe Koniuchowsky and that book is The Rebirth of Yisraelite Marriage available now at yourarmstoisrael It brings forth biblical principals and truths long obscured, or twisted by religion and society This book offers a prophetic call for sexual healing, deliverance, peace and understanding, in this, his latest project. Many people still wonder about their sexuality.

How does Medpay medical payments work on my car insurance Virginia attorney Ben Glass explains

Hi, this is Ben Glass with a real quick tip on who will pay the bills after an accident. Look, if you're going to a healthcare provider who is in network, you need to insist that that healthcare provider bill your own health insurance company. In fact, it is now the law in Virginia, but a lot of them don't want to do it. Never give your medpay information to a healthcare provider who is in network. This will always result in less money for you at the end of the day. Now sure, the guy who caused the accident, his insurance company.

Marijuana Legalization Frank Crushes George Will

Barney frank was on abc's this week that he got into a great debate with george will pull right the role of the swiss watch demands and i wanted to have you here danny if someone to smoke marijuana and an adult blamed when when you wanna make anybody you know first of all on the internet gambling as you know i'm andrea a supporter of the barney frank bill yes with regard to marijuana i need to know more about whether it's a gateway drug do other drugs i need to know how you're going to.

Regulate it with him and return a little bit of a when fitted in around a long time he gateway getting the gateway to anything delightfully therefore that uh. that's that's what we saw plenty of which is a very and delivered ten nine eight attracted if somebody doing something that's not itself long but it might be made on to something else and stop the something else mama commodity smoking marijuana but i i like and what you're calling up a cop out of time chronic roster information and i want to go ahead you're on the door on a decade.

Plan loses the version information because of often doesn't go in there but no i'm not going to understanding this for a long time ago here on medicare and how much longer we don't have to wait for you to make up your mind headlining at that to the issue of social abilities at an indian today so clearly under the do they want to tell people reconnaissance disfigurement who could i have sex with who can i'm married would contain the what can i help you guys on the whole not all of you but that's a concern that i want to intrude.

On her to maybe there are christiane and outlook carlo what barney frank because it isn't just about hot his overall poison excellent one and i says one we've been may be a long time on the actors which is like a service will love big government they've enormous have regrets about that when it comes to sex life when it comes to what you slow uh. et cetera they wanna intrude upon your all all the time leaving the government grants the ever invented when a concert deciding what morals you should live by et cetera right.

And they pretend that they're against big government learn some things that they don't agree with so barney frank totally blossom up on that my favorite detail that debate was when george rules i well i have to study designed to use a lot pentathlon this day and whatever weak excuse that's what you know why this george will knows that he's wrong and that he's a hypocrite on it if you actually get about personal liberty and we hated big government why in the world would you care about someone else loking pop.

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