Adultery, Divorce Emotional Distress

The question that has been posed has been, My spouse has committed adultery, I am planning to get divorced, can I also sue for emotional distress Starting with the first part of the question If your spouse has committed adultery, you can use that as a reason for a grounds for divorce, but you must have independent corroboration, a thirdparty witness, neither your spouse nor the person they are having sexual intercourse with to very and substantiate the claim for adultery. In New York State, there is a much easier grounds for divorce.

Under Domestic Relations Law 170 subdivision 7. You can seek a no fault divorce based upon the irretrievable breakdown of the marital relationship for more than six months. It's much easier to proceed that way than under adultery. The second part of the question is, Can I also sue for emotional distress You can sue for emotional distress if you can show damages. You would need to show some type of medical damages, such as a psychiatrist or a psychologist bill, medicine, treatment, possibly lost wages. It's probably not worthwhile from a business point of view and a cost benefit.

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Going through a divorce can be tough you may be fighting over financial assets or even over the custody of your children your choice of a attorney can make the difference between winning and losing the Law Office of Elliot Green has over 13 years of experience and has handled hundreds of divorce and family law cases call 7182608668 Attorney Elliot Green is serious about family law as a devoted husband and father of four he understands the important issues that strike a chord with his clients when you turn to the law office of Elliot Green the guidance you receive.

Why The U.S. Has The Worst Public Transit System

Around the world, as many as 25 countries have high speed rail systems connecting major cities. But the US has been lagging behind in modern methods of public transportation. Recent reports suggest that American cities rank among the worst for transit systems. So, why is US transit so bad Well, after World War 2, countries like Japan and Germany invigorated their economies through federallysponsored rail construction. But the United States chose to invest in their Interstate Highway System. Beginning in the 1950s, the government paved tens of thousands of miles of road all over the US. This road network helped encourage the popularity of.

Automobiles, and more spreadout city planning, called sprawl. But the effects of city sprawl on commute times, the rising cost of gasoline and oil, and growing traffic, have become a problem. In major cities, like Los Angeles, car traffic constantly clogs the freeways. Even the New York city transit system, which can serve up to 6 million commuters on a busy day, is known to many as being dirty, unreliable, and underfunded. On the other hand, London, England has the oldest subway in the world, and is significantly more efficient. The Tube was constructed in the mid 1800s, and serves a billion people.

Per year, covering an area of 600 square miles. London also has a great rail infrastructure, with high speed trains reaching out to Scotland and France. Another success story is Seoul in South Korea. Its subway system is the longest in the world, with 315 miles of track. The transit stations are hightech and modern. Free wifi, heated seats, and TV are available for riders. In many Asian and European countries, trains are almost always on time, whereas New York's subway, for example, sticks to the schedule about 75 of the time.

Part of the reason for the America's transportation deficiency is the difficulty in passing spending legislation. Republicans in particular have been reticent to raise taxes to federally fund transit programs. And a high speed rail could potentially cost $150 billion dollars. But soon, legislators may have no other choice but to invest heavily in newer, better forms of public transit. In 2014 the White House reported that up to 65 of America's major roads were rated in less than good condition. Also, nearly half of American citizens lack access to public transit. Clearly, if the US wants to keep pace with other nations,.

Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade arrested in New York for nanny fraud

India's deputy consul in New York, Devyani Khobragade, wanted a Indian nanny for her kids. But she didn't want to pay U.S. wages, so she cheated. But the nanny wasn't having it and tried to get residency, and that's when the cops came in and arrested the diplomat for visa fraud. She was strip searched and thrown into a jail cell with common criminals, which is how it's done in the U.S., no matter how high and mighty you are. But this royally upset India, so in retaliation, they pulled down the barricades to the U.S.

Cheating husband beaten up by wife in India

Feeling the wrath of the woman who trains vishal sharma with words having an affair with a colleague his wife to fifteen years david which i'm glad to camera pans with the help of her relatives items were caught on camera three husband was working in an automobile company this girl was working with time accidentally has been brought into my house and sections having problems with his family and statements on the you also see that want to study and didn't want to get married and department mona sharma alexis and husband spent most of his time with his love of horses.

And that the clinton administration of the house party says he's innocent and being susceptible domestic problems frame only doing a job in my office they have their family problems he came with my maternal uncle into my house included that time and they were talking to each other in the fight broke out teaching hospitals enraged life and deputy chief their life love triangle transplant even the president's came to the scene shortly after the outhouses and failed to break it up and i don't know exposed couples as not only to the i love mona sharma and her.

Where To FIle Your Divorce If Youre In The Military

If you're in the military or your spouse is in the US Military, it makes it a little more complicated in filing for a divorce. One part is to determine, where will the divorce be filed Even though a person can be in the military stationed abroad, they may maintain and United States residence as their primary residence. A good way to draw an analogy is to look at a baseball player. For example, a New York Yankee may be travelling all during the baseball season, but in the off season, they may maintain a house in New York or even.

Who is Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, the controversial website that caters to adulterers, just got hacked. But who the heck is Ashley Madison The site is owned by Avid Life Media, a Canadian Internet firm founded by Noel Biderman, a former sports agent. Its slogan is Life is Short. Have an Affair. Biderman proudly proclaims himself the most hated man on the Internet and an infidelity expert on his personal website. So is Ashley Madison real No. According to Avid Life Media spokesman Paul Keable, the origin of the site's name actually comes from. wait for it. babies. Yes. I cringed as I typed that.

Keable said in an interview Monday that Biderman got the idea for starting Ashley Madison in 2001 while dealing with his athlete clients who were cheating. In 2000 and 2001, Ashley and Madison were among the top four names for girls according to the Social Security's database. If he started the site today, it might be called Sophia Olivia. So now that we've solved that mystery, here's another one. Who the heck actually thinks this site is a good idea and is investing in this company There were reports earlier this year that it might even go public.

But the privatelyheld company, which also owns dating sites CougarLife and EstablishedMen, won't say who its other investors are. But Keable stressed that Avid Life Media does not need to go public because the the company is profitable. Avid Life Media brought in $115.5 million in revenue in 2014, according to PrivCo, a data provider on privatelyheld companies. That's a significant spike from 2013, when it brought in $77 million. In 2010, it brought in $26 million. Avid Life Media's current backers are probably secretly happy though. Ashley Madison has 37 million users. and they all pay.

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Adultery.I recorded this in a Stand up Comedy house in NY. They guy was talking about Clinton and how he did not commit adultery! Uh, yeah, ok.whatever..

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