When My Parents Got Divorced

Simple acoustic music I was 3 years old when my parents came to me and told me they were getting divorced. I've actually been through two divorces in my life. My parents separated when I was about 6. My parents got divorced simply because they didn't get along anymore. I was 2 years old when my parents first got divorced. My parents have been married for 40 years and they're getting divorced this year. The first divorce, that was like my dad, that was the guy that, ya know,.

I'm half of and not seeing him the way that I saw him growing up was really strange. I thought like my dad wasn't my dad anymore. When my mom told me that my dad was moving out, I was in disbelief. It was almost like I put up this wall of denial. My dad didn't live at home. He moved to Miami. Most of our conversations from that point on were on the telephone. You recognize that something's different and then you're confused about what's happening and then you go OK..

Like you're trying to figure something out and maybe you still haven't figured it out but you're angry about it because it's different and then you're wondering, like, is this different bad or is it good, and you're not sure. But then you're wondering if you had something to do with it. It wasn't just about them getting divorced. It was about my whole family being broken up. Mom talked about Dad a lot. Couldn't stand it. I think I was like a young teenager at the time and ya know, my advice, if that's happening,.

Is to respectfully ask your parents not to discuss the other person in front of you. Because a it's not healthy, b it makes you feel like shit. I felt different, in terms of putting myself out there with men. I am a humongous commitmentphobe because of my dad. I find it incredibly hard to get close to a guy. Every day I fight, it's a struggle, to not become like my dad and follow into those footsteps and those decisions. And I feel like you can, too.

You can better yourself and you can wake up every day and make a conscious decision to be a better person and be who you want to be. So we all have these ideas of what we're supposed to be doing, and I think that only exacerbated the feeling of my family is different or there's something missing from my experience growing up because my parents aren't together. Through the winding road of life I've realized that. divorce is not so great. So if I can prevent that in my own life.

Divorce Advice How Can You Avoid a Divorce

How can you avoid a train wreck How can you avoid a divorce This is Dr. Paul, author of Boomer Girls, A boomer woman's guide to men and dating, and host of Ask Dr. Paul. How do you avoid a divorce Well, there are some strategies involved. All right, you have kids, and for the sake of the kids you don't want to get divorced, but maybe one spouse is bi and the other spouse has been cheating and is hetero, whatever. Sit down before you go to that attorney, before you become polarized, and you say we have to think of a strategy,.

Because number one it's going to cost us a great deal of money, number two we don't want to live with each other, and number three we have children here that we want to take care of because we both love them. All right, so one of the easiest ways to handle that is this, live in separate rooms and have an open marriage. Agree by law, go to the attorney, have it drawn up so that one can't ambush the other, and say you were cheating on me and I'm going to sue you for divorce for adultery. Get it in writing from your attorney saying.

That I can live my life and you can live your life, and we understand with each other that we're doing this for the kids. You live in one bedroom and I live in the other bedroom, and that's the way it works. That's one strategy involved in avoiding a divorce. There are other strategies as well. I mean, a lot of people do a lot of things, like having open marriage, being swingers there are a variety of ways to go. Before you go to that divorce, before you involve yourself with that make certain that you exhaust all of the options.

Divorce Advice What to Do When Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

You went home today and you found out for the first time your spouse wants a divorce. Hi, I'm Robert Todd and I'm here to answer the question, what do I do when I learn my spouse wants a divorce Well, unfortunately, whether you do or you don't, there's nothing you can do to prevent your spouse from obtaining a divorce. So, perhaps the best avenue or approach is to approach your spouse and try to decide what you're going to do with regard to division of assets, the division of liabilities, and so forth. Sometimes counseling may be.

Indicated, not that you're going to talk your spouse out of proceeding with the divorce, but sometimes counseling can help the parties learn to communicate whereby or whereas previously they couldn't communicate and that's one of the reasons that the divorce is forthcoming. So, if you can communicate and when you can communicate with your spouse, discuss the items of assets and liabilities and custody of your children, child support, whether there's going to be any support paid from one spouse to the other. I'm Robert Todd, and thank you for watching.

Relationship Breakup Divorce Advice How to Avoid Getting Pregnant Unplanned

Hello. Have you ever wondered how to avoid an unplanned pregnancy among your teen It's very crucial and important topic. Hi, my name is Dr. Felicia, and I've worked with teens, and pregnant teens for many years. I'd like to share with you a few important tips. One of the things that you do want to remember, is that the personal teen values are really set at an early age. So usually by the age of 12, teens have their values set. So, had you set that premise early on in life, that you have certain expectations for them, for.

Their lives, etc., they usually adapt the same values. You want to be sure that you teach them self respect, you want to be sure that they have a high sense of confidence for themselves, but also the ability to say no, and get out of a tough situation. So for example if they're on a date, and somebody is hustling them a lot, many girls are vulnerable and might give in to it because they're just too shy or too frighten to say, no, or to run, or to get away from the situation. So teach your child to be assertive, to stick.

Up for their values, and to appreciate their own life, and for, perhaps long term goals that they have to better their lives. Most teens are not aware of the outcomes of pregnancies, they are not aware of the consequences of it, and usually teen girls bare the hardest blunt of a teenage pregnancy. So by all means, keep an open communication with your child, let them know that they can speak to you about any topic surrounding sexual activity, and also that there won't be any repercussions. Make sure that you oversee your child activities,.

And know that many schools have sexual education, and planned parenthood. Persons do go to the school and talk to children, with parent permission allowed. So you might want to let them have access to that information just in case of emergencies or other information that you can't supply. Again, keep that open communication, monitor your child's behavior. Do not do anything foolish, like having their boyfriends sleep over, and expect that they're not going to get pregnant. So monitor what goes on in the house, your child's activities, and keep that.

Divorce Advice Top Reasons for Divorce

The top reasons for not winning the lottery are because the odds are against you. The top reasons for divorce well that's another story. And this is Dr. Paul author of Boomer girls, a boomer woman's guide to men and dating and host of ask Dr. Paul. The top reasons for divorce, somehow I feel like one of the comedians who comes up with the top ten reasons. And we won't go there on a comic way because it's not funny.The number one is adultery. Number one is cheating. Ok. That's number one. We are not going to go through top ten.

But childcare is another one. They disagree on how to raise children but that's way down the list. Finances is another one. Ok. That's probably number two in that top ten if you will and we are not going to go through ten but number two is having a real financial difficulty with each other. One is a saver and one is a spendthrift and it doesn't work. Or you've gotten yourself so deeply into debt that you are arguing about it all the time. It's a bad, bad scenario. Number three oddly enough, number three comes under the category.

Of addiction. And it can be an addiction that maybe minor, one person sees it as minor, the other sees it as major. Be it alcohol, or drugs or gambling or smoking. The smokernonsmoker is a recipe for divorce beyond belief. Another issue one of the top issues in getting divorced is risk taking. Suddenly one person wants to go into business and is willing to take a big risk and mortgages the farm, the house whatever and the other one says, whoa stop right now I'm not a risk taker. Those things should have been probably exercised in terms.

Divorce Advice What to Expect During a Divorce

Expect the unexpected. What to expect during a divorce. This is Doctor Paul author of Boomer Girls, a boomer woman's guide to men and dating and host of ask Doctor Paul. Please believe this. Expect the unexpected because that's what will happen. People argue over the minute items that you would least event think about. For example, I had an attorney on my show and he told me about a couple that had gotten a leather ottoman from Southeast Asia. They brought it over after having been on a trip and they both wanted it. He said it cost several.

Thousand dollars in additional legal time and they both had an attorney in order to settle that particular issue. The unexpected happens over minor items. It's so interesting because I hear of a lady calling my show saying that she wanted the dish ware that some auntie gave her and he wanted it too. He didn't want the dish ware, he wanted to make an issue. So that's the unexpected. Also another one who called and wanted his bowling trophies. Where does that come from People are vindictive but just remember to expect that in a divorce.

Divorce Advice How to Stop Harassment After a Divorce

Restraining orders happen to be more than a piece of paper. How to stop harassment after a divorce. This is Dr. Paul, author of Boomer Girls, a boomer woman's guide to men and dating, and host of Ask Dr. Paul. You do not need to put up with harassment, and the only way to not put up with harassment, is to get that restraining order. That's a very serious item, and if you are in fear of your life, or your good health, I would highly recommend, that you take that action. Don't play games with it.You can't prejudge other people. Even though.

You think you may know them, they may have had changes in their personality, or in their mental health, and now, you're under the harassment threat, and that is not funny. Too many stories are out there, about people disappearing, or being harmed, or killed, so you need to be serious, and that goes for both men and women. Believe me, the female of the species, can be as dangerous, as the male of the species, so consider that restraining order, and consider it well. This is Dr. Paul. May your fantasies of today, be your realities of tomorrow.

Divorce Advice For Women

Meet Jennifer. Jennifer is going through a divorce, and like many women in her situation, she's feeling overwhelmed... especially about financial matters. Throughout her marriage, Jennifer's husband handled all the finances and investments. But now she's worried about all the things she doesn't know. How much does her husband really earn and what are their expenses How will their assets be split Can she afford to keep the house How will alimony and child support be decided Fortunately, while searching for answers online, Jennifer found ThinkFinancially, a passwordprotected,.

Membersonly website specifically created to educate, empower and support women before, during and after divorce. At ThinkFinancially, Jennifer was finally able to get the answers she needed. To begin, Jennifer bought the bestselling book, Divorce Think Financially, Not Emotionally What Women Need to Know About Securing Their Financial Future Before, During and After Divorce. The book uses nontechnical language to explain alimony, child support, separate and marital property, the division of assets... and so much more. It even showed her how to tell if her husband was hiding assets!.

Then, Jennifer took advantage of all the free benefits she received with the book. Now, she enjoys 247 access to the ThinkFinancially website and its everexpanding library of free articles on the financial aspects of divorce for women, as well as priority access and discounts for consultations, elearning courses, workbooks and everything else she needs to regain control of her financial future. Thanks to ThinkFinancially, Jennifer feels empowered for the first time in years. She understands what she's up against, and she knows what to ask for. Stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Join Jennifer and go to ThinkFinancially. Start.

Marriage Advice From A Divorce Attorney Laura Wasser, Family Law Attorney

Communication is my advice for somebody considering getting married. I actually believe that communication is important if you are thinking about taking the relationship to the next level and moving in together. I know a lot of people have prenuptial agreements, I think they are great but in young marriages or marriages where the parties don't have a ton of money, it may not be necessary. What I do believe is necessary is determining what the expectation of each of the parties are, determining what the deal if you will is. Every relationship has a contract,.

And when you enter into a marriage contract, you are being governed by the state where you live and even if it's an easy divorce, when you go through divorce, you have to file paper work and pay fees, and fill out forms that means that getting into this should be a little more difficult. You should discuss, Do we want to have kids What religion is our family going to be How much are we going to put away for savings Are you going to continue working after we have kids Are we going to a family vacation every year If.

My mom turns 80 and has a stroke can she come live in our back house Obviously, you can address every single thing that's going to happen every single course of your hopefully very long marriage, but there are certain things, particularly financial things, that are not very sexy or romantic to discuss but I highly advised having this conversation with either a priest or a rabi or a good friend, somebody that you both respect that's had a little life experience, a mental health professional again and maybe taking some notes.

And jotting things down. There will be times in your relationship when you will have to renegotiate the terms, things have changed, one of us is working more now, one of us is making more money, we re buying a home my mother did end up coming to live with us. Things need to be discussed and you need to have good communication about what the deal points are even if it may not sound like the most romantic, it will save your relationship time and time again, and if you start doing it before you get married, it will be easier.

How To Prevent Divorce Before Marriage Marriage Crisis Advice

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