Why Gay Marriage is WRONG Tyler Oakley

Upbeat electronic music A lot of people have been asking me why I, personally, am against gay marriage and I guess I'll tell you because, I mean, I'm sick of people asking so. Reason number one is, it's just not natural. And if you're a real American, it means that you reject everything unnatural like glasses, polyester, air conditioning. Number two, if we let people get married that are gay, don't you think it'll, like, encourage other people to be gay Because, I mean, when I hang out with tall people, I turn taller.

Number three, legalizing gay marriage would kinda open the door to anybody and anything getting married like, if somebody wanted to get married to their dog. I mean, because a dog has the same legal standing and can even sign a binding contract. So I can see the resemblance. Reason number four is kinda big. I mean, we haven't changed straight marriage at all before, so why start changing it now Women are still property, blacks and whites can't get married and, I mean, divorce is still illegal so what's making us change it.

Reason number five kinda hits close to home because, like, straight marriage would become less meaningful if we let gays get married because, if you think about it, the sanctity of Brittany Spears' 55 hour wedding. I mean, that would kinda lose its validity. Reason number six is that straight marriages are more valid because they can procreate, they can make children, that's the main reason to get married, isn't it So, like, have a family and all that stuff. So, like, gay marriages, infertile marriages, old marriages, they don't need to happen.

They can't have kids. And it's not like our orphanages are full or anything, like, the world needs more children. Like, not enough children are being made, the world is not getting overcrowded, you know Reason number seven is kinda obvious. If we had gay marriages, they would raise gay children and why would we want that I mean, if you look at it, straight parents only raise straight children, so. Why would we wanna make more gay children in the world Reason number eight is kinda big. Gay marriage isn't supported by religion.

And in a theocracy like ours, the values of one religion are imposed on everyone so, like, why would we allow it I mean, that's why we only have one religion in America, that way we can all believe the same thing, right Reason number nine is that children will only succeed if they have a male and a female role model at home and that's the main reason why we ban single parent homes. We don't let that happen. Because they need a male and a female. Reason number 10 is that gay marriage would change.

11 Bad Sex Confessions

Voiceover My husband and I waited to have sex until marriage. Now I'm five years into a marriage with a man who can't give me an orgasm. subtle piano chords Voiceover To me, bad sex is worse than no sex, especially when the girl talks a big game, and then it turns out she just lays there. Yeah, that's not fun. Voiceover I'm so selfconscious that I'm not good in bed that I only sleep with people when I'm drunk so I have something to blame it on.

Voiceover I'm ashamed that I'm bad at sex. Last time we were doing it, I literally said I'm not good at this , got off of him and went to bed, right in the middle of things. Voiceover My GF is terrible in bed, and I don't know how to tell her. Instead I watch porn frequently while she's not around. Voiceover I finally slept with the girl of my dreams and she was terrible in bed, didn't know how to do anything. Voiceover The sex was so bad,.

I lied and said I'd run out of condoms just so he wouldn't try again. Voiceover My husband has been getting worse at sex. I don't know how to tell him. He used to be good, but he's not trying to please me anymore. Voiceover I'm in love with my husband mentally, but he's terrible in bed. I cheat to get what I want physically. Voiceover My girlfriend is really bad in bed and never wants to try any new positions. I still love her, but I don't know how long I can take this.

Marriage Divorce How to Leave Your Husband

I'm Bill Cuenco with Family Resources. Today were going to be talking about how to make those difficult choices successfully. Specifically, how to leave your husband. Now, chances are that you've made this decision because counseling or therapy, or some type of a.a friendly break up probably isn't rational or working for you. So, and if you haven't sought counseling or professional advice, please do so, and particularly so if there are children involved because this is much more than an individual decision. Leaving generally applies that you're not leaving on good terms, and it, it also implies that maybe there are some relationship.

Issues there that are unsalvageable. So, realistically, what's important is making preparation for your journey. Where are you going to go How are you going to get there And how are you going to sustain yourself for how long So, and it's really complicated. You need to treat this almost like a household move. A relocation may be involved, where you're going to stay, again, thee travel arrangements and how long you into sustain yourself when you are there, and may even involve getting a new occupation or doing something very different.

But, you can not do this alone, or you shouldn't do this alone. You need to get support from your friends and family. There are other support groups in many areas. You can take a look at websites, resources that are there online, or some federal programs, or some community, community programs that might be a resource to you. The important thing to do is to get back into the routine as quickly as possible because you're really dealing with a situation that has been negative, and you want to get yourself back engaged and rebuild your selfconfidence,.

Marriage Relationship Advice How to Fix a Bad Relationship

Hi, I'm Patti German and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist here in New York City. In this clip, we are going to talk about how to fix a bad relationship. Best place to start on is to understand what the problem is. For instance, if there are constant fighting we have to understand what's underneath the fighting. There are four indicators of whether a marriage can really go on or a relationship is in trouble. One is if there is constant criticizing, if there is contempt, if there is defending, and if there is stonewalling. So we look at.

ProudToLove Celebrating Marriage Equality and LGBT Pride Month

Ok. I kid you not, as soon as I turned on the camera my heart just like immediately started beating really hard. But I'm going to deal with it because I have something to tell you guys. I've been wanting to do this for a long time I just felt like I couldn't. I felt like it was my fault. I needed to learn to love myself before I could expect other people to love me for that. Why am I ashamed of who I am I'm not passing as anything, I'm being..

I'm about to tell my mom. I'm kind of like freaking out right now. We just wanted to like call and. and tell you. Because I'm tired of hiding and tired of lying by omission. Dad, I'm gay. It feels so good to say that..it feels so good. Do you still love me I still love you, son. Nothing would stop me from loving you, my dear. I love you kid. I love you too. I feel nothing but support from the people around me. Why should they be denied the right to share their life together.

You are voting for the first time in the history of our state, to codify discrimination into our constitution. I hope you will stand on the right side of history. My son is not an issue, he is a person just like you. It is time. It is time to give our loving gay and lesbian couples the right to a marriage license. Ayes 33. Nays 29. Cheering Today I finally get to look at the man that I love and finally say, will you please marry me Every single American deserves to be treated equally in the eyes of the law.

Bad News For AntiGay Christians In Kansas

Remember we recently told you about a bill in Kansas that would've clearly discriminated in fact segregated I gay americans in the state of Kansas that be would have allowed for discrimination in private businesses so if you don't wanna serve a gay people you wouldn't have to whether it's you know taking pictures of their weddings or literally throwing out your restaurant now boots one thing about applies a small businesses but they wanted to apply to all businesses including giant businesses that would be allowed to discriminate all across Kansas.

Are but other than it would have also applied to government officials so cops could refuse to treat gay people doctors could I refuse to treat them Khao fireman could refuse to go in there how say you know they're living in sin I don't wanna go my because I'm I deeply held religious beliefs that's what the law stated I don't have to go in right and maybe throw him out a public pool so many was one of the most atrocious bills I have seen in a long long time but now the good news is.

It looks like it has been defeated it passed the house but it went to the senate and Jeff King who is the Kansas the Senate Judiciary Committee and this committee that the bills in said quote were not working on House Bill 24 53 they're not working on the committee emmys it is dad Wow on K so victory in Kansas now he says don't get me wrong I'm so gonna how hold hearings and we'll hear about you know how people feel discriminated against if they have deeply held.

Religious beliefs are set up but he said something dramatic would have to come out those hearings that we don't already know about for this to move forward he has no interest in bring it forward are great but it's not just that look at how complete this victory is they were back and talk to republicans who voted in favor but in the house in Kansas and now they've changed their minds while representing Scott Schwab said it's so tainted now it needs to go away he's all the guys who voted for he also added.

Did I make a boat that I regret Yap that happens do you believe been miracles okay look at what happened in Kansas and by the way you know why because a lot of people spoke out and a lot of people were outraged and they said you can't do this the american citizens you can make them saying class citizens can have the government officials discriminate against them it's outrageous way too far in even did deeply conservative Republicans in Kansas said no muss you're right we should not done while.

My Pregnancy is Ruining My Marriage!

My pregnancy is ruining my marriage. What can I do Part of this depends on the stress it is causing. It's stressing me out, him out and our relationship. Are you stressed out that you aren't as attractive or feel bad Is he afraid he can't support a baby in addition to the two of you He hasn't said, exactly. One thought is that you shouldn't hold back on sexual contact while pregnant, since men associate that with love. Another thing you should do is a budget. I've heard it costs a quarter million dollars to raise a kid. How will we afford that.

Those numbers are way overblown. A large chunk of that cost is the assumption you'll get a much larger place to live and increase your housing costs, while the other is that you'll have a bigger car or transportation costs. No one ever mentioned that. What about the cost of college Worry about paying for the birth first. And diapers and wipes. That's $40 a week. You can pay for that if you stop ordering out as much pizza and have movie rentals at home instead of going out to the bar.

He likes to blow off steam. Find ways to relax at home that are together and cheaper. You'll improve the relationship and your budget. I worry about the baby driving him away. I hope you didn't have a baby in the hope it would make a rocky relationship stable or make a nervous guy stay, because if he thinks you did it to trap him, you've ruined two lives. No, there were times he said he wanted a kid eventually. Read parenting books aloud to him while he plays tutorial games or go over a budget together.

Temporary Marriages Coming To Mexico

Lawmakers in mexico are thinking about trying out marriage uh. licenses that expire after a certain period of time so that temporary marriage licenses and you get to renew them if you decide that your marriage is going well you know that's a fascinating idea actually don't think it's a bad idea so you can say that a marriage license that uh. expires in two years after that twoyear period is that if you decide that you're both happy with one another you will renew your marriage license yeah i mean i would guess that look.

There's some logic in it they need to keep some errors a little fractured a little like uh. within two years ago as it is still working as a but i realize offer this is an excuse for women to have most bombers bite me it's armand ceremonies politics is not only now that you have the final yeah yeah yeah i know when you are the two you're going to the white is in the car which is inside a piece of paper that's all it's gonna happen if you need to do it so we did when i have invite any of our friends and i had.

A vote on the night stress that's so you don't do it disastrous idea poorly guess blank so you're against that celebrates laurie the pancho i'm in favor of celebrating by did go to get the most mail defecting but i mean has already won across like twenty if you don't know if someone if you're married to someone who wants to celebrate and you don't wanna celebrate maybe that's not the right one for you when you let that marriage license expire but that's exactly what women are going to do tumi unit to another wedding.

Ceremony north but i i'm not gonna say most but i'm sure that women out there who i can use this is the property to have another wedding you know what wedding sup that so they are only in your mind right okay that ninety percent or more account over generalizing discomfort okay but some percentage of women wasn't autism cabin is coming over and all okay all finishes his senate obliquely not focus on in such a small part of the stories and others on the more important part of our mid yes he does keep the.

Marriage fresh ann and i liked the fact that you don't have to go through the drama of getting a divorce because if you don't have to find another use let expire here dot net as much better when you do your friends all that has your wife and i don't know miners expired as it sounds as though they dillinger divorces has expired yeah i don't think that's the reason is the at all i think that's all you have any kids here have old from the marriage that expire have to.

The problem doesn't have the wrong it here on the top of because you don't have to go to court you settle alba everything that has to do with money before hand frightened so eight if you're not happy with one another you already have this agreement is already on paper you ladies fine enough to go through this and you know horrible divorce you have to go to court has a front yet and i i i i don't know it might have white theater so i guess there are no idea how worried.

Dote play populated part with a note to the oj uh. this but it also has the effect of what she hates to something indian she adds to the temporary majesty removed on the story my kids several times and i mean i did email in the first about out what they do is they get will insist on not against it but it's not that that last night they did that i didn't think about the guy is probably gonna literally it cuz you lots of fresh squeezed don't stop composed as for finally laid its david faith.

Let dad that so uh. the shiites uh. will do these temporary meredith so it will have temporary would you like it they like to get there by the way that all students but some that's about it all square this note on the latest improvement for an hour within make that happen that your portion of the price for that matter the woman for the american trading i mean the prosecution of course that we are you know we follow the holy father well you'd like to us full of water will be made to her marriage of two hours ago.

Kid Presidents 20 Things We Should Say More Often

Kid President 20 things we should say more often. Number 20 Thank you. And not just on Thanksgiving, everyday! Number 19 Excuse me. Number 18 Here's a surprise corn dog I bought you because you're my friend. There'll be more corn dogs and more happy people. This is a good idea! Corn dog for you, corn dog for you, corn dog for you! Number 17 I'm sorry. Number 16 I forgive you. Number 15 You can do it! But don't say it if it's something they can't do. Number 14 Another thing that we should say.

More often, I have barbecue sauce on my shirt too. Before you say something about the barbecue sauce on somebody else's shirt, take a look at the barbecue sauce on your own shirt. Number 13 Please. Number 12 Everything is going to be okay. Number 11 Aw! You got me a corn dog too You shouldn't have buddy! Number 10 I don't know. I know a lot of people who need to say that. My sister! Number 9 You're so awesome I named my dog after you. Wait, that could hurt somebody's.

Feelings. I mean boat! I named my boat after you. Wait who even has a boat. You're so awesome I legally changed my name to yours. Wait that's super creepy. Just tell people they're awesome and mean it! Number 8 Hello person I've never met before, here's a highfive! Number 7 My sports team is not always the best sports team. It takes a big man to say that. Number 6 Nothing. Sometimes that's the best thing you could say. Number 5 fart sound That doesn't mean anything but it's just really funny! Number 4 I disagree with you, but I still.

Like you as a person who is a human being and I will treat you like that because if I didn't it would make everything bad and that's what lots of people do and it's lame. I need a water break y'all It's okay to disagree but it's not okay to be mean. Number 3 Sometimes you just gotta scream! AAAAAH Number 2 Life is tough, but so are you. Sometimes we all need to be reminded to keep going! Number 1 Something nice! Anything. If you can't think of anything nice to say, you're not thinking hard enough. So what about you.

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