Atlanta Schools Cheating Scandal

Him this involves the atlanta public school system they are under fire because it turns out one hundred seventy eight teachers and principals within the school system were caught cheating on standardized tests now what happens in atlanta is they have something known as the criteria and referenced competency test and um. they're is all water pressure teachers to have the majority of missions pass this test that's basically wait we value a pen and i mean some school districts where they have similar tests teachers get a twentyfive thousand dollar bonus if the test scores are good yet so they did.

Their of their they've and hands paid bid you know tied to uh. student performance which is what a lot of people want to see happen educational over the country public education you don't just get tenure and you don't get moved down but actually get rewarded for for doing well well that you know you know it's interesting because i'm in favor of teacher evaluations but using standardized testing to do that is obviously not going to go yeah okay because then you have this happening which teachers will take distance test.

And review the answers and literally you raise the answers that are incorrect and um. circle the correct answer other ways on the crime yet to come in their ways of doing a meter i mean the sickness but they have a look trust the teachers the principal but the view trusted oversight in some way to do it so that they come in white balance they get to put them through i mean it just seems it's unbelievably can't trust the teachers my favorite thing about this will not my favorite thing but one.

Of my favorite things is that hundred seventy eight teachers and principles work is eighty two of them confessed right what is it the ninety six the greatest amid the eightytwo arlyne there'd be no i mean the ninety six that are left part clearly guilty and now it's it's very obvious they your indeed kinda reminds me of a story to jane told about his childhood friend who had this policy of deny deny deny and i guess something happened with the burned uh. a housetohouse train burning down in their backyard uh. the parents question both changes friend of.

His friend than i did and was never found guilty of it right solo friends who started the fire yet so uh. you know as i guess these teachers think a final confess anything maybe apaul somehow get off they have to prove that guilty yet it's true is that right but these nineties active if it when all unit eighty two of them are saying it was only one person said one of four saying that i love this test on is a struck up a plea eighty two of them are saying.

Uh. i don't see the ninety six the willing to stand they get home made out and i what i hear is about is what is gonna happen to these teachers into these principles in the atlanta at school district and eat right what's gonna happen i'd even a fire all of them and then then you're in you know ruled the trouble because you need to hire new teachers need to have more principles uh. ultimately it's a lose lose for the students like these issues are getting cheated out of an education because they're being taught to take a.

Standardized tests and even when they fail that standardized tests are having their their promoted it and be back with their promoted to another greatly needed to others and they need it helped actually learn the material that's necessary to go on to the next right and you know if these teachers get fired understood because the class sizes are gonna be larger it's gonna take time to rehire you know or a higher different teachers it's just a disaster so i feel horrible for the students by the way the superintendent of the school district to serve the.

Guys Girlfriend Cheats With His Father Posts Texts Online

Okay everybody, this is a sordid story. A young man has found out his girlfriend was cheating on him with his own father. He found out about the affair which, apparently he suspected was going on when he looked in his father's phone we he wasn't around. and, he saw the text string and his suspicions were confirmed. And included in the texts were pictures of his girlfriend.sans clothing. Yes, no clothes. Anyway, he posted the entire exchange online and I put a link to that below so you can see it for yourself.

And it is quite interesting, I assure you You have got to wonder what kind of father messes around with his own son's girlfriend. And the girl She is not any better either. When she was confronted with the texts she tried to deny it Finally admitted it and said it was nothing and is groveling to get the boyfriend back. What would you do Would you take the girlfriend back And what about the father What kind of relationship would you have with your father if he did something like this to you.

Bachmann God Be Submissive To Husband

Here then send me the story about michelle bachman and how she talks about hard decisions out when he came to education why did you decide to go to law school well first of all uh. it's really interesting to see that there are women in the republican party right now they're trying to change that antiamerican uh. antiwoman image that the gop has rights so for instance there is a sandy adams is a representative from florida she's trying to go out there in saying there on the gop is problem in problem in ok uh.

But michelle bachman act is dense distancing herself from that movement and she is saying no i'm antiwomen i'll give you an example i went to law school because my husband gave me permission to friends women should be submitted to their husbands because that's what god wants for the lord says be submissive wives you were to be submissive to work with us ms bachman casket something yeah and and this is in all seriousness do you think the majority of men really do want a submissive woman like a woman who lol agree with everything will never.

Disagree will never put up a fight will not have her own opinions personality nothing just always say yes michael shara yes mister kisses like card sharks there is a record for students uh. you know i think a lot of went out there pretty submissive uh. and a lot of guys want their woman to be submissive trying to say i'm a hundred on to say sixty four uh. no i think for profit sixty four percent of that i think he s i think that there's something appealing to unmanned about that.

No i don't think that i think this takes a little far man i'm not submissive has its kind of levels to there's a level of sadness sadness i mean are and on the most men i sickness and in the right way and simply n announces the sexual way i'm talking about what you don't i mean uh. a man who once sort of to be e waited on hand and foot does not also want the right to ask them permission to go to school all so that there's some their pens there's a limit to what what you know.

How you define submissive but i think there's something and there's something attractive to a lot of men about that but i don't think to that extreme having right that becomes creepy and she is an amazing about that issue some was proud of it like right yes i have asked my husband for permission to go to law school at court left because of the religious right of course and and of course you know her fans of her supporters are thinking wow what a great one and she asked her husband for permission before she pursued higher education good for.

Her yeah good for her but another reason why bring up the story is because last week we talked about how michelle bachman during a speech has said that she decided to be uh. antitrust out because of the fact that she had lost a baby at during this kitchen miscarriage affidavit and in shape and a great point and even though he's not here i want to give you credit for his point because he said i don't believe her i don't think that if she didn't have that miscarriage that miscarriages which rigor her.

Conservative nature especially when it comes to abortion she was conservative from the get go see attended or roberts university is she was religious and she wishes a total completely um. evangelical type of person that that was the way she first of all it's in a ways away she governs and then in a way it's the way that she was brought up so it's not surprising especially when you hear about her father other members of a family house restrict oriented you working so there's michelle bachman she went to law school because her husband.

Jealous Wife Burns Husbands Penis Off

Sellout tells women printer has been penis off and that is what happens on a so sorry to hear it is all right you need not i am uh. and where was she a ali she was to be on the city of house and ask you that i think he's an australian anderson the us all yeah this is from australia what i'm wondering is when nationality she policy that was selfish there's no question i mean the animal pieces indian pakistani atlas from bangladesh furniture but um. aikido here but here's my uh. favor part of the story cancer quote.

He said quote armadillos wife his peers should belong to me are just wonder burnished peanuts so belongs to me and no one else administer happen except if you bring a man's penis it doesn't belong to anyone because it no longer exists yes and neither does he because he was severely burned and died a couple weeks later uh. in intensive care and by the way she did and million dollars with the damage their house sick i didn't mean it to happen to try to burnish penis off what what was asked about idea.

Met some people are crazy dude i know i mean and look it's not like you know that dude was riding high it's in the first place i mean unit belonged to her and after those are the greatest place for a big on the first place and that's it for the off and i mean what you get through trouble on the inside the clinic here dot yet it's not i'm not overheated that i think she's a scooper coco pops uh. or she's cooper chuck e i don't know but it has been worked out that's crazy to be locked up for ever.

Trapped Miner Cheating On Wife

And we have some news about the trapped actually and miners it turns out that or one of them has a secret mistress and his wife just found out about it it is difficult today found that anything in the life the job for the minor sino petites iyo were you report yellow doctors want hundred by then with mckinny and then decided that we have had for about a minute a disaster all over again i know if there really is and that probably wants to stay in that might have that so i.

Think there is a clamoring to get out of this whole mess has a right on that one ordered tickets handed don't be too hard rightness if pink his it's so funny is just it's brutal for him to go home now and he's in a minute forty miles below the surface hang out his name is the only by uh. and that as jake said his wife and mistress met each other at this candle light vigil is surprisingly his wife didn't she really seem to care that much she says that this is our club.

She says biases my husband he loves me and i was devoted wife this woman has no legitimacy and then his mistress comes around and says nam where love all wait for him hello hell no basis it probably find out what and with a rescue them all there's this this war and the fire and monitor the dot off for defiant stance in the middle nutrition through the whole uh. onto the rest of your ticket would be there the us to own up there at the united states with man who want the that israel is the fear.

Men Who Makes Less Cheat More Study

I want to talk about the story uh. a study that was done by a phd student at cornell university she conducted a study that indicates that many who are married or in a relationship with allwoman who makes more money than them are more likely to keep so let's say your man janek and that you are meant and year wife is making much more money than you are you are more likely to cheat on her because that hurts your ego uh. i david that's the definition of the stocks.

I mean really from undue theory that said that uh. making more money in the movie film institute for all the others regular with deviating from to something right spring home money should be happy feet that i feel like is in fact he read i think that's really set by the way my wife and forward right and i mean you are strong individual and you have unfortunately further nothing in the world that can harm that a day of the victims of the alleged making more money a lot of hospital b font i think that stuff up.

From couldn't pass up but different also indicate that they've anymore and is making significantly more money then uh. his wife or his significant other do you feel more like the cheat on her because our chorus because he has the resources the key he's going up on business threat you know he's getting uh. women thrown at him left and right because of the fact that he did so well see so if he is making significantly more money than out his wife he is still more likely to keep the only scenario where cheating is not as likely isn't they're making uh. similar.

Income and they had received a bottom line is that it's ugly identity dot use of those sweat it days make whatever you have made don't worry about what he meant ups you know you are already delivered excuse no i don't know if not heidi fleiss although okay one of my wife explorer fuel a lot of business for and three and i might be the always sudden growth that i knew back in high school are faced with the psychological as well as the vehicle uh. so i got of reading to the side and yet we have this.

Olivia Munn or Jessica Biel Did Justin Timberlake Cheat

The seven seventy yahoo texans brought to you by net tax cut that brings dot com slash you write to you for your freed from them justin timberlake is accused of cheating i just could be a with a live yet mine too fog outside that is a sense that justin timberlake is sending these racing text messages to libya mine analytic mind showing intel frets is dramas the least rethink except yes ok but i like it highlight their and let them all right to government and here's something else i can now be straight.

I liked update from the right are you doing dot civility among in person and i was not impressed but that's a nice pic and i think he added but you know also has a a good assets along those lines just that it does it'll be like big is quarters she is actually my idea of the perfect woman everything about really hate yet it's not as further if i look until if i look like having the happiest person on the planet uh. believer but spec now the thing is just timberlake gets that that's weightier for four years.

But apparently in the drums text that he said it would be a month he's saying like dogs all all this relations almost over don't worry they'd been rumored that that they were cooking up before right when the we're pep rally were news some context but you know what i found interesting is the person who sold them bella river uh. one of olivia months friends and i wonder if bolivia moderate and innovative because pep rally very close confidante of urs set all i saw the tax she showed me the tax she showed me the texted.

She was sending over ended and it wasn't clear now but it has lydia maza provost you said and it just in word and that relationship olivia munn would be interesting and i have to do quote uh. she's not expecting it to go on a where but she'd love it if it did that he told me in what you just said related economy it just to be a whirl of your mind that's a no brainer mda and jessica biel you told me jessica biel after four years or libya mun for the first time.

Also nobrainer cooperative a real have relied on the high hexaware hale libya into a corner of the single so random mcrocker let me when they are us watching yeah uh. well he's not married right i'm just sad uh. if i would say no and i was a plan that i was justin timberlake you know i would be no for your relationship with europe that puts the lover the movie theatre houses no late charges free shipping if you want thousands of movies for tv shows straight on your pc or on your.

Why is This Guy The Worst Husband Ever

So it's kind of a axle west husband in the universe alright he is a thirty fiveyearold man from new zealand and he is hivpositive susie's hivpositive his wife on tonight insects and and he was getting really tired of it so he thought he would be a great idea to up prepare with the needle that had her eight his hiv infected blood on it while she was sleeping yeah let's classic because he's trying to give her hiv so that his adult life that i got a little while uh. simply by having sex and because the sex.

Was more important than that her life and guess what i have he got a target i mean this story ranks up there with the taliban stories and the stories stories of how much it enriches you selfish okay i mean just so you get laid then keep them for searching something but you can go kill your wife so you can get a little bit more boating antius hiv school fills people excite magic johnson did not so everything's always know tutorials of i don't what he thought right but now he's facing fourteen year that he should be a light rent for a way to.

Date you give her death sentence why should we let you out who are significant allegro does go to the approval of a new would put us movement for her to work both ways of your book you know and what drives me crazy anyway the entire storage i think people will take that even one step further is after he printer with the needle right she at selected your do you think that did you pick me up a needle and he said no i wouldn't have denying it so let me know what is she believed him and never went to the doctor never got.

Tested and she and her hiv turning the full warranty all because of him all because he was just as selfish piece of shit and uh. in the entrapping without this plan didn't work but you can have this year the fed in here but there are and he didn't sleep with them in fact she had of arrested yeah who would affect now megacities recent before two years in jail but i'll be at nearly does it yesterday uh. work for the skies life realworld upon we had to be a worse as been.

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