Pat Robertson On Cheating Husband Hes A Man

Uh. pat decided to talk about relationships and cheating up our program artist are talking you now do yourself a favor si pat robertson on relationships and she must go addresses asap in trying to get my husband for cheating it we’ve got to counseling but i just can’t seem to forget nor can i trust had not and their intrested that’s just a second it’s been so hard to do that.

With the kids celebrating valentines so you think well that’s a good question i’d think for kids can be environments typical things in the home i want to do especially when it comes to the celts says that restricted stepped out there that preaching hate she did a whole new world exile and okay.

What you do is beginning to focus although i haven’t heard in the first place or what he does good doesn’t provide a home improvement physical infantry unit physical but close to you later uh. isn’t nice to the children do you have a happy family abuses executes a sporting events this week uh. watch the little league games.

This issue with you stuff is going on and uh. using and some of our easy vandalism start focusing on those things and as such of fog over them all over again that i would recommend hear each other touching prestige thanks as he spends no news about this.

Cockpit but mostly a bureaucratic hope god b seatmate not dating for what they did when he was with that stripper in the initially there were interpret recently so we thought was a wonderful general dynamics shipwrecked stop it start focusing on the good stuff if he wants to have somebody with a very so think about those things and i’d give him honor instead of kinda or anybody.

Recognized also writing about males have a tendency to or water a little bit when you were going to submit the whole so hopefully that will go on it temptations at the the the it’s filled with water the uh.

Magazines are filled with purchases salacious pictures or you won’t be anywhere you turn around the side of solicitation to the senses to entice on my head and so that there was a lot of captured and uh. i would need for it but reach out and think about this though event together thank god that you have a marriage that is together and that you know you live in america good things are happening having.


(quot;Just a Picturequot; by Kyle featuring Kehlani) Good morning Hunties and Huncles! We’re on our way to the gym. Workin’ out! Hey, lifetime fitness. Anyways, we’re going to the gym. We’re gonna take Samia to the pool. You better hush before you don’t go in the pool.

You’re going in the pool, don’t listen to your mother. Our gym is property, like, this is a celebrity gym. Must be because look at how sick it is, boy. What? It’s jacuzzi and steam, boy. And if you forgot your razor, they have disposable razor. Oh God, they have tampons, they cotton balls, they have qtips.

They have Jacuzzi in here, boy. Look at this, oh my God. This is amazing, I’m so happy we signed up. This is where I am, everyday. The guy said, quot;Wow, you really need a life.quot; This is expensiveass gym but it’s worth it. This gym is amazing, look at this. This is the indoor pool, hello?.

And this is the outdoor pool, water slides and things, what? We’re in Jamaica. Jamaica is right down the street from our house. And we can work out in Jamaica. Yes, this is amazing. You can get a massage in Jamaica. You can do anything out here in Jamaica. I’m gonna join all the fitness classes.

Since my boot camp is up now. I wanna go down that slide but I just don’t wanna get my weave wet. (mumbles) You ready? Ok. Latoya Let me go, let me go. Jillian All right, let’s get you guys. Latoya We’re going in the pool!.

Jillian Let’s see what Samia’s gonna do. Latoya She’s going in the water! (Samia cries) Jillian Uhoh! (laughs) No crying! Samia, did you have fun in the water? Do you want to go back in the water? Huh? (laughs) She is always out of it.

After she gets out of the water. (laughs) She’s this. You don’t like the water? Sami, you have to get used to the water so you can learn how to swim OK? Mommy doesn’t know how to swim yet. Maybe Mommy should take swimming lessons too! Are you hungry?.

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