game what’s up so if you haven’t noticedI have been losing their screening for hereditary leave recently so I knew Ihad to come up with a really good trying to get called back and I think I finallygot it so late in the day and closed currently at the gym so the gym so thiskept from them named top so Tom gonna give to mydaughter and the camera and come home probably bring out pretty badly so carrying 22 miles you want to see what did I hope I don’tget all mad and shit

Europe I’m gonna make you better what on girlfriend cashmore that valentines day cheating prank was too far your lucky it didn’t go wrong because i thought you were cheating for real.

Insane Cheating Girlfriend Prank animated Ownage Pranks

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DY: yeah ini tyson 21 pertanyaan apa masalah nya ? itu pacar mu ? wow ohh

ini joe ini pempuan apa ? siapa kau.

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