Alright, we have talked about causes thatof why relationships deteriorate. Now, we’re ready to take a look at the effects of that.What are the signs and symptoms that you will see? What will you actually experience? Whatwill it feel like, what will it look like? Well, the first thing that we’re going totake a look at is we’re going to talk about withdrawal, verbally and nonverbally. WhenI talk about nonverbal withdrawal, I’m talking about all of a sudden, you need your own space.Get out of my space, and tempers can tend to fly a little bit faster if that other persongets in your space. We’re also talking about withdrawing from touch. quot;Don’t touch me, don’ttouch me anymorequot;. A lot less displays of

affection, alright. A lot less smiles. A lotless physical interaction. A whole lot less eye contact as well. Whereas before when youwere having these conversations, you were intimately looking at each other, now we’relooking away. There’s distraction. It can also be, maybe perhaps, you have similar stylesin your clothing, all of a sudden you don’t do that anymore. And there can also be tokensof affection, maybe bracelet, maybe jewelry, or specific things that the other person gaveyou, all of a sudden you withdraw from that. You don’t wear those things anymore. You don’t,maybe you keep them around but they are not an obvious part of your relationship anymore.So you are pulling away with all the non verbal

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