Hanging with Instagram Celebrities Tuna Melts My Heart Only in HelLA Season 2

Birds chirping traffic noises I cannot believe that this is raw and vegan. It is amazing. I love this place! Ugh, It's delicious. Golly. Ya know, can you actually take Tuna for one second Of course! Cause I have to do some work emails. Yeah! Okay. Everybody prance now, dun dun dun dun dun dun Everybody prance now. Hey, umm, sorry to interrupt. I'm Will. Ummm. I'm a huge fan. Would it be okay if I took a picture or. Oh my gosh, girl. Yeah, of course. I mean, thank you, that's so nice.

Awesome. Umm, how should we do this Should I like hold Tuna or should. Oh I'm Kara. I'm Tuna's manager. Did you need a photo Yeah, that would be great! Oh, so nice to meet you. Do you wanna go over there Yeah. Yeah. The lighting's probably better. Awesome. I don't even have a manager. camera click Hey guys! Thanks so much for watching this tutorial! And thanks to The Springs for letting us shoot here. And a big thanks to Tuna for being in this tutorial. And if you want to learn more about Tuna you can click on this link!.

Gamers Compete Against Vets At A Shooting Range

Gunshot That's pretty good for your first time. Oh I think we should fair very well. I'm very well versed in rifles, shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles, all type of weaponry. Never shot a gun before and kind of scared. These arms weren't made for gun shooting. These arms were made for hugs. You know, I come from Kansas City, Missouri. And mostly all my family's all farmers. So I'm kind of used to shooting a shotgun or different guns as a kid. I'm looking forward to the gun range.

Portion of this competition. I think it's going to be a great chance at retribution. tutorial game music Go! gunshots He's dead. gunshots We set up two targets at 25 meters and we did two to the face, two to the face, two to the face switching between the targets. Two rounds in this targets, two rounds in the left target, and then two rounds in the right target. Oh, in the face. In the face. Shoot them in the face! In the face! In the face!.

It's all about the face. Go! Go! He's dead! Probably a little faster would have been better, but the shots are really good. These guys did an outstanding job. A lot better than I anticipated they would. Jadey's never shot in his life, so he did really well considering that it was his first time. The difference is between us playing a game against you guys and how much of a difference between skill levels on that compared to this was not nearly as great.

Things Every Guy Should Know Anna Akana

Things every guy should know 1. Don't be afraid of being sensitive and vulnerable. I know our society makes it seem like that's a huge weakness and you have to be this macho puff daddy but, you're also a human being. Plus, anyone who makes fun of you for being those things is just insecure about their own masculinity. 2. Don't be a nice guy. Be a good guy. I feel like a lot of the people who claim to be nice guys aren't that nice. Cause if you're really nice, do you you have to constantly say,.

Well I'm a nice guy! But I'm a nice guy! I deserve this! Just strive to be a good guy. Because nice guys finish last. And the good guys go first. 3. If you want something more than friendship, and she doesn't, don't be friends. A lot of guys talk about the friendzone but guess what, The friendzone is when two people are friends. That's all it is. Don't be one of those guys who pretends that you're someone's friend just because you want to wait around for the offchance that you can fuck her.

Because not only is that super fucking disrespectful to you, but it's also like. you deserve someone who wouldn't be afraid to ask you out. Or someone who's like, Oh, I'm all about you, boo. Let's do this. Respect yourself, bro. 4. Don't be afraid to feel. I have 2 guy friends who are best friends. They're super fucking besties. And I think it's the cutest thing ever when they hug each other, and like one will kiss the other on the forehead, or they'll like, kiss each other on the cheeks,.

Or they'll just genuinely tell each other that they love each other, and it's kinda sad that we don't have that more often, and that men are like, kind of. If you like, love your bro so hard, you want to give them a fucking kiss on the forehead, give them a fucking kiss on the forehead. Now, if your best guy friend doesn't want these things from you, maybe you should not, but I mean, you should at least TRY to kiss them on the forehead. He might like it.

Before I thank today's sponsor, I want to say thank you to everyone who bought a short film poster. I really, truely appreciate you spending your money on a piece of paper that has my face on it. I'm not gonna lie, that's really fucking cool. In different homes across the globe. I am staring at you, 247. softly Watching you undress. Watching you do your homework. Watching you do everything. Watching you masturbate, screeches I wish I can close my eyes, but I can't because I'm a poster! Alright, so I haven't done a sponsor.

In a while, so today I'm gonna do Audible Everyone says thatthatthat my voices suck, except the Japanese one, They're like Ugh, just always do the Japanese one, cause it's the ONLY one you're good at. I disagree, but I do think the Japanese one is obviously like, much more marketable, for some reasons, so I'll just do the Japanese voice okay high pitched, Japanese accent Thank you to Audible for sponsoring today's episode! You! can go to audibleanna for a FREE audible book of your choisu! They have over 150,000 titles to choose from screams.

Currently, I am listening to Gone Girl because all of my friends see it in the theater, they say it's so good. I'm like, I don't see it yet. and they're like, Oh, it's so good, maybe you should read the book first because you like the book more than the movie. So now I'm listening to the booku. You can get that, or another free audiobook of your choice at audibleanna. That's softly audibleanna. normally Miss Earth comes out October 16th, 2014. I hope you like it. Really excited. Stay awesome, Gotham.

Old Man Scares Hot Girl PRANK!!!

Literally, I'm trapped in a corner. That's how I feel. Hey, everybody, I'm Jack Vale. And I'm Christian Busath. And we had to do a casting call recently with a bunch of actresses, and we figured while they're here, why not prank them So Jack dressed up as an old man and came in as a stand in for the audition. And then I scared the crap out of them. OK, Maria, this is Rick visiting from Florida. All right, what part of Florida Oh, Tampa. Hello, my name is Senya Montero.

And I'm auditioning for the role of Annalisa. Poppa. I wish to heavens that you could hear me. I wish to heavens that you could hear me. College has been good to me. I met a boy. His name's Thomas. He treats me like the princess I am. Buys me popcorn and takes me to the picture show. Why can't you just say something to me CRYING Great. Let's start that over. I need to, like, cry. Go ahead and put your head on his shoulder when you're crying. Why can't you just say something to me.

Awkward Family Holiday Dinner Taryn Southern

Here we thought, cancer this, cancer that. Poor little Pickles was gonna die, right Wrong! He was eating the freakin' blueberry bushes. I mean, whats up with that Well, okay! I think this is the perfect time for our family tradition of going around the table and everyone saying what they're grateful for for this year. And, can I just say how grateful I am to have such. beautiful healthy, talented daughters, and how wonderful Okay, okay, knock it off Earl, that's enough. Nobody really cares. I'm grateful for the fact that I can make this beautiful feast for everybody.

Girls, your turn. You first. No, you. Okay, me! Jason just got a promotion, VP of Sales and Acquisitions. Actually, assistant HR. No Taryn, honey. Tell me what you're grateful for. I'm grateful my last Instagram post didn't get deleted for inappropriate content. Oh, that's great honey! Where's the tequila Here, Don Julio. Yeah Taryn, you know dear you really should start drinking less, and start Dating more, I know, yeah. I know mom I just haven't found the right guy, so. Whatever happened to that guy, Dan Oh, uhh.

Oh no, it didn't work out. He was a sociopath. You know, relationships can be tough and sometimes you have to compromise to find someone who will love you forever. Right honey Yeah, totally! Well, I am just so grateful to have a younger sister who knows so much more about life than I can ever, ever, even hope to know. I am just so grateful for my hunky, hunky husband who is perfect in every way. I'm grateful for Spanx. I'm really grateful for Spanx and the fact that I'm the only person who ever has to see me in Spanx.

Well, I'm grateful for Jason and I's future unborn child. Ugh. I'm grateful for my independence and the fact that I can stick my tongue down anyone's throat under the mistletoe. Guy or girl. Well I'm thankful I'm not alone during the holidays. I'm grateful for my awesome cat who keeps me company. Ladies, you only really need to say ONE thing you're grateful for No, I have a lot of things Dad. Well I'm grateful for my husband, who's better than any sister because he goes shopping with me, gets pedicures, and doesn't get mad when I'm too tired to have sex!.

I'm grateful for the fact that you're a huge bitch. No, you're a bigger bitch. You're a bitch. Well I'm grateful I slept with your exboyfriend it was the best sex I ever had! Well good! You know, I'm grateful for your husband Joe. what the Hell is your name Jason You know what Because when I'm in my 60s and I'm making YouTube tutorials, who's gonna pay my rent That guy! Porn! Okay I'm grateful for porn. All of it! Straight porn, Gay porn, just bring it on! I like porn too.

HOW TO TREAT MEN BADLY Internet Therapy Taryn Southern

Welcome.coughing Welcome back my little sociopaths! valentine's day is finally over which means I'm now out in the world no longer avoiding supermarkets based on your comments snapchat tweets and instagrams looks like you guys need a little help too. So we're bringing back Internet Therapy the only place where your therapy is free and your therapist is only sometimes drunk. first up on the Instagrams missjammers1992 wrote how do you make my cheating ex boyfriend feel pain 4 months later Jammers I'm sorry because there is nothing more deep rooted and painful.

Than a cheating ex and I could go on and on and on about all the wondrous ways that you slash we could hurt this S.O.B. but really there's nothing more magical than just good oldfashioned revenge I recommend dating his roommate and constantly walking around in your underwear the next up on Twitter my girl Becca Carson wants to know any advice on stopping a guy who keeps hitting on me my wedding ring doesn't seem to stop him what is wrong with you people she's got a ring on her finger.

Not that I can relate because I've had nine boyfriend's and I'm still ringless. except for this little ditty I got from claire's. There are a few ways to stop a who won't stop hitting on you First off, you could always fart a big nasty one and send him running in the other direction You could always send him glitter in the mail include a nice note explaining why he's received this terrible terrible gift if that doesn't work then I would just recommend putting your number on speed dial.

Under Plan B cuz there's one thing I've learned from Men is that they will always leave you always right when your skin elasticity starting to go too. Next up on the s whom WhoMallow666 commented I'm a lesbian and I have a major league crash on my BFF who recently came out to me, is bi and won't stop telling me about her crush that isn't me, but I don't have the balls to tell her how I really feel what should I do here's my advice next time she starts talking about her crush if.

Say you have to go because you forgot you have a mystery date with the Vine star see everybody loves Vine stars or wants to be a Vine star the more you appear wanted the closer she'll get to realizing that she should want to be with you maybe you should start making Vine tutorials about how you are in love with her. Two birds, one stone And finally up on Insta, Siruoes asks how to tell a guy that his Wow you got big eyes pickup line doesn't work without.

Getting called An arrogant Bch, you should be punched Sounds like y'all had a worse Valentine's Day than me. Come on fellas. Stop throwin mad shade just cuz a chick don't want yo dick. Ladies next time a dude throws a derogatory or lame ass pickup line your way here some appropriate reactions You might do better in life if you owned better fitting pants. Make a Tinder profile My vagina just fell off, thanks. Hey, Fck You! If none of those responses work, date women this has been a Well this had been a fun episode of Internet Therapy hasn't it.


Crying Baby, Baby. What's wrong Courtney and Scott broke up. who The Kardashians oh. umm. it's okay there, there there, there crying OH God! Babe, what's wrong I lost my job! my mom said she has only has five days to live she just called me that's. why you're crying yea. are you serious be a man! stop being a little bitch! okay how many times have I told you i just forgot to cut you forgot how many time are you going to forget i told you I DON'T.

LIKE MY BREAD WITH CRUSTS Aren't you going to stop that I don't like crusts! Nope! I not getting involved in couple fights! YOU UNDERSTAND YEA YOU UNDERSTAND! HOW COULD YOU CHEAT ON ME WITH MY BEST FRIEND HUH I didn't. HOW COULD YOU CHEAT Oh my gosh!!! HOW COULD YOU CHEAT ON ME slow motion Oh my GOD! Ron! why would you do that you can't do that man! what's wrong with you bro Oh my God, are you alright So Abusive hey babe. what are you doing just enchacing myself.

My natural my natural beauty you don't have to do that what's wrong with you its my body there's nothing wrong with it just boosting it what are you doing just you know nechancing my body ohhh seriously what who does that it's it's my body Gross! are you serious is it so hard to find a nice guy these days just a gentlemen. just someone who can dress a bit nice have good manners girl, I know. Take you out to dinner. ohhh SOrry I don't mean to interrupt you conversation.

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