7 Games that punish cheaters in brilliant ways

Tutorialgames have always included cheat codes. A handful of tiny letters, numbers and symbols that let players experience their favorite games in ways that the developer may not have intended. Infinite lives, all weapons, spawning a tank in the middle of an intersection. It’s a great way to get some additional joy out of a game you’ve thoroughly crushed, or perhaps get past a level that’s giving you a really hard time. So, then; why would developers put a cheat code in a game and then slap the player’s hand for trying to use it?.

Well, because they’re evil that’s why. I’m James from GamesRadar, and here are seven hilarious ways games have punished cheaters. Banjo Kazooie will delete your save file. In order to enter cheats in Banjo Kazooie, you first have to find a secret keyword. Then, enter it in a special room inside a sand castle. These cheats won’t actually get you in trouble, they’re a natural part of playing the game.

But there are supersecret level skip cheats that aren’t part of the actual game. And if you enter too many of them, Grunty will swoop down and completely erase your save file. At least your helper, Bottles, is courteous enough to warn you before you go too far. Donkey Kong 64 becomes virtually unplayable. permanently. Using certain gameshark cheats on Rare’s classic platformer will occasionally cause your game to glitch out in some very strange ways. But that’s not the half of it. The gameshark can also make it so that you literally cannot pick up a single item.

Off the ground. And you’ll always die in one hit. It wouldn’t be so bad if that went away after you turned the game off, but if you accidentally save your game while in this state the glitch never goes away. So now you’re just stuck with a broken game. forever. I know cheaters shouldn’t prosper, but. that’s just mean. GTA Online puts you in the ‘cheaters pool’. Now, banning players completely from playing online is a totally understandable thing to do.

If you break the rules, you have to face the consequences. But what if you don’t want to kick potential players and future DLCpurchasers out right away? GTA Online solves this problem, much in the same way Max Payne did, by labelling people as ‘bad sports’, and giving them a dunce’s hat to make them easily identifiable to other players. Do a couple of bads, like destroying players’ vehicles, or dropping from jobs midmission and you might get a few days punishment.

But repeat offenders and people caught using mods will be sent to the ‘bad sports’ lobby, where they will stay until they can be good again. Link’s Awakening brands you as a thief for the rest of the game. The shopkeeper in Link’s first gameboy outing has his eye on you, and if you try to walk out the store with a pocket full of bombs, he’ll yell at you to come back to the counter and pay for them. But if you’re clever, you can literally run circles around the store owner tricking him into looking the other way while you walk out of the store scottfree.

Or, so it would seem. You may think you’ve pulled a fast one on the game, but you’ll start to notice that people are starting to nonchalantly call you a thief. Instead of whatever name you typed in at the start. Also, if you try to go back to the store because you forgot to pick up some arrows to go with that bow you just stole, you’ll find the shopkeeper waiting to laser blast you out of existence. Gradius 3 and Super Monkey Ball Jr. punish you for trying to use the Konami Code. ‘Up up, down down, left right, left right, B A’, everyone knows the Konami Code.

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