Marriage Counseling How to Improve Communication in a Marriage

Hello, my name is Reka Morvay. I'm a psychologist, and I'm going to talk to you today about how to improve communication in your marriage. Good communication in any relationship is essential. In a marriage it is doubly essential, because you have committed to this person to work through life's difficulties together. One of the key communication tools is to always speak clearly about your needs, and your wants, and your requirements, and to always request this information from your partner too. So, make sure that you are not using innuendos.

You're not using pointed comments to let your message, to get your message across, but rather, clear and impartial communication. Tell your partner what you need and what you want. The other thing is to try to remain calm. It is always more effective to have a calm conversation than to have a big fight about something. Try to use personal language. Talk about your feelings and your situation, rather than assigning blame and telling your partner what they did wrong, or what they did that you didn't like. Try to get into the habit of thinking in terms.

Marriage Counseling How to Comfort Your Wife

Hello my name is Reka Morvay. I am a psychologist and I'm going to talk to you about how to comfort your wife. In a marriage situation in any long term committed relationship it is very important for the two people to be able to provide comfort and support for each other. Knowing how to comfort and support your spouse is therefore very important in dealing with the everyday difficulties. The first thing is that you should know what brings comfort to your wife. I think this is a very important question because everybody is different.

And everybody finds comfort in different things. Does your wife enjoy receiving physical comfort, hugs Does your wife enjoy receiving compliments and encouragement verbally Does she like problem solving Is she looking to solve her problems It is very important to know exactly what it is that your spouse is looking for when you are trying to comfort them. Also it is very important when your wife is upset to take a step back, remain calm, find out why she is upset, find out what you can do in this situation and to not assume that it.

Marriage and Family Therapy Improve Your Marriage, Improve your Relationships

Do you need help with yourself, with your marriage or with other relationships Do you want to feel the love and the happiness that you once felt before Hi welcome to Laguna Beach Counseling. I'm glad that you're here. My name is Kay Wenger, and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist as well as a professional clinical counselor. Along with my private practice for the past twenty years, I have worked as the manager of clinical training at a major university educating prospective marriage and family counselors. My passion and goal is to help you achieve a more.

Satisfying relationship with yourself and with others. I specialize in premarital counseling, couples counseling, if you have areas of grief and loss, anxiety, depression or having difficulty with teens, I can help you. While we can't change difficult situations from the past, or completely erase things that have led to a troubled relationship in your life, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges that have existed in your life. Please take the time to browse my website. I encourage you to read more about my background, my experience.

And my approach to therapy. My Laguna Beach office, provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It is just few hundred yards from the ocean. Often people have been thinking or talking about struggles in their lives for a long time. But they have not taken any steps towards resolving these issues. The time for you is now. Finding a counselor that you can trust is crucial. And if you are on the fence, about moving forward, I can offer you a free 30 minute consultation. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Introduction to Couples Counseling at CaPS

GtgtgtHi my name is Melinda and I'm a student here at Cal State East Bay. gtgtgtHi I'm Ryan and I'm a counselor here at CaPS. Melinda Um, I understand that CaPS offers couples counseling. Ryan We do offer couples counseling. Melinda Um, what types of issues do couples bring to counseling Ryan Couples bring all kinds of issues to counseling. Often time's people come around issues of conflict and fighting, not always. Sometimes people want to just really work on getting to an even better place. But often times it's around conflict and differences. Other things that bring people into couples.

Counseling are often times around family issues, cultural differences, or personal differences, and expectations, sexuality, anything that might come up in a relationship that might need to get to a better place. Melinda Ok um, what usually happens in couples counseling Ryan What happens is people come and meet with a couple's counselor for their first session which we call, A Couples Consultation. We get some history, we find out what you want to do, and get to in couples counseling what you want help with. And then we decide if you want to move forward. And then when.

You come back into couples sessions, the couples counselor helps your work on those issues, usually on things around reducing conflict, feeling more connected, resolving issues that may be left over. So that's, that's all of what happens. Melinda Ok um, what if my partner isn't a student here Ryan That's not a problem at all, only one person has to be a student at the university. And if one person is not a student there is a small fee for each session, except for the consultation which is always free. Melinda How can I get my partner to come.

In Ryan I think you have to talk with your partner and you know, see what they want as well. You can tell them about counseling and tell them what happens here. We have information on our website that can be really helpful. People can call in and ask questions, any questions they have. Um, you can also talk to them about that it's totally confidential. And that helps a lot and if the person, if your partner is a student of the university, they can come in and talk with an individual counselor and.

Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop for Therapists Barbara and Peter Testimonial

I'm Barbara. I'm Peter. We're from Menlo Park, CA. Barbara and I are both therapists. We've had a lot of training in couples work and a lot of experiences in workshops such as this, and yet we found this very, very useful for us. We were able to identify certain raw spots that we both have, get clearer on them and in some ways work through some issues that, and some experiences that, were really quite raw for us. And so, Becca and her way about her was really instrumental I think in helping.

Us do that. I think we came into this thinking it would be an interesting experience and I wanted to do it because I do EFT Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples therapy, but I think I was surprised how much we actually got out it. That it wasn't just an intellectually interesting experience, we really learned more about ourselves and I feel like we deepened our relationship and that Becca's style that's so sort of gentle, but wise and so relaxed just, I think made it very safe. And it's great material. Really. It's wonderful. We.

TheHappyCoupleExpert 714 '01652 Dont Let Your Anxiety Kill Your Relationship

Hi. Robyn D'Angelo here, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Relationship Specialist. Last week, I brought you a tutorial on how to love your anxious partner and I had so much positive feedback and numerous thank yous from both the anxious and nonanxious people in relationships. So, what I thought I would do today is talk to the anxious partner in relationships and just give you three simple things that you can start doing to ensure that you have successful interactions with your partner even when anxiety shows up, because it inevitably will. So,.

For your nonanxious partner, it can be agonizing to see you experience your anxiety for it to paralyze you, for it to just get you wound up, sometimes shut down. It's really hard for them. So here are just three things you can try. Number 1, get really curious with your partner. Find out what happens for them when you get anxious. What's their default Is it, they want to fix it Did they get frustrated and then shut down Because it's so confusing to them, how you can get so anxious over something. By understanding your partner's experience,.

What it can do is, in the future, having that awareness can decrease the intensity of anxious moments. It also connects the two of you even deeper because you're learning more about one another. The second thing I want you to do is remember to set your partner up for success. And by this I mean, let them know what you need from them, especially if you know you're going to have a conversation about an anxietyproducing conversation. Something like financesthat can definitely get people pretty anxious and stressed. So, let them.

Know, Hey, you know, I just want to use you as a sounding board. Or, Let's go ahead and set the timer for about 15 minutes. Once we hit the 15 minute mark, if things are going well, let's continue. Otherwise, let's take a break. Setting those parameters can truly set your partner up for success. And the last tip, thank them. Just show them that you appreciate their effort in trying to help have a successful and smooth conversation, even though your anxiety shows up. It can also be helpful to let them know little things that maybe they.

Can tweak in the future, that maybe something triggered you or wasn't as successful in the conversation. But the main piece to take away from step number three is to be really appreciative and let them know that you appreciate the effort they put into the conversation. So those are just three little things that you can try to have successful interactions even when your anxiety shows up. If these have been helpful, wonderful. Feel free to leave a note below. Or, what you can do is you can contact me at New Email! robyncounselinglagunahills.

Emotionally Focused Therapy by The Couples Expert Scottsdale

Hi, my name is Stuart Fensterheim. I'm a licensed clinical social worker, with a private practice, here in Scottsdale, Arizona. I decided to make this tutorial, because I wanted to give you a sense of who I am, so you can decide if I'd be a good fit to be your counselor. I've been a family counselor now, for about 25 years. I specialize in my private practice, helping couples, families, and individuals, who are having relationship problems. One of the more fulfilling things for me is helping couples and families find a pathway to developing.

A really close connection with those people who are most important to them. I use a technique called, emotionally focused therapy. EFT, or emotionally focused therapy, is a therapy based on a principle of love, called attachment theory. And now, with our understanding of love and attachments, we truly have a map to giving folks a pathway to a real connection with one another. One of the things I know is that people don't come to see me, unless they're in some sort of emotional pain. Pain is what brings them to me. EFT is the pathway.

Mary Queen of Heaven 2013

Mary, Queen of Heaven Retreat, Marygrove, May 35, 2013 Fr. Jamie Ziminski Thank you for your interest in the Mary, Queen of Heaven retreat. I'm Father Jamie Ziminski, the director of Marygrove Retreat Center. I'm standing here in front of the grotto that was constructed in honor of Our Lady of Lourdes. It commemorates the time that our Blessed Mother appeared to Saint Bernadette in France. Mary has always been a special part of Marygrove Retreat Center. As you know, our name even comes from our Blessed Mother. This grotto was constructed.

In the midst of these beautiful pine trees and cedars. It truly is Mary's grove. The Mary, Queen of Heaven retreat is a 3day preached retreat on the weekend of May 35. It begins on Friday evening after supper, so plan to arrive sometime between 78PM Eastern time. The retreat ends on Sunday, about 1 o'clock, once we've had our lunch. This year, Father Corey Litzner and I will be the directors of the Mary, Queen of Heaven retreat. Father Corey is the pastor of Precious Blood Parish in Stephenson, Michigan,.

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