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For lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and other individuals who do not identify as straight or among binary genders, coping with hostility from society can be a struggle, and many are without adequate resources to properly find comfort and peace of mind. Recent LGBT studies have found that the effect of these feelings of marginalization and rejection have a direct correlation with the high rates of substance abuse among LGBT individuals. The common causes of substance abuse in this community are not the only reason for the disparities between the statistics of LGBT and straight populations. LGBT people who.

Suffer substance abuse will also have a harder time than their heterosexual counterparts in finding adequate treatment, sometimes facing insensitivity or even hostility from treatment service providers for being LGBT. LGBT substance abuse is not a failing or weakness in individuals who are suffering, but a failing in our culture. For those who initially began abusing drugs because they felt outcast and marginalized, a promising start is searching for other community members who can provide support in recovery. While resources like hotlines exist to help in crises, a longterm solution for individuals.

BGSU Counseling Center More Information

College students face a lot of stressors, struggles and big life changes to help manage such challenges many students seek assistance at the BGSU Counseling Center. Here staff provide individual, couples and group counseling. The easiest way to initiate services is to come in during walkin hours. Students can come in at their convenience during these specific times. The initial consultation and assessment session typically last about 30 minutes. Hi I'm Diane. I'm one of the therapists here at the counseling center and what we're gonna do here during this walk in session.

Is get some background information get a sense of why you came into the Counseling Center today and then you and I will make a plan about what's going to be the most helpful for you. So why don't we just start by letting me know what brought you in today. Counselors see students for any number of personal concern relationship issues, anxiety, depression eating disorders, abuse or trauma, home sickness those are just a few of the reasons students come to us for help. The Counseling Center also staffs a counselor during regular business hours.

Healing in Jesus Name Works Every.Single.Time

Too too that uh. uh. change gears a little bit on this week's hagee hotline this is our matthew haiti's senate pastor john hagee takes questions from viewers he said that healing from jesus works everytime but sometimes the person who needs the healing dies but that doesn't mean they were he'll to just means we weren't able to see the healing the healing happened having died doesn't make much sense but let's listen to what he had to say questioned comes from matt through email it's as pastor if i pray for another stealing in.

Jesus name shouldn't they be healed and why would that work sometimes and not every time matt i want you to know that healing works everytime the thing that we have to become aware of is wind and where healing takes place me there are times when you pray for healing in jesus name and you see an instantaneous healing their are other times when you pray for healing in jesus name and the healing comes through a process and then there are times when you pray for healing in jesus name of the person.

You pray four passes from this life but that does not mean that they're not healed the bible says that when we get into the presence of god that every sickness every kim for many and every kind of weakness is gone which right oak so let me see if i understand here uh. pastor hagee there are times when a person is instantaneously healed wend their their healed in jesus name other times they're healed over long periods of time like you know weeks or months but sometimes the person actually dies.

But day are healed in deaths are jesus heals everyone but sometimes that healing has absolutely no real world effect it has absolutely no effect on the quality of life for diseases you just have to know after they weren't healed and died they were healed in the afterlife is this comforting but if you're a believer is that even comforting to you probably using cell there i can stop by the comforting i don't know this is part of this entangle actual as an entire rationalism that depends on kind of creating online between socalled reality.

And our education system this goes back to galloway oh and turn it in theory in the catholic church trying to uh. uh. really trying to destroy the idea that wait a second the earth isn't try sarabyn alliance exactly and has had to stop signs uh. i mean we might as well this bill the hospitals with elevator is that correct at the top floor and fly out and then take people to wherever because they're going to be healed why even have expensive equipment in the hospital you just don't need or you have to do is.

Man Gropes Nurse In Front Of Pregnant GF

Netflix you money thirty one year olds uh. n adam and eve will at groped anders who was willing to spread eagle friends of the delivery room he got sentenced to six months in jail mansion the balls on this guy i don't know how he walks around can you imagine when you're pregnant looked into the delivery of this guy that last sentence they classic san diego and here are them lipids retarded in eighteen different way if you're going to make a move like that how short you have to be that she's going to be receptive.

And interesting 'cause you're army if you get busted there's nothing it's more about saying and a worldwide every and see if you've got a deal loans so at least the exclaimed with smart about parade but he is lowfat you know building and up and by the way the sexually assaulted her and as it was here of you're the one hangout but they're all federal friend of and updates on several he claims that ten years ago he was in a car accident that impaired his judgment apart that's for some i was when he was somebody was going to come over the sixties that's.

Physical peretz is that a verbal threats so i i have found that accident babcock uproot abut red you write about the debt you brought that into my courtroom i like i a agar when i get corrected guilty dopey guilty but six months twelve months eighteen months but you've got we both have for idiom olajuwon for our that kind of massive six years is about what he said but not guilty as we go grateful yahoo it had no idea at yahoo especially since he had an excuse that landmark easy.

Pope Francis SHOCKED By Gay Adoption

Well Esquire magazine is naming the pope uh the bestdressed man the year and everyone is going crazy over how progress to be is we have a little bit of a reality check about the Pope's real political ideologies on social issues and it turns out that he was shocked by a civil union bill that was proposed in Malta now a part in that bill would include gay couples having the ability to adopt children and according to one bishop in Malta the Pope wasn't too happy about that in fact I here's what the bishop had to say we discussed many aspects.

And when I raise the issue that's worrying me as a bishop the right for gay couples to adopt he encouraged me to speak out he also continue to say that the Pope was shocked shocked by this type of legislation okay this is gambling going on establishment shock this antigay the ideas in the Vatican shocked shock so look this is important it's through someone else the pope didn't say exactly this guy who's got criticism for being too concerned about this issue is saying no trust me the pope's gun buyback to take with a grain of salt on.

That number two I am it do I think the pope is but now thinks gay people are awesome and fit can't wait to give them every writes that straight people out no I don't think that bad a again this is reminds me of when gorbachev was doing his reforms through like are you know you've still got their crime is he believes a communist hey it's all good for you he was Kim's overview India I know but his reforms were incredibly important yeah anyway so the pope doesn't have to happen overnight conversion where you see you.

Know going to a rave when we have already got that would be the birthday in the world that it was a dress shoes back on Yahoo OK writing is a raven West Hollywood is having a good time why got that would be amazing I gonna do a movie about that okay well her he does that's not going to happen overnight but it does so to me doesn't take away that much for what he said in the past is still historic when he says Yahoo am I to.

Judge gay people it and that was firm is mouth not through someone else claiming he said and also look regardless of what he thinks about actual rights I do like that he is shifting the attention away from these ridiculous social issues like I you know what they're not ridiculous social issues but he isn't shifting attention away from the cold sure wars and he's focusing more on poverty so that is something to applaud him for on but it is it is still a little sad that you know.

Abortion Law Barely Changed After Womans Death

Ireland is a one of those strictest countries when it comes to abortion they do not allow abortions in cases of rape or incest and if you guys could recall earlier this year we did a story about an indian woman that had moved to ireland needed a lifesaving abortion and was denied that abortion and as a result she died uh. well after that incident occurred al lawmakers in ireland decided to allowed for abortion in the case that the mother's life is in danger don't think that things are going to change that much and island because.

Abortion is still a legal in cases of rape and incest and also this is something that was actually supposed to be implemented back in nineteen ninety two when the supreme court in ireland had rolled that if if a woman's life is a danger usual out the abortion to happen it was involving a fourteenyearold girl who got rates not she got pregnant as a result of that rate and she was suicidal because she couldn't get an abortion she tried to travel out of the country to get one an authority stop her from.

Doing stuff now of course issues not suicidal uh. they still to this day would now already in abortion even though she's a fortyyearold got raped there is no rape exception so now i a windows this it's good it's a tiny step in the right direction but basically it's affiliates russell crowe in gladiator screaming at my dot softball no not to merciful brazilian let that poor woman died because of your ridiculous outlaws in the first place and uh. sandoval this is very small change thermal you're all completely wrong about the bible.

So small tiny point it doesn't say you shouldn't have an abortion ineffective some portions of the bible almost occurs in a book near potions vina prius is supposed to give end of the woman was cheating on you it cause a miscarriage ivy an abortion you've built up your whole belief in religion based on line some stupid wrong interpretation the pope major hundreds of years ago when they thought the sunroom wilder on the earth and that the stores were a little falls it didn't have in the government.

And i'll take you tried to reason with the most you're absolutely paloma planet acronis tragic story happened in ireland after an innocent woman died because she was denied medical care that she needed to save her life you still have clowns in ireland elected politicians they're still arguing that even in the cases where awhile man's life is in danger we probably shouldn't let legalize abortion in fact i'll give you a quote from are run in mali and he's an independent irish senator who was obviously very religious i find it entirely appropriate that we we join in solidarity with the people.

With the children who died in connecticut let's be sincere about that but let's not slip into double think either however where we forget of whole category of children in our own country the children who are sites uh. those laws that are really important though was the reliably of courses with officers across the world was a child is born again at the end of the for help but get a free education health care who says whatever money old no cell no ditches is one of the poor the navy.

Doug Stanhope Hate Can Make You Do Really Nice Things

Comedian Doug Stanhope for well he's a interesting guy and here's mine being a politically incorrect and picking a fight to his opponents so when he saw a moment on CNN regarding the tornadoes that ripped through oklahoma well he thought he'd seen something where he could take action now if you're unfamiliar with this is fascinating as wolf blitzer doing an interview with one of the survivors Rebecca butts min and his now famous scene unfold cause and I guess you got a burglar right do you think alert for that split second.

Decision I I'm home I I'm actually and have no your honor got okay but have a great I'll yeah yup winner here in the for in and you know I don't I don't blame anybody for thinking online home pat was wonderfully awkward you could hear me sing awesome in their original time we cover that tutorial in the background because it worked do you think the lord thank the Lord you thank the Lord you don't know that was weird could that's awkward few things awkward watching trying to play with a baby.

Anders or try one more time okay I for I so then Doug Stanhope sir step singles hey listen we got all these people that are given a Christian charities to help the people around them I'm gonna start neyo campaign to raise her money to get her house back well I was interesting here we let me tell you it and how much they raced first of course it was successful and you would think the dog would be our main animus a victory well then you don't know doc.

He was not he was gloating in a fun way here's what he said I didn't do it example sympathy because she got all our should destroyed by a tornado I didn't simply to be a prick to her okie Christian neighbors it's funny how hate can make you do really nice things every now and a now those not being a great representative Louise community in people who gave money this campaign EPS unite a did allow the goodness for their heart I'm not a major right and actually go to show that in fact atheist cuba charity.

A as well as Christians do a lot of times you'll see passes come out step out of the last times I V is give money to charity this time paid but does a comedian so he continues to the reunion thing that took balls you never been Oklahoma referring to her tell wolf blitzer on TV in the Milan nominate beers then I don't think it was god save me he said say I'm a navy is in oklahoma is like screaming jihad at airport security it took some nuts agreed she certainly had courage in that.

Moment and that wonderfully awkward moment Doug continues if you watch the footage all other victims are on the news thanking Jesus for only killing their neighbors and not them well crawlers on the screen tell me where I can takes money to help them out he continued his bike saying fuck bebe I don't wanna Jesus getting credit for my 50 bucks all have that other girl out she got no jeebus she gonna need money that's what K and she did the money and she got money the campaign is concluded it wound up raising.

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