Many counseling centers, including our, are doing more and more christian counseling of all types, but also Christian marriage counseling online. I wanted to spend a few minutes to talk about how or why that might be beneficial for a person, for a couple. First of all, if somebody is in a remote location maybe theyre far away from any kind of major town or city where they can get help then maybe something over the internet is maybe the most feasible way of doing it. Even locally, quite frankly ? and were in a.

Large metropolitan area, we have folks who because of the issue of cost of babysitting, the price of gasoline quite frankly, determine that its in their best interest to do some things over the internet so we can do some sessions and save them time and finances as well, in terms of getting here. That works out as an advantage to doing counseling over the internet. Quite frankly for some, it may be an issue ? once again, depending on location of local, competent Christian counseling help not being available. Obviously, you go for.

Counseling you want to go where you feel like youre going to get some help. Another issue we find quite frankly is we find people who connected with us; there is what we call ?small town issues?. Theyre in a place where its relatively smaller and afraid theyd go to counseling and they go somewhere theyre going to get found out so doing things over the internet offers a certain level of hiddenness, if you like; invisibility and nobody else needs to know whats going on. Some people find that very.

Advantageous. finally ? and this is an important one as it leads to above and beyond ? sometimes people have very special needs that they cannot get help with locally even in a large metropolitan area. One of those areas is the area of Deliverance Ministry. In the course of our counseling sessions we find many times that people are dealing with issues in their lives; sometimes preexisting issues and conditions before their marriage. It could be battling depression, anger, maybe addiction to pornography, fear;.

Many times those involve the strongholds that people need deliverance from. many times that’s not available on any kind of competent level in many places. Once again, a special need will need people to get help over the internet. How does it work? You need a high speed internet connection and a webcam. Most places anywhere in the world ? housing and Deliverance Ministries all over the world, most places I want to say, and certain places weve been in contact with do have access to a high speed internet connection and a webcam. It doesnt need.

To be an expensive webcam, certainly there are available retailers in walmart and whatnot; webcams are not expensive. We use basically free software, either Skype ? many people are Skype users but we also use an application that is a webconferencing application that we bought and paid for and we use. What’s nice is a person doesn’t have to be computer literate. They click on the link; this application goes out and finds the webcam, finds the microphone and makes sure it’s working properly. It’s pretty amazing; it’s a pretty amazing technology.

That’s the requirement: high speed internet plus a webcam. Also, within those where we use PowerPoint and some illustrations on a computer. When we put those up you see at our computer that we’re able to share those with screen sharing with the people in the remote locations. It works very, very well. On that line, I wanted to finish this tutorial with a demonstration how it looks on the screen for people who do counseling over the internet. Watch this demonstration, please.

I wanted to give you a sense of what the internet counseling sessions look like and how they are run and what you’re going to see. We use two vehicles to do counseling over the internet with our clients worldwide. One of them is Skype; you can see the little icon down here in the lower part of the screen. We use Skype if you’re a Skype user, that’s great. We use that quite well. We also use another web conferencing package right now that does not require you to be a Skype user. You don’t have to do anything;.

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