Neter An Ally, Guide or Challenger in SoulCollage

At that time in the late 80's, I was a student in a program called the Human Capacities Program, with a teacher named Jean Houston. Our group met twice yearly for two weeks over three years, so a total of 12 weeks. We students, about 130 of us, traveled from around this country and from across the world to study with this powerful teacher, and also to learn from one another. In the session before our final session, Jean asked us to each prepare some sort of project to present during our last time together,.

And what I chose to do was this I made an index card for each person in the program a card with just their name on it and I placed this deck of 130 cards on my altar at home and most mornings in the next five months I drew from that stack one card, and I named the person whose name I drew my Neter for the day. Now Neter is a word you may remember if you read my book on SoulCollage. What it essentially means in this process is any guide, or ally, or even challenger who comes into a life.

And makes a difference. Actually, the word is found in ancient Egyptian lore, and there it seems to have meant any of the many Gods and Goddesses who were present in the lives of humans doing what Gods and Goddesses usually do Helping people, guiding people, challenging people. Sometimes interrupting people and giving them strange and difficult tasks or missions. Later after I had been using the word Neter for some time, I actually researched more about it. trying to discover how it was used back in that ancient, littleknown culture.

I discovered then that Neter was also a name given to that formless, mysterious Source out of which all these diverse, divine Neters came, and back into which they returned. I was amazed. Here in this fiveletter word, Neter N E T E R was encapsulated the paradoxical unity of the One and the Many, which for me is a basic concept of SoulCollage. Neter means both the One Source and also, at the same time, the Many beings that spring from Source and who intervene to fashion and guide and love our Souls.

Fun Party Games How to Play the Lines From a Hat Party Game

Hi, I'm Teri Lynne and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. In this segment, we're going to be doing a game called Lines from a Hat. Now, if you don't have a hat you can also play Lines from a Bowl, Lines from a Bag, Lines from a Sock, Lines from Pretty much Anything You Can Hold Something In. That'll work too. What you're going to need is a minimum of six to eight people for this game and it's a great improvisation game. You also need strips of paper and some pens or pencils if you have. What you're going to do is distribute.

The strips of paper to the group and they're going to write lines a sentence, either a line from a song or just a random sentence or line. Anything they want. Try to keep it clean, unless it's a completely adult party and you can do what you want. But, write a couple of lines and you're just going to fold them up, and place them in the hat, or bowl, or sock, or whatever. And then you're going to carry on little improvisation scenes and throughout the scene, the players in the scene are going to pull from the hat and use those.

Lines naturally within the improvisation scene or try to justify why they've said whatever line is in the hat. So, we're going to give you a short example of how this is played. David Teri We just need a location please, to start our game. Voice of Camera Iowa. Teri Iowa, Okay. Can we have a nongeographical location in Iowa Voice A library. Teri Okay, we're in an Iowa library. And whenever you feel the need, pull out a line and add it into the scene. Teri Uh, sir I hate to tell you but your books are three years overdue.

David Man, that's outrageous. Well, you win some you loose some. Teri You sure do and in this case I really think you're going to loose some. Um, I think you're library fine is twentyseven thousand dollars. David Twentyseven thousand dollars! I can't afford that. Teri Well, you know, I just spoke with my boss this morning about company policy and one thing is said is You burnt my macaroni and cheese. So we didn't get to talk too much about company policy because he really likes his macaroni and cheese. So, if I don't get.

That twentyseven thousand dollars I could be fired. David Listen, I'm going to call my lawyer because he tells me that I'm singing in the rain. Teri Well, you're going to be singing in jail pretty soon if you don't come up with that money. David Yeah, well he's the best lawyer in town and he says that pickled feet are his favorite food. Teri You know what! Mine too! I should call your lawyer up and see if he wants to go to lunch some time. Do you know what he might say to me He might say pimping ain't easy and I must.

Minute to Win It Corporate Team Building Activity Niagara Falls

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