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If you're looking for a dynamic christian speaker for your next women's event look no further and sandy volume sandy has stepped onto the stage as a christian keynote speaker at women's events in retrieves christian camps in church leadership conferences throughout north america and in africa a popular radio and television guest sandy's trademark openness and honesty maker in instant hit with audiences across the country the founder and director of beautiful woman sandy's ability to connect with women causes them to see their own story within hurts her ability to inspire women motivates them to implement the biblical practical.

ALEC Retreats On Stand Your Ground, Voter ID Laws

To companies pulled out of alec and bring the number of two tenths of a huge companies pepsicola coke cola crap mcdonald's wendy's et cetera and so uh. what happened with alec also victory their polling uh. they're what a ride the law support and stand your ground law support these guys are going to continue do a lot of damage alexa forces this group that brings state legislators who worked for the corrupt together with corporations who want to corrupt them the corporations give them money annandale hand in the word for word the bills of the corporations have.

Written for them and so they do that for the nra as well and stand your ground laws but now they didn't so much heat that they're going to back away from it and they did it in terms of voter id laws meaning we get as little uh. minorities in the country to vote as possible and then by the way the guy who founded alec uh. actually had a speech that we've often show on the program paul weir wasif i don't want everyone voted ireland want our guys voting meaning of.

Course republicans so if minorities vote for democrats will let's find out ways of course they show that minorities on both the mass of the voter id laws do as for example twenty five south african americans don't have uh. photo id they live in big cities et cetera they don't need a driver's license and that's how you deal with the vote uh. it's a new form of discrimination so alec has now put out a statement saying we're eliminating the alachua blix safety elections task force that dealt with noneconomic issues.

And reinvesting these resources in the past forces that focused on the economy that is basically on those issues surrender back here so you have to give at ton of gratitude color change now a lot of great organizations worked on this p triple c worked on a so many parece about was worked on a but color change led this charge the other guys who actually led the charge against land back as well and if you notice climb back not on national television anymore so hand when color change comes to get you.

You better watch out son 'cause they're coming within the company right so that doesn't mean the battle is over has allergies that redirecting their energy told towards other ways of screwing us here the projects are still working on this is from think progress of the measures alec has specifically push for the past state unionbusting measures repealing minimum wage laws so thats lovely privatizing public lands repealing capital gains taxes of course of the rich get richer repealing the state tax so that means probably rich to head off to their act as a great kids.

Uh. without showing any fighting efforts to dress manmade blind climate change uh. and then uh. repealing at paid sick there was around the country impact on work what do you mean you're sick requiring a supermajority to raise taxes on the can never be raise like in california and pushing rules that the deemed kids eating rat poison hasn't acceptable risk so there's a lot of work to be done case of alec but at least for them on being a color change and other progressive groups have done what appeared to be nondurable.

Polar Vortex Chills South Florida and Possible Prediction could win $1 Billion

Hello and welcome to the Skinny Fort Lauderdale. I'm Melissa. The polar vortex is back. Bringing with it chilly temperatures here in South Florida and heavy delays for travelers heading to the snow covered northeast. If you're flying out of Fort Lauderdale today, call your airline before heading out. They've had dozens of delays and flight cancellations already. Six same sex couples from South Florida are suing the state for the right to marry. Equality Florida says the state's ban on gay marriage violates the quote, fundamental rights, dignity, and equality guaranteed.

To all persons by the United States Constitution. Miramar's town center and two schools were put on lockdown for a couple of hours this morning. That after police were called to a nearby home on southwest 41st street, where a man had been shot to death in the driveway. The Super Bowl hype has already begun. No, we're not talking about the big game, we're talking who will have the best commercial. Here's a teaser How about a mini Full House reunion. The ad for Dannon's Oikos Greek Yogurt features Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and John Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse, all still living.

What Are Marital Settlement Agreements

When we first begin the mediation process, I always have the couple come in together. Then it's a neutral territory and they feel safe, protected and loved here. I try not to have them negotiate between the two of them because often one has greater bargaining power then the other. I balance that out. So they will hear, the same thing, at the same time, and be able to talk about later, what they heard me say, rather playing the kid's game of telephone where it can get retranslated. So the first time they come in we talk in broad generalities about the issues that need to be resolved.

You see the end product here is what is called a Marital Settlement Agreement. That's the contract between the two of them, which becomes the judgment of the court. So we lay the groundwork at the beginning about all the issues, custody, support, property and those things that need to be included. Then they are given a homework assignment to disclose their assets and liabilities. And they then leave with a full understanding of what's anticipated from each of them, and what's anticipated from me. Primarily my role as a mediator is to provide a neutral safe setting. I do not take the side of either party. My job is to listen to what the people are actually saying.

Moose Hollow Lodge Wedding Chapel

Moose Hollow Lodge is more than just a 5 star retreat. Imagine getting married in Pigeon Forge at a cabin chapel that is located on the property your entire wedding party is vacationing in. Now you can here at Moose Hollow Lodge ! This newly constructed chapel cabin is perfect for your wedding and is located on site adding to the luxurious amenities that are already included. There are beautiful stained glass windows at the altar end of the chapel which allows you to take beautiful photo's of the bride and groom saying their vows. Bring your minister, the front of the chapel has a raised.

Alter and podium where heshe can address the entire congregation. All your wedding festivities are complete here at Moose Hollow Lodge. This 1008sq foot cabin can also be used as a business conference center that features a covered porch and is directly adjacent to the lodge allowing easy access to both the private indoor pool house and cabin. The lodge has more than 11,000sq feet of indoor space sleeping 56 comfortably with 9 bedrooms, 22 seat movie theater, arcade, free high speed internet and a private setting. There's a 80 inch flatscreen for family tutorials,.

Landlord Tenant Law Security Deposits

It's quite common for landlords to require their tenants to pay a security deposit at the beginning of the lease and this makes economic sense landlords often don't discover that a tenant has damaged a rental unit until the end of the lease when the tenant is gone and often hard to find the security deposit can offset some or all of any damage caused by a tenant but in most states the law involving security deposits is very complicated and many landlords unknowingly violate the law depending on the state.

Even an unintentional violation of the security deposit law can have serious consequences for example in my state massachusetts even an unknowing violation of the security deposit law can sometimes result in triple damages and the requirement that the landlord pay the tenants attorney's fees although the requirements of security deposit law vary widely from state to state a couple of common principles apply for instance although tenants are required to pay the security deposit to the landlord the law of most states deems the security deposit to remain the property of the tenant.

Not the landlord this means that the landlord can't comingle security deposits in with his or her own funds security deposit money must be held separately obviously therefore more laws follow concerning the type of bank account into which a landlord must place his or her security deposits most states also require that landlords accepting security deposits engage in particularized recordkeeping while the degree of record keeping varies from state to state most states require that landlords give receipts for their security deposits and maintain paperwork involving banking information financial information supporting the use of security deposits to make repairs.

In the nature of the damage to the which the security deposit is being applied my best advice to landlords who intend to accept security deposits is to consult an attorney experienced in the landlord tenant law of your state once you know and understand how the security deposit laws work in your state you'll be able to avoid the pitfalls that uninformed landlords encounter my advice to tenants is that you to should learn the law of security deposits in your state again most states consider the security deposit to be your money.

Animal Rights Facts Dog Bite Liability

Most of us know the great joy and happiness that animals bring to our lives my dogs whitey and winnie always bring a smile to my face as a professor in our animal law initiative I am often asked about liability if a dog bites and whether it's really true that every dog gets one bite free that is without owner liability in massachusetts the owner or keeper of a dog is strictly liable for a dog bite unless the victim was trespassing teasing tormenting or abusing the dog or committing some other civil wrong.

Minors under the age of seven are presumed not to be committing trespass teasing tormenting or abusing or committing some other tort so the burden then would be upon the dog owner if the child is under the age of seven thus it's important to keep your dog safe of others expecially young children as the guardian of a dog it is expected that you properly secure your dog so the dog cannot injure make certain you do not entrust your dog with someone unfit to properly restrain the dog if necessary.

Because massachusetts imposes strict liability there is no requirement that the owner be negligent in proving liability other states may base liability on a common law theory of negligence which requires a showing that the dog owner or guardian owed a legal duty to the injured party and that that duty was breached in these jurisdictions the court may consider whether the guardian knew of the animals propensity to bite the law recognizes most dogs are friendly so there is no imposition of liability unless the pets guardian had notice of the likelihood of the dog biting.

Irrespective of whether you are in a strict liability state like massachusetts or not if a dog is tormented incited provoked those actions will be a defense to owner liability either reducing or barring the plaintiff's claim provoking annoying or harming a dog is not acceptable behavior and our law generally recognizes this except if a child is very young and the child may then lack the requisite intent also just about all states have dangerous or vicious dog laws making owners of such dogs strictly liable so as the saying goes quote.

What color is Tuesday Exploring synesthesia Richard E. Cytowic

Imagine a world in which you see numbers and letters as colored even though they're printed in black, in which music or voices trigger a swirl of moving, colored shapes, in which words and names fill your mouth with unusual flavors. Jail tastes like cold, hard bacon while Derek tastes like earwax. Welcome to synesthesia, the neurological phenomenon that couples two or more senses in 4 of the population. A synesthete might not only hear my voice, but also see it, taste it, or feel it as a physical touch. Sharing the same root with anesthesia,.

Meaning no sensation, synesthesia means joined sensation. Having one type, such as colored hearing, gives you a 50 chance of having a second, third, or fourth type. One in 90 among us experience graphemes, the written elements of language, like letters, numerals, and punctuation marks, as saturated with color. Some even have gender or personality. For Gail, 3 is athletic and sporty, 9 is a vain, elitist girl. By contrast, the sound units of language, or phonemes, trigger synestetic tastes. For James, college tastes like sausage, as does message and similar words.

With the age ending. Synesthesia is a trait, like having blue eyes, rather than a disorder because there's nothing wrong. In fact, all the extra hooks endow synesthetes with superior memories. For example, a girl runs into someone she met long ago. Let's see, she had a green name. D's are green Debra, Darby, Dorothy, Denise. Yes! Her name is Denise! Once established in childhood, pairings remain fixed for life. Synesthetes inherit a biological propensity for hyperconnecting brain neurons, but then must be exposed to cultural artifacts, such as calendars, food names,.

And alphabets. The amazing thing is that a single nucleotide change in the sequence of one's DNA alters perception. In this way, synesthesia provides a path to understanding subjective differences, how two people can see the same thing differently. Take Sean, who prefers blue tasting food, such as milk, oranges, and spinach. The gene heightens normally occurring connections between the taste area in his frontal lobe and the color area further back. But suppose in someone else that the gene acted in nonsensory areas. You would then have the ability to link.

Seemingly unrelated things, which is the definition of metaphor, seeing the similar in the dissimilar. Not surprisingly, synesthesia is more common in artists who excel at making metaphors, like novelist Vladimir Nabokov, painter David Hockney, and composers Billy Joel and Lady Gaga. But why do the rest of us nonsynesthetes understand metaphors like sharp cheese or sweet person It so happens that sight, sound, and movement already map to one another so closely, that even bad ventriloquists convince us that the dummy is talking. Movies, likewise, can convince us that the sound is coming from the actors' mouths.

REALLY Jack black calls a 7 Eleven Clerk

Good morning 7 eleven, may i help Hey hows it going Alright. You know how you got the six peice nuggets Uhhuh. Just, uh, can you give me just four nuggets Uh Um, Which, Uh what flavour YOU DONT GIVE A SHIT! Hello Take the six nuggets and throw two of them away. Im just wanting a four nugget thing im trying to watch my calorie intake. No no im asking what kind, we dont have the nuggets we have the chicken. Dude, Listen alright Now if you could take a cocacola and just go half cocacola and half diet coke.

President Obama Signs a Presidential Memorandum on College Opportunity

The President Well, this is an opportunity to get a head start on what we're going to be talking about down in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the things that's been uppermost on my mind is how do we make sure that every young person in this country who is willing to put in the effort can afford to go to college. And as part of that overall process we're going to be talking today about a Student Bill of Rights. This is part of it. It's an executive action that we're able to take.

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