I’d like to spend a few moments to tellyou a little bit about our counseling services that we offer. Our counselors have mastersand al level degrees in al Christian counseling psychology, we are each licensedwith the National Christian Counselors Association and our counselors have extensive experience.We also have male and female counselors to serve you. So it’s important to let youknow we are not part of a particular church our counselors are ordained ministers andattend church but because of this we are able to minister to all denominations and backgrounds.We minister to Catholics, Pentecostals, , Evangelicals, even people with really no church background.We do individual, marriage and family counseling.

And we also have programs for premarriage,premarital counseling. One part of our ministry too also involvesministering and deliverance. Helping people get freedom from strong holds and bondagesand there’s information on that elsewhere on the website. We are a 501(c) (3) nonprofitcorporation and our services are provided according to a sliding income scale. We haveoffices in Tampa and Clearwater Florida but we are also able to minister and counsel peopleworldwide via the internet and Skype. I should also mention that we have a counseling academythat focuses on education and training. Okay what do we believe? Very simply, letme say that full information on our beliefs

are on the website but let me let you knowquite clearly that we believe in the present day ministry and the gifts and the power ofthe Holy Spirit. In a nutshell we believe Jesus is the same yesterday, today and foreverand he’s still doing today what he did when he walked bodily on the earth. An importantaspect of our counseling services understands temperaments. How God made you. And for thatwe use a al diagnostic tool that is called the Arnold profile system. It is veryhelpful in helping us to counsel you effectively. We want to emphasize too that we use biblicalprinciples and teaching in our counseling. We do not use secular humanism or psychologybooks and worldly principles. We believe that

counseling should come from the word of Godand also be based upon the power of God. What happens in the first session? Basicallyit’s an interview, it’s an opportunity for us to get to know you and you get to knowus. Typically is an hour long. We gain background information about the issues that you arefacing and we answer questions and then based upon that determine a ministry path with you.Okay what should you do next? First of all explore our website. Both the counseling andthe academy website you can sign up for our newsletter. Connect with us on Facebook ifyou are so inclined in the social networking realm or call us at the 1800 number or ifyou prefer to contact us by email please do

so. I’d like to thank you for looking atus and please let us know if we can help you. God Bless You.

Interview with Bill DeSimone Tampa Florida The 21 Report

Hey, this is Mary Lee Johnson once again atthe 2014 21 Convention, I�m here with Bill DeSimone and you weretalking about exercise, we had so many questions for you, I had for you, and I�m sure everybodyelse has for you, too. Is there one most preventable injury? One most preventable injury. Well the obvious should be the injury thathappens actually in a gym. Drop a barbell on your throat, trip while you have a barbellon your back, that should be really obvious. For most people though that doesn�t happento, there�s also the longterm chronic problem

that exercise might inadvertently bring on.So just because you are clear of the obvious injury or accident, doesn�t mean you areinvulnerable for the rest of your life. So, for instance for my own ruptured bicepsand triceps that got me started on this: for triceps I fell skating. Very obvious, ok.What do you for that, don�t fall. The biceps though, it was a slow curl, therewas nothing extreme about what I was doing, I was warmed up, I was using good form, veryslow movement I wasn�t excessive in the weight, and it just went. Except it didn�tjust go then it was probably years of excessive range of motion, years of a little bit ofa heave and a drop, years of getting a good

stretch with the weights that wore that particularjoint out. And so it looked like it went then but that wasn�t the obvious injury it wasa sneaky thing that caught up to me 20 years later. So somebody injures themselves and they think�oh, I just did it yesterday but really they�ve been doing it for 10 years.� Well or like some of the guys here would say,which I�m kind of surprised that 25 year old guys would say: �my elbows are hurtingmy shoulders are hurting.� I mean the things I did when I was 20 theywere hard to do when I was 40, they didn�t

hurt me at 25. Of course the things I do wrongnow haunt me later, so. When you said, �somebody might say nothinghurts why should I change what I do?� So why should they change what they do if they�relike �no I�m happy with my form I don�t want to correct tit all, I think I�m doingfine, I�ve never hurt myself, that means I�m perfect.� That�s right. Well, I really try to speakto receptive audiences, so if someone is doing everything wrong and claims nothing hurts,more power to you, good luck. If things hurt, you have more idea of wherethe problem is. But I actually find that there

are enough people out there, especially myage, where they have had a dull ache in their shoulder or they thought this exercise wasn�tagreeing with them, and when they either cut it out or modified it, the pain goes away.Magic. So, it�s like now you�ve got a CrossFitperson, a P90X person, and they�re like �oh I love this workout, nothing hurts.�Well, more power to you. When things start to hurt� Come see you. Come see me. Of course nowadays, they�vecompletely undermined it and they kind of

celebrate the injuries, which I find astonishing. It�s almost like a war wound. A badge of honor, right. I read your book and the question that I had,not about the form because everything seemed really good, is you talk about a moment arm,how is that different than a lever? They�re the same thing. Ok. It was catchier.

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