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How did you enjoy the seminar It was wonderful, we loved it! Life changing, Yes, It changed our marriage. We were going through issues, and God sent us here and we were blessed by it. I couldn't think of anywhere else we could be this weekend that we would've gotten what we got out of this, we were blessed. I feel like we learned a lot of techniques that we could use in our marriage to help make it richer. To have a life changing marriage experience, book The Marriage Menders at marriagemenders.

Love and Marriage Husband and Wife Relationship Advice

Hi I'M Dr. John Lund author of How to Hug a Porcupine. The problem is never that people don't love each other folks it's not about that. When people get divorced it wasn't because there wasn't a time when they didn't love each other. It was their inability to resolve their conflicts in healthy ways. That was the heart and core of 99.999 percent of all those relationships that either terminate or if they stay together they stay together in a roommate kind of a capacity not really emotionally married or committed but nevertheless.

In the relationship. Now how do we avoid that How can we stay connected Well we are talking about criticism and I had mentioned that the way my wife wants to be approached is to have me write it down and then I give it to her, she processes it and gets back to me. There are only one of three responses. One, I thought about what you are going to say I want you to know that I have thought about it and I am going to make this change.

Another is, I hear your criticism I have read it, I've thought about it and I think you need some more information from me because I don t think you have the complete picture here. Or thirdly, Listen I thought about it and I ain't going to change no matter what so you better learn to live with it. Well that certainly is another alternative right Well and those are the three reactions. Now the way I want to be approached is I want to know on a scale of one to ten either a two or a nine as to how painful it is going.

To be and then secondly if it's a nine I need time to prepare myself and I have said to my wife that, Honey you can give me a little time to prepare and I promise to get back to you in the next two or three hours We have a limit of about three hours and so unless you are on a plain or some other foreign circumstance that wouldn't be conducive to that but other than that other than that what I am talking about is I will get.

Back to her and then I sit and then she gives me the criticism what ever it may be and my first response is to listen, the first response. Now the reason I'm talking this threw with you very carefully is that we need to develop replacement skills, that is that whatever you learned growing up in your own family and your interaction in the family that you were raised in if it's not functional if it's not working if it's not leading for the two of you getting closer together and helping you become your highest best selves,.

Than we have to replace that behavior with another behavior. And the behavior I am talking about right now is criticism and we need to learn to give that criticism and there is an art to doing it. So with my wife for example when she says, I have got a 9! Then I get myself ready, I sit there I listen to her and this is the replacement skill I say. Okay to whatever the criticism was. I repeat it back to her and then she confirms that, that indeed was what her concern was and now I know what it is. I can't always respond.

Instantly and so we have agreed that there will be a little period of time where I can think about and process that and I will get back to her. Now most of the issues that we are going to deal with in marriage or other relationships are not the child is playing in the freeway right now and you need 3 hours to get ready for this Most of the time we are going to be dealing with issues that we are upset about at the moment and probably the least capable of dealing with at that moment and so its really really wise to give.

What Can Save My Marriage When Everything Seems Hopeless

What can save my marriage when everything seems hopeless marriage is considered a sacred institution by most of the world's religions it is the foundation of the family which in turn is the foundation for society. so there is a lot of emphasis on saving a marriage but that doesn't mean that marriages today don't run into trouble the changing roles of men and women, financial pressures and difficulties with children all make it hard to make marriages work. so who do you turn to perhaps the best place to look is the institution that.

Values marriage more than any other the church. while a clinical psychologist or licensed family therapist will take an individualistic approach to marriage counseling a pastor will focus on making marriage work in a moralistic sense. overall this is a better chance of actually saving the marriage why is a pastoral counselor better than a secular therapist a secular therapists education focuses almost entirely on treating individual psychopathologies. even marriage and family designated counselors may have only one class or elective dealing specifically with couples therapy. do you think this approach can save marriage.

A pastoral counselor on the other hand will be educated in how to bring couples closer together. with the exception of abuse in the relationship they have the fundamental belief that once the vows are taken, the marriage is forever. some pastoral counselors have formal education and counseling more and more seminaries are offering pastoral counseling degrees but even ministers without a formal degree take classes and seminars in the subject if you don't have a church home you might have some difficulty finding a pastor to help you and you don't have six months to establish membership in a church before.

Approaching the pastor in this case you can call various churches and ask them if they have any upcoming couples retreats where you can save a marriage through the weekend seminars once you have established a relationship with a skilled pastorelli settings you may be able to do followup counselor with the same person a good couples retreat will help you deal with many different types of issues there will be group sessions in Cup live sessions you will also have time to work on questions individually communication is a big issue with these conferences.

If you can work on your communications issues you will find that the other pieces of the relationship fall into place sex finances and child raising are also addressed the goal is to get you back on track in every aspect of your relationship you dont have to be on the same page going um but the hope is that you will be when you leave marriage is tough sometimes it seems like the relationship cannot endure but there are so many reasons to see if you can't make it work.

Marriage Counseling How to Be the Perfect Wife

Hi I'm Joe Cuenco with family resources and today we are going to be talking about how to improve our marital relationship skills. In particular how to become the perfect wife. Well just how do we become the perfect wife. Well we are really not talking about the stepford wife syndrome, some folks might have thought about that movie. We are really talking about how is it that you can be perfect for your husband. Every man has his particular taste and to be a perfect wife you really need to understand what is something special that.

Your husband enjoys and what he doesn't like and not to that. So this is really going to be personality based. But the first thing that needs to happen is that you really need to sit down and have a discussion with your husband. There maybe important things that he likes, maybe a very important meal. Perhaps he wants four hours on Sunday just to vegetate and watch a football game.You know so it's important to give him that time to make him feel special. We all want to feel special that's important to men. And in order to be.

A perfect wife, there really needs to have an understanding about this. So there's the major things, absolutely the foundation fundamentals. You know, love, trust, communication, respect and friendship if those are not there, then those skills really need to be worked on. But there's also little things too that can make a man happy. You know can you meet him at the door when he comes home from work after a tough day with a martini and every once in a while a man appreciates meeting his wife at the front door in saran wrap. Or a cup.

A coffee in the morning so these are all things that make him feel very important. The other part of the equation is how are you with his friends. You know are you friends with his friends or are you kind of standoffish. So it's important that there's a certain level of engagement there. So you know realistically you need to demonstrate that you care about him, you want to have fun with him and having fun with him is sharing in some real common interests. You know you need to have your own alone time, he needs to have his alone.

Time, but there are things that you need to do together that you can share and have fun.I've talked to couples who go off into theater together and then if the husband enjoys going to a strip club every once in a while his wife joins him and that's something that's special to them so. Whatever you need to do to build up the relationship. So be prepared to give and ultimately you'll receive.You know from your husband so be supportive, make him feel important and there's also workshops that can be attended. Family resources puts.

Stroudsburg Custody Lawyer Your Marriage is Falling Apart, are you Prepared

Your marriage is falling apart. You're not sure if you're going to be heading towards a divorce or not. Hi. I'm Connie Merwine. I'm a Pennsylvania divorce attorney. And yes there's lots of things you can do. You need to be prepared well before that happens to you. There's so many things that we can discuss and prepare for and plan ahead that can help you in the long run. If you think you can just sit back and wait for things to happen, and wait for your spouse to file, you're taking the wrong.

Every Chance for Every Child Free parenting seminars

Every chance for every child Free parenting seminars Sunday 19 May, Lollipop Markets, Morphettville Racecourse The Hon Jenifer Rankine, Minister for Education and Child Development One of the great blessings in our lives is when we become parents and I think every parent when a child is placed in their arms, wants the very best for that baby. But we also know being a parent is one of the toughest gigs that we ever face in our life. And that's why the State Government has made it a priority to support families, to provide the best possible services we can.

Premier of South Australia, Jay Weatherill This idea, Every chance for every child is one of the seven priorities that the South Australian government has chosen for South Australia. And it's been chosen because it is one of the most important things that is going to make the most difference for the future of our state. This is a further commitment of South Australia to making sure that the first five years of life are absolutely crucial to the development of our children. Dr Sarah Blunden, Senior Research Fellow, Head of Paediatric Sleep Research, Central.

Queensland University I might be a bit biased here, but sleep is the foundation of all health. It's very clear that sleep gets perfectly into the strategic plan of the State Government and the Every chance for every child. Sarah Toome, Women's and Children's Hospital, Dietician Children need a variety of foods, so ideally we should be trying to encourage children to eat something from each of those food groups, so they are getting all the vitamins and minerals that they need. Surprisingly, even if they are fussy, they still get in what they need to. I guess that's a bit.

Of reassurance that they get what they need. Rosie Ranford, Clinical Practice Consultant, Child and Family Health Service I often say every child is different, just like Sarah said earlier. Everyone is different. So, it's a bit like us, we don't all have steak and chips at every meal and baby is very much the same. The Hon Jenifer Rankine, Minister for Education and Child Development What we know is that parents are the first and the most important teachers. It's essential that we talk with parents and we provide what help they need, when they need it.

Pinksixty News TUESDAY 18 OCTOBER 2011

Hello, I'm Ian and here are today's headlines from Pinksixty, Opponents of gay equality have failed to overturn a new law which sees U.S. public schools incorporate lessons on gay history. The groups wanted to force a vote on Senate Bill 48, which takes effect throughout the state of California in January. Prisoners in Zimbabwe are being denied condoms despite high rates of HIV because homosexuality is illegal. The Prison Service said last week that condoms could encourage illegal sex among the 13,000strong prison population. British rock legend Sir Cliff Richard is the latest celebrity to speak out in favour of.

Samesex marriage. His comments come just one week after Prime Minister David Cameron pledged his backing for gay marriage at the annual Tory party conference. Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black has accused the Australian edition of GQ of homophobia. Writing on his blog, he said the publication was guilty of outdated lies, myths and stereotypes about gay people. And finally, this Friday, London plays host to the third annual Diversity Careers Show. Google, Societe Generale and the RAF will be in attendance alongside Stonewall UK and others to help with resums, conducting seminars and plenty of other activities.

What is the Kingdom of God Why did Jesus talk about it so much 1080p HD available

What is the Kingdom of God Jesus spoke about The Kingdom of God more than any other topic. The Kingdom of God is simply the reign of God wherever God exercises his sovereignty, dominion, influence, and power. The Hebrew word for Kingdom in the Old Testament and its Greek equivalent in the New Testament simply mean the rule or reign of something. For example, in the Old Testament book of Psalms we read, For the kingdom is the Lord's, and He rules over all. The Lord has established His kingdom in the heavens, and His sovereignty.

Rules over all. So when Jesus says in the New Testament, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven, he is telling his followers to pray that God will exercise his power and authority in the world so that His purposes and plans are accomplished in and through his people. There is so much more to the kingdom of God than just that though. During his ministry, Jesus told the religious leaders, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you. Luke 1721. In other words, Jesus was saying, God, the king of all, is here, breaking into this reality.

Right now. Since Jesus was present, the kingdom of God was present there among them at that moment. The kingdom of God also means GOD HAS BECOME KING, not Caesar or any other religious or political leader. See, Jesus didn't die on the cross just to simply let us get into Heaven, but dies as the king of the Jews, and brings a triumphant conclusion to the long story of Yahweh's victory over the powers of sin and death. So the atonement work of Jesus is actually pointing us to a greater future.

Of new covenant and new creation which is the inauguration of the kingdom of God through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We are not saved just to live with God forever after we die.No, but God saves us in order to work through us. Revelation says we will rule and reign on the earth with God and he calls us to start that work in the here and now! God wants his world to be ruled by humble, forgiven sinners who love him more than anything else. SO, the kingdom of God is present wherever we bring Jesus to people through love, joy,.

Patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and selfcontrol. God wants to renew and redeem people so they can then go and renew and redeem others. So we live in this Now and Not Yet period of time where the kingdom of God has been launched in and through of life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, but it has not yet been fully consummated. Since the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, the Church has continued God's kingdombuilding project with the help of his Holy Spirit and we must continue this project by praying and acting on the ultimate prayer Jesus himself taught us to pray, that.

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