Inside Amy Schumer Milk Milk Lemonade

Milk, milk, lemonade, milk, milk lemonade Milk, milk lemonade 'Round the corner fudge is made Milk, milk lemonade Milk, milk lemonade Milk, milk lemonade 'Round the corner fudge is made Milk, milk lemonade Milk, milk lemonade Milk, milk lemonade 'Round the corner fudge is made I used to think that my tits was where it's at Used to be concerned that my booty was too fat.

But now I know the truth and that worry has been shot Big booty's what they want And big booty's what I got Milk, milk lemonade Milk, milk lemonade Milk, milk lemonade 'Round the corner fudge is made Milk, milk lemonade Milk, milk lemonade Milk, milk lemonade 'Round the corner fudge is made Tits are old news if you know what I mean All the guys love my fudge machine.

Look me in the eye Get your face in don't be shy You say you don't like asses 'Cause I fart and break your glasses Turd cutter Loaf pincher Dookie maker Fudge machine Cheektastic Booty Mastiff Giant tuchus Fudge machine On my booty empire The sun never set Take a shot Yeah Nothing but net Milk, milk lemonade.

'Round the corner fudge is made I'm gonna make you scream and shout From the part of my body where poop comes out This is where my poop comes out This is where my poop comes out This is where my poop comes out This is where my poop comes out Talking about my fudge machine Talking about my fudge machine Talking about my fudge machine Talking about my fudge machine.

That's right, ladies. Ain't nothing better than a big, beautiful, sexy booty. But bottom line, no matter how fine the behind, you better call that onion what it really is. That shit's a fudge machine. Turn out. Milk, milk lemonade Milk, milk lemonade Milk, milk lemonade 'Round the corner fudge is made This is where her poop comes out This is where your poop comes out This is where their poop comes out This is where our poop comes out.

BBC News India top court reinstates gay sex ban

Paramilitary all these people have gathered here in Central Delhi american paramilitary all these people have gathered here in Central Delhi american Virginia Tech and North stalker thank you very very tender 1920 law it deprives gay think they're a natural brother rather than one that could be punishable by up to 10 years in prison another court said that the convention with outside the purview of the month period only Parliament maintain prolonged reporter but have come I'm a huge disappointment for everyone gathered got a lot of disappointment the country's been moving forward and human rights cleareyed.

For a long time about 1920 s down and this is the big big step back the supreme court's obviously have the evening I however borden's August know him he lives in people how destructive it is the night people so we got to protest that today min now the Supreme Court ruling have been welcomed by some groups largely conservative and religious groups who oppose gay sex and these groups are going to continue to mount pressure on India's politicians on Parliament to ensure that the flow of stays on the board.

Mitchell and Webb Are we the baddies

Very well. They are coming. Let us see how these Russians deal with a cracked SS Division. Uh. Hans. Have courage my friend! Uh, yeah, Hans. I have just noticed something. These Communists are all cowards! No. have you looked at our Caps recently Our Caps Yeah, the badges on our Caps, have you looked at them What No, a bit. They have got skulls on them. Have you notived that our Caps have actually got little pictures of skulls on them. I don't uh. Hans. are we the baddies We should be able to hold them at this point.

Here for at least a few hours. But why skulls though what Why skulls Well, maybe they are the skulls of our enemies! Maybe, but is that how it comes across It doesn't say next to the skull, You know, yeah we killed him but trust us this guy was horrid. Well, no. But. I mean what do skulls make you think of Death, Canibals, beheading, um, pirates. Pirates are fun! I didn't say we were fun, but fun or not, pirates are still the baddies. I just can not think of anything good about a skull. What about pure Aryan.

Skull shape And that is usually more pictured with skin still on. And then there are the allies. Oh, you haven't been listening to allied propaganda Of course they are going to say we are the bad guys! But they didn't get to design our uniforms! Their symbols are all quite nice! Stars, stripes, lions, sickles. what is so good about a sickle Well, nothing and obviously the last thing we learned in the last thousand miles of retreat is that the Russian agriculture is in dire need of maganization.But you gotta say it.

Inside Amy Schumer Compliments Uncensored

Oh my God, Brie, you dyed your hair. It looks amazing. Oh no, you're just being nice. No, seriously, it looks great. No, I tried to look like Kate Hudson, but ended up looking like a golden retriever's dingleberry. But you, look at your cute little dress! Little I'm like a size 100 now. Anyway, I paid like $2 for it. It's probably made out of old Burger King crowns. I look like a whore locked out of her apartment. Amy Hi! Amy! Hi! Hey! I love your hat.

Are you drunk I look like an Armenian man. People are trying to buy carpets from me. Excuse me, when did you start working for NASA You're weightless. Fuck you, I'm a fucking cow. Indian people are trying to worship me. I sleep standing up in a field. Fancy meeting you girls here. Hey! Of course, I see everyone when I look like Susan Boyle's toothbrush. You look so pretty. Uh, Miss Jessica, congrats on your big promotion, beyotch. I'm gonna get fired in, like, two seconds. No. I'm legally retarded.

On my SATs, I just drew a picture of a house on the first page and ate the rest. Lindsay! Congratulations! Please, come on, guys. The father's anybody's guess and I'm 1,000 years old. I mean, I bet this thing is gonna fall out and be an old cobweb. You are gonna be the best mom ever. I just want to, like, crawl in your pussy and have you give birth to me. Good luck trying to nurse on this shriveledup spaghetti squash, ugh. Your tits make Katy Perry's look like the Holocaust.

Inside Amy Schumer Sex Tips Uncensored

Dylan, great job on the 30 Ways to Know You're 20 Pounds Overweight article. I heard most girls were crying by number seven. All right, next order of shizz, We're still 80 tips away from being done with 500 hottest sex tips. Start pitching. What if, while you're going down on him you take a feather and you gently tickle the space behind his balls Hunter, it's sex tips to drive him wild, not drive him mild. laughing That's hilarious, did you guys hear what I said all laughing Okay, write that down.

Actually, just put it right on the blog. I don't want people to have to wait for that. Okay, Lenore, go. So you dress like a Boy Scout but only from the bottom down and then you sit on his knee and queef. Interesting, I like it. more. Take a fivehour energy and pour it inside your vagina right before you have sex. Where's your office I'm moving it closer to mine. Spin me around. What if you take a pumice stone and you hold it over an open flame for like an hour.

And then you gently grate it up and down his shaft Wow, love it. Okay, guys, we need 75 more and don't be lazy. So far, the pumice stone's my favorite. You put his penis in a glory hole. You begin to stroke it. You take a mouthful of cum from his three best friends and then you shoot it in his face until he explodes Hmm. What about a sawedoff shotgun You could take it and rub it up and down his neck till he's super hard. Okay. Okay. Okay.

Bridgett. You look like a sad emoticon. Give me something. Okay, okay, how 'bout this. You fall in love with a stockbroker, you know because it really seems like he wants to get married. And then you're together at the Chipotle and his friends from work show up, and he pretends like you're bussin' the table. So what do you do You pick up his basket, you clear his table. You wipe it and you say, Can I get you anything else And you know what he says He says, Yeah, could you freshen our drinks.

So you freshen everybody's drinks. And you go back into the kitchen. You take somebody's card, you clock out, you go home and then what do you do You pour yourself a bottle of Chardonnay and you sit on the toilet and then you start playing Words With Friends with Lenore. And then you just go and you get into bed. And then he explodes. What's happening over here What's happening in this section Bridgett is going through a breakup. You don't know what I'm going through. Okay, she's a ticking time bomb.

Somebody top her off. I'm not hearing sex tips. What, are we hanging out are you guys my friends No. So you wait till he finds out his dad's been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Then, while he's crying, you put one finger two fingers up his butt. until he explodes I have one. Make eye contact You're a cunt, fan me. How' bout, go to Trader Joe's, and buy an Amy's frozen Indian dinner Then smear it all over his genitals in slow circles clockwise. and then counter clockwise. I tried that.

And it works. Okay. You're fired. That eye contact thing was ridic get out. Guys, this article is gonna cause a baby boom. We're doing God's work. 2,000 men are suing Glamo Magazine for emotional damages claiming their sex tips are at least partially responsible for the fact that they were bizarrely raped by their girlfriends. anchorman We spoke to one of the plaintiffs. I came here today because I don't want anyone to ever have to go through what I went through. I bet you guys didn't know that you can, uh,.

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