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Hello folks, its me again. I would want to just throw some light today between couples Again, I am dealing with couples dayin and dayout Couples always had their own problems, they had love between themselves but what I observe most today is communication has increased, yes Its become amazing, I think that's what brings them together But it is the same communication which actually makes them apart, which gets them distanced So what is it that is not working right in their pattern of communication Communication has always been, the tool, the most important thing when any relationship is concerned.

Especially when we are talking about 2 matured individuals, who fall in love but soon as the love fades, their independence, their individuality comes up As the individuality comes up they start having their own thoughts which are not essentially influenced by their partners Many other factors might be influencing their thought processes Their environment as a child, their individual personality So how do these couples who then when they realize their individual personalities and who understand that they need to be themselves, how do they come close by proper way of communication.

It is very important that they stop communicating through gadgets, extremely important in today's era because I have seen couples communication through facebook, whatsapp, this is not healthy Whatsapp, facebook all other social media suppose to be a very good tool for communication for everybody except family unless and otherwise you are staying at a distance If staying under one roof its important that you communicate onetoone, verbally because when we communicate like that also the body language, gestures, tone these things play a very important role There are many things which are said in a particular manner.

Couples Photoshop Each Other

He looks so weird now. techno music I'm Samantha. I'm Julian. And this is my jokester boyfriend, Julian. We've been together for somewhere around, like Year and a half. Year and a half. Year and a half. A year and change. And we've been together for three years. techno music So we're going muscular. Going muscular. Like, not that he's not muscular already. He definitely has, like that arm definition. Yeah. I guess if you could just age her a whole lot.

I'd like to see, like, her wrinkly and such. Probably get a little definition in those arms. OK, let's give her some biceps. Give him some, like, 90's boy band look. Like, maybe some frosted tips. What he actually looks like is Fred from Scooby Doo. A slight fro would look like. Do you know how, like, 90's era Will Smith You need, like, a bigger butt. In fact, if that doesn't look like a pink Nicki Minajtype wig. Soulless white, I guess. Raise his eyebrows to match the excitement of his mouth.

Yeah, let's just drastic tan. And is there any way just to make, like, really big lips Just gonna take over his face. Just even bigger. I really like when Safiya has sort of, short hair. Yeah, if you could make him duck more, please. Thank you, that was great. Thank you. I think she's gonna like it, we'll see. techno music You gave me age, why No, no. I made you old. My face is a little redder.

I made you tanner. Where did my hair go Well I gave it a little bit of a cut. I kinda like it. laughs I definitely have on a pink wig instead of a grey hat. It really looks like I have a bigger butt, except that leg. Marcel You don't like that I got a pin leg and a big butt. And I also love that, you know, I got, like, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air haircut going. Gave you that V. Oh, that V.

Oh look at that, I got a little cut going! I look amazing. I could look like this all the time. Now, obviously the elephant in the room is that she gave me blonde hair, OK Oh my god, you gave me huge biceps, what No, no, no, no. I have an explanation for this one. You know, this makes me look like a action hero. And look at your lip. I gave you a big, juicy, sex lips. Oh, it's so sexy. Do you like it.

Relationship Help Please Dont Hide From Me Couples Counseling Marin County San Francisco

Music gtgt Derek Hey, it's Derek Hart, and in this free tutorial series, let's move again into myth 1, part 2 about relationships, the myth that we shouldn't need each other. Now let's listen to Emily for a little bit as her relationship journey continues. gtgt Emily You kind of, sort of asked about if was all crying about the relationship, and I think that it was just straight up crying about how afraid I am to be needing you, and wanting to be close to you and how much it sucks when you're not close to me, and that's.

What I want, and I don't know what to do about it, waaaah, like, this like, messy. gtgt Derek Emily clearly states her fear of needing Jed and wanting to be close. But when we're sharing our deepest cravings to be close, it often feels unnatural or risky to share what we need. gtgt Derek Ya, maybe you could turn to him and say that again. Derekgtgt Like, this, like, slow it down, so without being specific about wanting something, just expressing the bottom line. gtgt Derek I help the couple move into the deeper feelings about these needs. I ask Emily.

To turn to Jed and create a new kind of interaction that is slowed down and vulnerable, and actually quite simple. gtgt Derek I need you Jed. gtgt Emily It's really hard to say. gtgt Derek Ya gtgt Derek Would you look at him and tell him it's really hard to say that I need you. gtgt Emily It's really hard to say that I need you. gtgt Derek The risk is a little too scary to share directly with Jed how strong the need is to be close to him, so I ask her to share that it's really hard to say that I need you..

This made the level of risk much easier to share. One of the keys to connecting deeply with your partner is not hiding. Intimacy is letting your partner in on the places that you feel alone. We'll expand these ideas in our next tutorial, where Jed opens to wanting to be there for Emily. gtgt Jed The words like manage or satisfy aren't quite there, but like to know that I can be there, for her, in the ways that she needs me to be there for her, and also manage the.

Psychologist Janet Reibstein on how thecoupleconnection can help couples

The couple connection service, how can it help people couples who are on a journey together Well, I think one thing to say that is unique and very strong about the service is that it is a service that is delivered to your house at any time of the day, and people can't usually predict and control when they are going to be in distress, or when they are having a problem that they really want an answer to or what they really want to think about in depth, and I think that service, the fact that it has those two qualities.

Are incredibly important for people, so that's the first thing to say. The second thing to say is that the service has a sort of multifaceted quality to it. People can go to it to get information. You know, What is this thing I am feeling about having a child, that's making me feel different about my partner You go and you have a question and you want to understand it or you want to explore it, so you go to the site, and it can actually help you in thinking about it, in getting.

Some understanding, and thinking where you might want to go with it, or you might use the site or you might take it from there and think actually I need to talk to someone about this. I need to just get my feelings out there and see if, is there anyone else in the world thinking the same or do they have some ideas about that. And there is a part of the site that allows you to do that, the forum. So, that can be extremely beneficial. And then, you might want to or you might go and already thinking I know all this stuff and.

I just want to know, what's the next step. How do I operationalise this, How do I make this into a behaviour, how do I talk to my partner about this And there is a part of the site that helps you do that as well. So it has been very well thought through and each one of them can tie in with the other, so one can lead you to the other it can make you think about things and then go back and think about them again, or talk about them again or work them out again.

Couples Answer Tough Questions About Adoption

Playful music Do we want kids in the future Yes. And we would consider having children in the future. Yeah, we'd like to expand our family naturally, and also taking in a child which hasn't been given the start to life that it deserved. OK, so gender. Mehmet Obviously male. Hoa Female. Female. OK. I'm happy with a male baby or a female baby. If we have a girl, though, he would spoil her and she would be a bitch. So much.

Age of child. I would adopt a teenager. I think it would be fun. Marcel A teenager You think it would be fun Yeah. I'd be happy to take in a baby, to be honest. But a baby's a lot of work, so Yeah, but it's gonna be a lot of work anyway. American Indian or Alaskan Native All of them. Race, ethnicity, I don't care what the race is, to be honest. I don't know about if they didn't speak English,.

'cause I wouldn't be able to communicate with them. That seems like a really scary thing to be taking a child who doesn't speak your language. I feel like that's traumatic. I'm gonna say no to that one. OK, dental problems, may include tooth decay, missing teeth, crowded. Yeah, I mean Corey Yeah. We're gonna get that kid braces. Tendency to reject father figures. No. Well, that's not gonna work. OK, birth history, low birth weight or premature. Even my friend just had a premature baby,.

And they're just like so thrilled just to have this beautiful little girl. I don't know if I would be. Like, I'm already about if I would be a good enough mother for, like, a healthy baby. I just think it's like, it's little You would honestly be OK with, like, a kid that had all these issues Then we don't know what it's like. I'm not a shitty person. I didn't say you were a shitty person. Becky I'm just nervous about like my first kid.

Having all of that stuff. Corey I understand. A fetal alcohol syndrome baby. Oh, that's sad. Marcel I don't even know what that means. That's when the mother was drinking. Mental retardation, mild, moderate, severe. Yeah, we would consider that. Yeah, it's all about, I think, nurture. A severeprofound mental retardation, OK. Um, I don't know if I have the resources and the mental, like But that's where I come in, 'cause I do. OK. I mean, is this really the list that you go through.

Yeah. This is extensive. I could probably try to work with adjustment disorder, but I couldn't do autism. No, I couldn't either. I don't know about schizophrenia. I'll take that challenge. I know, but it's like we both have to take the challenge. You can't be selfish. You need to be strong enough mentally to be able to take that on as well. And also have the experience to deal with it. That's a lot of patience. That breaks my heart.

Child involved in prostitution. I'd have to say yes. Yeah, there's gonna be some issues, but, like, absolutely, hands down I would take that child. Child conceived as a result of rape. Wow. Yeah, we Yeah. Hoa Yeah, that's fine. Child conceived as a result of incest. I would say no. Anything incest, I'm just, it depends if the child is healthy. I don't think I'm ready to be a parent. I don't think we're ready to adopt a child. This is too serious.

It's really sad. I mean, you have to think that if you have to go through this, there are children that fit each of these boxes. Everything we're saying no to applies to a child. I didn't know how much detail went into it, and, like, about the mental state of the child or the health or everything. I just thought, you know, you can just go adopt a child who doesn't have a mom and dad. So many of these things, like, I've heard of and know what they are,.

Weird Things Couples Do When Theyre Sick

Oh no, are you getting sick Nah, it's just allergies. Allergies huh Husband Hey babe, can you get me some aspirin please Hey babe, can you get me some more water please Babe can you hand me the remote please No, not that one the other one. According to this I have mesenteric lymphadenitis. Nope! I thought it'd Nope! No WebMD. Hey! Seriously Seriously Seriously Oh yeah, we're out of tissues by the way. What are you doing Getting a drink.

You can't have a drink, you're sick. It's gonna kill the germs! Oh my gosh, it is not gonna kill the germs. How do you think cowboys got well Huh They drank bourbon. I'm gonna go to the store. You want anything Yeah can I get some OJ please Sure. Oh and some chicken noodle soup. Alright. Well, if you're gonna go, you might as well get me some crackers for the soup and then maybe some cookies for dessert, and there's these new Doritos I've been.

Wanting to try, you'll see 'em. Eww! Gross, no way! It'll make me feel better. Yeah, I think we're gonna have to pass, he's pretty sick. Who are you talking to It's Danny, he has an extra ticket for the game. I feel better! I knew it! Wait is that even Danny I'm gonna have to call you back, mom. Feelin' better So much better! Thanks for takin' care of me, babe. Sorry if I was a bit of a baby.

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A Sweet Couple Gets a Spectacular Surprise

I've always believed that dancing makes everything better, even childbirth take a look. 69 Boyz Tootsee Roll plays She back at it. Uh oh. Good. Where's the Tootsie Roll music continues Whoo! music continues audience laughter Whoo! music continues Whoa, Tootsie Roll! This one works actually the best. laughs Over 30 million people have watched that tutorial. From Boston, Massachusetts, please welcome Yuki and Connell. Thanks for being here. Thank you. 30 million people have watched that. How do you feel about that Whoo!.

I'm stressed, just trying to catch up. It's very overwhelming. Yeah. It's still, wow, like I mean, first of all, this was your second child, right Yes. So had you danced when you wereand you looked like you were in pain, too. You were doing the dance Yes, I was. But you looked like you were really having contractions. Seven centimeter dilated. Seven. Yes. Oh, man. I don't know what that means. audience laughter So, you'reyou decide to dance, because.

Did it help ease the pain, or did it help the baby come faster Dancing is always, you know, my thing. Just like you, I love to dance. I love to dance. I danced with my first child. I was dancing seven times. Bring it on down. Bring it on down. Yep, seven times a day was my norm. Seven times a day, Tootsee Roll, Tootsee Roll, because that movement, I thought it helped, you know. And it did! Well, it did. And then I was dancing through it, and yes!.

I mean, it didn't help with the pain itself. No. But, it just Headlocking me helped with the pain. Yes. both laugh Soand I know what you do for a living, but tell everyone what you do. You do great things. You teach. Yes, I'm a 7th grade math teacher at the Henderson. I teach high school students with special needs. And that's how I actually moved to this country, to first teach students with autism, and then now I moved to Boston public school,.

And we both To find me. Yeah, that's great. applause Well, you're an adorable couple, and we just loved meeting you. We want to give what's the new baby's name Koji. Koji. We want Koji to travel safely, so we got you something. Uh oh. To, uh audience Aw! Oh! Oh, thank you! exclaims indistinctly applause Thank you, thank you, wow. My baby can sit. Wow, thank you. Thank you. You're going to need something to put it in, too.

So we got you a car. No! What cheers and applause exclaiming excitedly Come on over! cheers and applause exclaiming excitedly screams Whoa! Wow, you are something else. What She's an angel. You're an angel. Really You were dancing to us You want me to pay it back No, you don't have to pay it back or anything. audience laughter Let me tell you about it, the Fusion Energi. You have the option to plug in or not. Ford has a whole line of plugin hybrids.

Hylands Leg Cramps Helps Three Couples to Stay on Court with Pickleball

WOMAN I love pickle ball. I'm a social person. I like to meet people and I get lots of hugs from my friends that I don't see. I go out there as much for the game as for the friendliness. I know Juanita from pickle ball and she had a lot of regular leg cramps. during tournaments. and so I was inquiring how she was doing. When I came to Surprise, Arizona for a tournament and she said she's found a product. JUANITA Someone told me about Hyland's Leg Cramp pills.

That you could buy at the drug store. I have to give Hyland's some credit. I would have had to pull out of games if I hadn't had those pills with me. to relieve those cramps. FIRST WOMAN And she told me about Hyland's and I called up my husband immediately who was then in Florida because he was having regular leg cramps. He went to the store and he got some, and he carries it in his pickle ball bag. too this day. So we are all over here registering.

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