Korea, China sign provisional FTA, aim to conclude it in H1 2015 FTA

South Korea and China signed the provisional agreements on their bilateral free trade pact this morning. What stands out in this deal. is the highest number of Korean goods enjoying whats called preferential tariffs. Arirangs Song Jisun reports. Koreas trade ministry said Wednesday Seoul and Beijing exchanged provisional agreements. three months after concluding negotiations on a bilateral free trade deal in November last year. Tariffs will be lifted on over 90percent of all imported goods from both sides. within 20 years of the FTA taking effect. The free trade deal with China will see the.

Largest number of Korean goods enjoying preferential tariffs. as it will also include more than 3hundred items manufactured at the interKorean industrial complex in Kaesong. Manufacturers in the Kaesong complex will get a boost by taking advantage of the lower labor costs in North Korea,. while the South Korean origin tags will strengthen their chances of entering the Chinese market. The two sides also focused on protecting their weak sides. Over 500 major agriculture products, including rice,. which is one of the most sensitive items for Korean farmers. were excluded from the deal. The two sides also excluded passenger vehicles.

NZ First claims Govt plans to send NZ troops to Iraq

Despite the Government ruling out sending combat troops to fight against ISIS in Iraq, NZ First says they have information that suggests otherwise and that the Government is not being upfront about their intentions. For more on this we cross to our political reporter, Irena Smith. According to Ron Mark of NZ First, 150 soldiers are training to join the war in Iraq. He says Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee isn't being up front over the Government's plans to send troops overseas. Preparing for battle. Former soldier Ron Mark says the Government has already decided.

On their course of action to train soldiers for Iraq. But the Prime Minister says the Government didn't order the troops to train. Winston Peters took the Defence Minister to task today. NZ First also claims troops have already been chosen for their skills and experience in overseas battles. The Government stands by their stance and NZ First won't back down. Ron Mark also says the Government is waiting for the house to lift before making any announcements. But John Key says they're awaiting the return of their informants so that they are clear on the right course of action.

PRIME TIME NEWS 2200 Koreas Constitutional Court Rules Adultery Law Unconstituional

PRIME TIME NEWS 2200 Koreas Constitutional Court Rules Adultery Law Unconstituional,THIS IS THE TRANSCRIPT FOR ARIRANG NEWS THAT AIRED ON 26 Feb 2015 2200 KST. Up next in the broadcast. Koreas Constitutional Court rules to..

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News : Forces Deployed To Samburu.The government has belatedly begun flexing its muscle as public anger continued to mount over the killing of at least 32 police officers and 10 reservists by..

ARIRANG NEWS 20:00 Korea's Constitutional Court Rules Adultery Law Unconstituional.ARIRANG NEWS 2000 In the headlines. Koreas Constitutional Court throws out a decadesold antiadultery law. citing individuals freedoms and right to..

Ahmedabad Crime Branch To Deploy 'Criminal Tracking System' Software To Track Criminals - Tv9.Ahmedabad The police is going to deploy a software that will help track criminals and their antecedents at the click of a button. The software called Criminal..

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OYEP Breaking News!!!! Atlanta Pastor Spreads HIV Infection In Multiple Affair With Congregants!!!

OYEP Breaking News!!!! Atlanta Pastor Spreads HIV Infection In Multiple Affair With Congregants!!!,WARNING This tutorial contains strong discernment and judgemental verbiage from a born again Spirit filled tongue talking believer who is spiritual and..

Female Troops' Divorce Rate Double That Of Men.Female servicemembers are getting divorced at double the rate of their male counterparts, adding more strain while theyre in the war zones and at home..

Governor Nikki Haley Announces Another Drop In SC Unemployment Rate.Governor Nikki Haley Announces Another Drop In SC Unemployment Rate..

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Documentary: Battle At Home.Statistics suggest that until relatively recently the majority of soldiers in combat never fired their weapons. For most of us it is next to impossible to open fire on..

"COUNTDOWN" TO THE NEXT "BANKING, FINANCIAL AND NUCLEAR COLLAPSE"!.The book, Countdown to Zero Day, by Wired magazine writer Kim Zetter, shows that apart from being an extremely irresponsible and dangerous act of..

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Dies.Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced on Thursday that President Hugo Chavez died after battling a tough illness for nearly two years. Maduro..

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