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It was just an incredible feeling of failure, and I didn't know it was depression that I had. I just felt out of control. I just had one day when I just had this huge panic attack, I suppose it was. And I just really wanted to escape. I didn't know at the time, but that was the beginning of depression and it was just a very dark, black place to be in. The range of depression for me, the constant factor was the blackness. I didn't go colour blind, but everything seemed black to me. That was my perception, was of blackness really.

Nicola on the warning signs of depression

I had. well usually a lot of sadness. I had a lot of anger, a lot of anger towards my two and a half year old. A lot of resentment. When I hit rock bottom I had already decided that I didn't want to parent anymore, I didn't think I was good at it. It was just something else I'd failed at. I had asked my husband if I could just quit that job and start something else. I wanted to just walk away. So for me, depression wasn't always about the sadness,.

It was about the anger and the anxiety and the irritability and the lack of fun in life. I had lost, you know, the want to do anything. So that's how my depression took form. When I had reached rock bottom, physically I was tired a lot, although I was sleeping eight or nine hours easily at night. I was just constantly tired, didn't want to get out of bed in the mornings. Wasn't interested in food, exercise. In fact I kind of lost a passion for anything really. Nothing excited me, nothing was fun anymore. I didn't know how to have.

Suicide Prevention Statistics, Warning Signs and Crisis Intervention

Across the globe there anywhere between 10 and 20 million suicide attempts yearly we have learned that 90 of those who commit suicide have mental illnesses that were probably treatable in most cases those illnesses had gone unrecognized and untreated there can be many different causes and risk factors for suicide with untreated depression being the leading one someone who is suicidal could be in so much physical or emotional pain that they see no other option for themselves. Some other risk factors for suicide include history of abuse, recent breakup or divorce, lack of social support,.

Financial distress, gambling problems and family history of suicide alcoholism or drug abuse is another big risk factor substance abuse makes any feelings of helplessness worse and creates additional problems. In general teens and older adults have a higher risk of suicide a person who is suicidal may not ask for help but that doesn't mean they don't want it the most important part of preventing suicide is knowing the warning signs and taking them seriously.Talking openly about suicidal thoughts is a great place to start and could possibly even save a loved one. ask important questions like.

Signs of Stress

Stress is part of life. There is good stress that motivates you to achieve and there is bad stress that can affect your mental and physical health Good stress enriches your life, bad stress makes life a drag. You should be on the lookout for the signs that your life is being adversely affected by bad stress. If you have memory problems, your thoughts are always racing, you are constantly worrying, you frequently make bad decisions you may be experiencing bad stress. If you are having problems controlling your moods, you increasingly have a short.

Temper, you find it hard to relax. you feel overwhelmed and you feel lonely, and you just always feel unhappy with life you may be experiencing bad stress 0 0 If you have several aches and pains, are experiencing dizziness, nausea or bowel issues have lost your sex drive or have frequent colds you may be experiencing bad stress. And if your eating habits have changed, You are sleeping too much for too little, you want to spend more time alone, you don't seem to be able to complete projects. you start drinking or smoking to relax or even using drugs,.

You might be experiencing bad stress. If this describes your life, you should immediately get evaluated for clinical depression. Longterm chronic stress make easy to degeneratae into this serious medical issue. Once you are evaluated and diagnosed with clinical depression, your medical doctor can recommended a combination of psychotherapy and medications which could be the answer to getting your life back. Should you not respond to those methods, your doctor should recommend transcranial magnetic stimulation to get your brain rebalanced so that you can again reclaim your life. I'm Dr. Glen Archibald.

Why You Should NOT Ignore the Warning Signs of Spinal Issues New Life Chiropractic

And so, you walk in and you have high blood pressure or you have headaches or you have neck pains or you have these other symptoms, and the solution for all that time have been more medications and more issues dealing with it, covering up the pain when the real problem was that you have subluxation. This is what a normal curve in your neck is supposed to look like. This is what a subluxated spine looks like. So, this is your neck and it's going like this. You see what's.

Happened into your spinal cord. If I pinch your spinal cord at the top, what's going to happen to everythng else down below Not good, right It's not getting that. So, you can be doing all the right things but still have issues. So, your body is really smart and it speaks to you all the time. It gives you warning signs of these problems. People come to me with these all the time headaches, high blood pressure, depression, fatigue, dizziness, ear infections, frequent cold, attention problems that's all coming from the neck. You're trying to lose weight. You're exercising. You're eating right but.

Your thyroid is shut off, it's not regulating itself, because your neck is not doing its job because you have a reverse curve or a loss of that curve, it can never regulate itself. You can throw in more medications and more stuff in this and more herbs, but they're probably never going to fix itself. But, when we remove that interference, your body starts to heal. So, for those of you right now who aren't current patients in the office, that are guests here today, if you have any of these problems, even if you're feeling good, when is the right.

Time to get that checked If you look at your health right now, how many of you want to live to be 94 years old A couple of people unclear. I suppose they probably know they're going to be healthy when they get there. But, for those of you who didn't raise your hand, what are some reasons why Go and throw it out. Too old. So, what sucks about being old Can't walk. Nursing home. Anything else Health problems, medications, right You're in more pain. Not a quality of life. That's what I used to picture somebody like that, too. And so,.

Your Brain on Drugs Marijuana

For centuries, humans have been using substances to alter their state of mind. From caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol to more extreme drugs. But as the most commonly used illicit drug in North America, Where does marijuana fit in and how exactly does it affect your brain First, we need to understand how the brain functions. Neurons are the cells that process information in the brain. By releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters from the axon of one neuron to the dendrite of another they change the electrical charge of the receiving neuron consequently exciting or inhibiting it.

If excited, the signal is passed on. Though it sounds simple these signals work together and the effect is quickly compouned into complex configurations within milliseconds flashing over the entire brain. This is what happens every single time you think, breathe or move. So what is going on inside your brain when you're smoking marijuana Well unlike alcohol, which contains molecules nothing like those in our body, cannabis contains molecules that resemble those produced in our very own brains cannabonoids. Although naturally these cannabonoids circulate at much lower quantities compared to the large influx imposed by smoking,.

Specifically the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol or THC resembles a natural transmitter called anandamide. These cannabonoids are specialized neurotransmitters released by neurons having just fired. Neurons temporarily become unresponsive after firing to prevent them from overracting or being too dominant. This allows your brain to function in a calm and controlled manner. But cannabonoids interrupt this approach in some parts of the brain. Instead, they remove the refractory period of neurons that are already active and can cause your thoughts, imagination, and perception to utterly magnify itself. This means, once you begin your train of thought.

It becomes the most significant and profound thing ever. You can't see the big picture or even recall your last epiphany because you're caught up in the momentum of a particular idea and your neurons keep firing until a new idea takes hold and you go off on a new tangent. These cannabonoids also affect the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in your brain often leading to a sense of euphoria, relaxation, pain modulation and general enhancement of an experience, though sometimes causing anxiety. Furthermore, there are cannabonoid receptors in areas controlling shortterm memory, learning, coordination, movement control.

Teen Depression Warning Signs

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