There is No Hierarchy of Oppression by Audre Lorde Read by Lauren Lyons

There is no hierarchy of oppressions I was born black and a woman I'm trying to become the strongest person I can become to live the life I have been given and help affect change toward a livable future for this earth and for my children as a black, lesbian, feminist socialist, poet, mother two including one boy and member of an interracial couple I usually found myself part of some group in which the majority defines me is deviant difficult, inferior, or just plain wrong from my membership in all of these groups I have learned that oppression.

And the intolerance of difference come in all shapes and sizes and colors and sexualities and that among those of us who share the goals of liberation in a workable future for our children there can be no hierarchies oppression. I have learned that sexism a belief in the inherent superiority of one sex overall others in thereby its right to dominance and heterosexism, a belief in the inherent superiority of one pattern of loving over all others and thereby its right to dominance, both the same source as racism a belief in the inherent superiority of one race over all others.

And thereby its right to dominance Oh, says a voice in the black community but being black is normal well I in many black people my age can remember grimly the days when he didn't used to be I simply do not believe that one aspect of myself can possibly profit from the oppression of another part of my identity. I know that my people cannot possibly profit from the oppression of any other group which seeks the right to peaceful existence rather we diminish ourselves by denying to others what we have shed blood to obtain for.

Our children and those children need to learn that they do not have to become like eachother in order to work together for a future they will all share the increasing attacks upon lesbians and gay men are only an introduction to the increasing attacks upon all black people. For wherever oppression manifest itself in this country black people are potential victims and it is a standard of rightwing cynicism to encourage members of oppressed groups to act against each other and so long as we are divided because at that particular identities.

We cannot join together in effective political action within the lesbian community I am black within the black community I am a lesbian any attack against black people is a lesbian and gay issue because I and thousands of other black women are of part the lesbian community any attack against lesbians and gays is a black issue because thousands of lesbians and gay men are black there is no hierarchy oppression it is not accidental that the Family Protection Act which is virulently antiwoman and antiblack is also antigay as a black person I know who my enemies are.

And when the Ku Klux Klan goes to court in Detroit to try and force the Board of Education to remove books the claim to these hint at homosexuality then I know I cannot afford the luxury of adding one form of oppression only I cannot afford to believe that freedom from intolerance is the right one in one particular group and I cannot afford to choose between the fronts upon which i must battle these forces and discrimination wherever they appear to destroy me and when they appeared to destroy me.

Paul Celan Allerseelen All Souls Day

What have I done Inseminated the night, as though there could be others, more nightly than this one Bird flight, stone flight, a thousand charted paths. Glances, purloined and plucked. The sea tasted, drunk up, dreamed away. One hour, souldarkened. The next, an autumn light, offered up to a blind feeling that came the way. Others, many placeless and heavy on their own glimpsed and avoided. Foundlings, stars, Black and full of language named after an oath undone by silence And once when Even that has been forgotten Felt the counterhook,.

Best Sex Positions for Explosive Orgasm R18

How to guarantee an orgasm with ordinary sex positions We often think about fancy sexual positions to spice up our sex life but most of them are hard to practice. Unless you are a gymnastic athlete or ballet dancer, 100 sexual positions will simply remain theoretic. What works practically for you is probably your usual sexual positions. If you're already bored with your routine sex, here's the good news You only need a tiny bit of change to guarantee orgasm and satisfaction. The first position is our most commonly practiced missionary position.

The biggest mistake that most guys make is to thrust straight in and out, thinking if he lasts long enough, she will eventually get there. Wrong! To get an orgasm you need to grind her in a way that rubs her Gspot and clitoris. You can put a pillow under her hips to change the penetration angle, so that you can hit the Gspot more effectively. The second position is the reverse missionary where the woman is on top. Grind horizontally, not vertically. By doing so, you will allow his penis hit the frontal wall of the vagina, which is the Gspot.

His pubic area will rub the clitoris simultaneously, giving you a double pleasure. The third position is the rearentry position. When entering from the back, the angle is the key. Enter in an angle so that the tip of the penis hits the Gspot. Your hands are free to touch her multiple sensual zones, yet she doesn't know what you will do next. The anticipation creates more excitement. The fourth position is the sitting position. Make sure that only one person moves. Don't jump up and down. Instead, move back and forth.

You will save your energy as well as feeling great. When you have mastered the position to stimulate her clitoris and Gspot, it's important to master right rhythm as well. You can simply ask her what intensity and speed feel good. If you're experienced enough, you can gauge the right rhythm by feeling her contraction inside. Last but not least, don't forget to kiss her. Kissing will not only stimulate her erogenous zone on her neck, breasts and arms, but also an erotic way to express your love to each other.

What Is A Stock Market Crash

Market regulators are accusing a British national of almost singlehandedly causing a Flash Crash to American stock markets in 2010. During the incident, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped about 9, and lost more than $1 trillion dollars in minutes. Fortunately, stocks rebounded relatively fast after the shock, but we wanted to know, what does it take to crash a stock market Well, there have been countless financial crashes throughout history. They even go back to the 1600s when modern stock exchanges were first evolving within the European trade economies. A crash represents a steep, sudden decline in the value of market prices, and.

They can often lead to an economic depression. The most devastating crashes are usually the result of an overlyinflated market, also known as a bubble. In short, the value of a stock is dependent on what people think it will be worth in the future. When the economy is good, or there are other motivating factors, investors expect their stocks to rise in price, which in turn does increase their value. Investment bubbles occur when prices of market shares are driven upwards past their real value. According to some market theorists, a bubble is encouraged by a herd mentality, where.

People first jump on the bandwagon of a profitable stock, and then, when the bubble bursts, they engage in panicselling. The most famous example of this was during the 1929 American Stock Market Crash. In the years after World War I, optimism in the economy inspired many to take on risky loans, and invest in stocks. But when the economy slowed down, the public began to doubt the market's longevity, and started selling their shares at first slowly, and then in droves. Market prices went into freefall, and with no failsafe rules, the.

Market inevitably crashed. Stock markets can also be spooked into a decline or a crash following catastrophic events. For example, San Francisco's massive 1906 earthquake is thought to have played an integral role in the financial panic of 1907. During that time, the market sank to about 50 of the previous year's valuation. Additionally, In 2001, after the September 11th terrorist attacks, the stock markets were closed for almost a week. In the first five days back, the markets faced a loss of about $1.4 trillion dollars. The digital era has also introduced new threats to the stock market in the form of high.

Frequency trading. HFT is when thousands of trades are carried out by computers in fractions of a second. The swiftness of computer programs at buying and selling puts traditional traders at a disadvantage. Also, HFT creates potential volatility in the stock market. Computer programs that are designed to automatically respond to price points can trigger mass selling before anyone has time to react. This was said to have contributed to the 2010 Flash Crash, after a large enough downtick in stocks caused many HFT programs to further withdraw, leading to a drastic crash.

After that event, government regulators imposed new laws, called circuit breakers, which temporarily pause trading if a stock falls by a certain percentage, usually 10 or more, within a short time. These safeguards give traders breathing room to reexamine their options instead of panicking and selling everything before the stock bottoms out. The Securities and Exchange Commission works hard to regulate the wild swings of the stock market. But for the modern era, stock markets remains more volatile, and susceptible to crashes than one might ever think. Investing is a pretty risky thing to do, but sometimes big risks can have even bigger rewards.


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