Petraeus Affair Scandal The Breakdown

So there’s been tremendous spent on a new stories about all the different affairs that are going on with jennifer transcend out general john allen there’s a couple different women involved and it might be a little hard to follow so here are the young person who want to make it very clear to you so uh. this wealthy people but let’s plan uh. all players are not board first was over trance and then you got his mistress paul broad well uh. and then you go to a tally two reporter.

All this and now currently she’s got some sort of uh. email issues with joe john out so here’s how breaks out for silver trance slept with paul broadway so that’s a obvious connection uh. and then they were charges where paul broad well.

Flock big jumper tryst might be sleeping with jill kelly so she wrote the email sijo telly say shit you know what you could back off here being very flirtatious and i can’t have that what turns out that this was when you don’t race did not sleep which il tel so far as we know.

So then john kelly gets mad and says hey you know what unturned as f_b_i_ guy that i know and habit investigate this and i miss you know which are not be from paul brought up but then the f_b_i_ guidelines and sending naughty pictures the joke alley he starr’s investigation and this is.

By the way how you doing let me send you this email he sends topless pictures of himself to jill kelly ’cause he’s like what i’m doing the sod i started literally and natural case on your behalf so here’s my shirt was pictures if you know what i mean.

And i think she had pretty good idea what he meant event one thousand two hundred on the board discussed listing over command of off or forces in new york they’ve harry harding king jr well it turns out now he is under investigation cassie sent twenty to thirty thousand changes of emails too.

Joke you know use now uh. jill kelly must be one incredible work how do you spanned too wide a thirty thousand pages of emails i can’t believe that’s true that’s the part of it uh. unbelievable exaggeration but still.

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