12 Things We Really Wish We Didnt Know About Tiger Woods Sex Life

Hey guys, what's going on For Complex News, I'm Tamara Dhia. For all you diehard Tiger Woods fans CRICKETS we've scoured the internet for every dirty detail about his sex life so you wouldn't have to. Yep, you're welcome. There was a point in time when we heard Tiger Woods' name and this is what came to mind and now when we hear about Tiger Woods this is what comes to mind While he seemed to get a handle on his sex addictionwhen he shacked up with fellow athlete Lindsey Vonn, hefell back into his old ways once again when they split recently.

For.yep.infidelity. So without further ado, here's '12 Things We Really Wish We Didn't Know About Tiger Woods' Sex Life' 1 Tiger battled his insomnia with sex. A lot of it. According to one of his mistresses He would engage in sex from 9 p.m. until the sun came up the next morning. He couldn't sleep and would stay up all night. 2 Whenwoman after woman started coming forward during hissexscandal with thenwife Elin Nordegren, the most salacious encounter was fromTheresa Rogers or as most us grew to knew her woman 14. At age 40,she was the oldest of Tiger's mistresses andclaimed.

That she taught Tiger quote everything he needed to know to be a great lover. 3 Woman 1, NYC nightclub managerRachel Uchitel, was the woman who started it all when the National Enquirer exposed their relationship. According toUS Weekly, during the course of their relationship Tiger emailed Rachel one his sex dreams I had a dream we were married and I was leading the tournament. I came home, excited to see you and there you were in the bedroom getting fucked by Derek Jeter and David Boreanaz. Some part of me thinks you would like that.now I can't get back to sleep..

4 When Tiger wasn't having sex, he was watching other people have it. Tiger, ever the dedicated athlete, didn't let his discipline stop on the golf course.He fully dove into his sex addiction, so much so that he allegedly kept adult film and XXX cartoons fully loaded on his iPhone. 5 Tiger loved to sink his balls into as many holes as possible. Even if he had to pay for it.Hollywood madam, Michelle Braun, claimed that he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on various call girls and highpriced hookers. He was rarely with just one girl. He usually wanted more. He liked threeways..

6 Tiger took the phrase Love thy Neighbor a little too literally whenhe crept next door to sleep with his neighbors' 21yearold daughter. 7 Tiger had no chill. During a sexting session withporn star Joslyn James, he reported told her he wanted to hold her down and choke her during sexandthen asked her if she'd ever gotten a golden shower. 8 Apparantly the color red isnot just his favorite on the golf course. Revealing way more than we ever wanted to know,mistress Mindy Lawton said he loved herin red panties because quote that was his mother's favorite color..

9 When Tiger'sfather Earl died, like a good son.Tiger was reportedly there by his side. A few hours later, like a good sex addict.Tiger was by the side ofmistress Jamie Jungers who saidquote I was beside him wearing nothing but a pair of panties. 10 The whole reason Tiger got caught in the first placeis allegedly because of a used Tampon. Seriously.Mistress Mindy Lawton claims that herandTiger were once getting busy in his car when she was on her period. She discarded a tampon outside the car which theNational Enquirer scooped up and used as blackmail. National Enquirer denies this.

Untold Love Story of Parveen Babi Mahesh Bhatt With English Subtitles

She was a superstar and he was a struggler. She was looking for love and he was looking for work. Parveen Babi and Mahesh Bhatt's incomplete..love story became a victim of this simple issue. In today's dairies, we will turn pages..of Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Babi's love story chapter. This is about that time in 80's..when Parveen Babi had become the sex symbol of the industry. And Mahesh Bhatt was a struggler who had come from the ad world..who had a passion to make movies. But unfortunately, Mahesh Bhatt was not getting a chance.

He was looking for a huge opportunity. And because of a common friend, he met..an AList actress of that time, Parveen Babi. This one meet became the first bead..in the chain of the meetings that never ended. And after that, the same thing happened that usually happens. Love. They fell in love. Parveen thought that finally she got someone..with whom she can share her loneliness. But unfortunately, this dream of hers broke when..she came to know that Mahesh Bhatt was already married. Parveen asked Mahesh to divorce his wife.

But Mahesh could not leave his married life. Nor he was able to leave Parveen. In the midst of this, Mahesh Bhatt made few movies. One of those movies was 'Arth'..and after that Mahesh Bhatt reached the height of fame. But when Parveen Babi saw this movie..she was upset more than anyone else. Because in this film, Mahesh had..put their personal life on the screen. People had come to know that..Parveen was mentally not keeping well. And Parveen blamed her close acquaintance, Mahesh Bhatt..for disclosing this secret in front of everybody.

And she went away from him forever. Even the time played a surprising game..when Parveen Babi faded from the spotlight..and breathed her last..it was Mahesh Bhatt who performed the funeral rituals. And with Parveen's death, Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Babi's..this incomplete love story met its end forever. 'Phata Poster Nikla Hero'. A random cops and robbers caper..writer, director Raj Kumar Santoshi returns to comedy. But this time mixes action into it ala 'Dabang'..which seems to have become the flavor of the day. Gauhar Khan who recently entered the Big Boss 7 house.

How ASHOK KUMARS Life Changed After An Affair

In 1934 Bombay Talkies was established. Devika Rani, with her husband Hemanshu Rai and associates..was going to make first film under the banner of this company. The film was named Jawani Ki Hawa. In this film handsome man Nazmul Hasan was cast opposite Devika Rani. In 1935 Jawani Ki Hawa was released which was a crime thriller..whose entire shooting was in the train. During the shooting of the film..Devika Rani fell in love with Nazmul Hasan. Because of the romance between the two..Devika's husband Himanshu Rai was very worried.

Somehow the film was released..and in 1936 shooting of the next film Jeevan Nayya started. In Jeevan Nayya also Nazmul Hasan was..already cast opposite Devika Rani. So to avoid financial loss, unwillingly..Himanshu started shooting of the film. Many scenes of the film were shot. But Nazmul Hasan and Devika Rani's affair..stopped the shooting of the film. Because they both had fled from the shooting location. They both were found after searching a lot. On Seshadhar Mukherjee's explanation, Devika agreed to come back. But Nazmul Hasan was punished for it.

Everyone put a ban on him from working in any film company. Himanshu was looking for a new hero for the film. He wanted to make a common man a star. And he even wanted to teach a lesson to Devika Rani. As such he saw a lab assistant of Bombay Talkies. This lab assistant was Kumudlal Kunjilal Ganguly..whom Himanshu decided to make a hero to everyone's surprise. Himanshu gave a new name to Kumudlal Kunjilal Ganguly..Ashok Kumar. After that the film Jeevan Nayya was shot again and released.

Famous Historical Men Their Vampire Mistresses Cheating Affairs Erotic Romance EBooks

A great man once whispered these words to his mistress I have loved you all of my life and I have never seen your face. I have desired you since I first imagined your existence. But I have never spoken your name. I have wanted you everyday I awake in the morning but never felt the contours of your body or felt the soft moisture of your skin. Human blood oils the cogs of the clock of time. Blood oils the wheels of our destiny. He told his mistress to talk about masturbating the temptation of the seductive touch from.

His powerful hands. She would say they had sex. His mistress was stripping, being sexually aroused, a feeling of an orgasm quivered her flesh as he described her naked body. Her bosom was like the snow white peaks of the Alps. He was sliding down her slopes in a sleigh of love, lust and desire. His body rose higher and higher like flames in a fire. Between her thighs was as smooth and soft as the feathers of a dove. He longed for her love! The ruler was sliding forward thrusting his massive hard wood chair toward her. She.

Was standing nude at the other side of his desk near the rear entrance of the oval office. She smiles opening her wet hot lips wide to expose her fangs. His mistress and lover was a vampire. She could transform into a werewolf if she did not get the lustful pleasure and sexual satisfaction of a powerful lover. The blood of the founding forefathers contained werewolf vampire ancestry the ability to shapeshift. The shapeshifting would only occur if the climax of a sexual orgasm was not achieved in bed. The mistress was ready.

Indian Ministers Wife Dies After Accusing Husband Of Affair

The wife of a highprofile politician in India has died following a recent controversy in which she accused her husband of having an affair. Sunanda Pushkar, the wife of human resource minister Shashi Tharoor, was reportedly found sprawled across the bed in a highend New Delhi hotel room Friday night. Police do not yet know the cause of death. Via CNN This comes just days after she admitted to hacking into her husband's Twitter account and exposing private messages between him and a Pakistani journalist she alleged was his mistress. Pushkar posted messages between her husband and Mehr Tarar, a prominent Pakistani journalist,.

To her husband's Twitter timeline. Via NDTV She then posted on her own Twitter timeline that Tarar was trying to ruin her marriage claiming the journalist was stalking her husband and is an agent for a Pakistani intelligence service. Via BBC Tharoor and Tarar both dismissed the allegations, and though Pushkar initially said she planned to divorce Tharoor, the two released a joint statement Thursday claiming they were happily married. The couple had been married since 2010. Tharoor will likely be called in for questioning over his wife's death, as The Wall Street Journal notes, In India, the law mandates husbands.

TRAGIC Love Story Meena Kumari Dharmendra

Today we are going to share a Bollywood love story..which was not successful..but it surely engraved with the famous stories..in Bollywood history. This story is of Dhamendra and Meena Kumari. This story is of Dhamendra's betrayal. This story is of Meena Kumari craving for love. Meena Kumari had a millions fans. In 'Baiju Bawra', his coactor Bharat Bhushan..also told her that he loved her. In 'Pakeezah', Raj Kumar was playing the role..of her lover and he fell so deeply in love with her..that he would forget his dialogs in front of Meena.

But Meena loved Kamal Amrohi. That's why she even agreed to be..the second wife of the married Kamal Amrohi. But after their marriage Kamal Amrohi couldn't..give Meena a happy married life. Meena Kumari's dreams began to shatter. During that phase, a handsome young..Punjabi man entered her life. And he was Dharmendra. In the film 'Phool Aur Pathar'..they worked together for the first time. Dharmendra was trying to make place..in the film industry, when he got..the support of a great actress like Meena Kumari. With Meena reference, Dharmendra.

.was offered a lot of films. While working together in films..they came very close to each other. But the problem was that..they both were married at that time. Dharmendra was in a relation..with Meena Kumari for almost three years. Dharmendra became very successful in the industry. Now he didn't need Meena's support. Their last film where they were together..was 'Chandan Ka Palna'. With time, Dharmendra's attraction..towards Meena diminished. The betrayal she got in return of love..made Meena an alcohol addict. Meena's new life partner was alcohol.

Real Housewives of New York City Star Kristen Taekmans Husband, Josh Taekman

Kristen Taekman's husband, Josh Taekman, is the latest to be named after hackers released subscriber information stolen from Ashley Madison. According to the Daily Mail, the Real Housewives of New York City star's husband reportedly signed up for an account with the affair website in June 2011. The Eboost founder reportedly spent thousands on the site and made 62 paid transactions. The Canadabased website, which links married men and women looking to have extramarital affairs, is free to sign up for, but subscribers have to buy credits in order to message people. A fee of $49 gives subscribers 100 credits, while $250 buys users 1,000 credits and a moneyback guarantee if the user doesn't have an affair.

The address of the credit card used on the account matches that of Josh and Kristen's Tribecca neighborhood apartment. The entrepreneur, who shares two kids with the model, has denied using the website. I don't understand. There's not a shot in hell that I'm a subscriber. I have no knowledge of that. This is the first I've ever heard of it, he told the Daily Mail. This is crazy. I saw it on the TV the other day about the security breach and we were laughing about it. It is what it is but somebody is definitely fraudulently using my name and number.

Dharmendra Lost Pakeezah Coz Of Meena Kumari

This anecdote is from that period when Meena Kumari..was at the heights of her success in Hindi cinema. I am a red insect and you put your hand in me. I bite you, but you still go on eating me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me who I am. And Dharmendra was on his way to Bollywood. But due to their increasing proximity..there was a storm in Meena Kumari's married life. No Hema, you haven't committed any mistake. Truly Truly. You have really saved us. We were about to commit a grave sin.

Hema. Don't, cry, Hema. When Meena Kumari's husband Kamal Amrohi..came to know about Meena Kumari's relationship..with Dharmendra then he became very sad. Though Meena Kumari was Amrohi's second wife. And even after ten years of marriage..the didn't have any children. On top of that due to her addiction to alcohol..Meena Kumari was often unwell. This happened when Kamall Amrohi was..making his most successful film 'Pakeezah'. Dharmendra was the hero of the film with Meena Kumari. But it is said that due to his wife and Heman's.

.real life romance Kamal Amrohi..threw Dharmendra out of the film. And Rajkumar was replaced Dharmendra in 'Pakeezah'. It is not that Meena Kumari didn't feel bad..at Dharmendra's exit. But she knew that 'Pakeezah' is not just a film..but Kamal Amrohi's dream. That's why though ill, Meena Kumari..finished shooting for 'Pakeezah' It took 17 long years for 'Pakeezah' to be made. Though Kamal Amrohi became immortal forever..after making 'Pakeezah'. And after a few days since Pakeezah was released..Meena Kumari left this world quietly. It is also said that Meena Kumari who used to.

Bill Cosby Charged in 2004 Sexual Assault Case, Arrest Warrant Issued

Hi guys, for Complex News, I'm Emily Oberg. After a countless number of accusations, Bill Cosby is finally being charged for sexual assault. People magazine reports that an arrest warrant has been issued for Cosby for a 2004 sexual assault case, when Cosby allegedly drugged and raped Andrea Constand at his home in Pennsylvania. Sources familiar with the case revealed that Cosby will be charged with aggravated indecent assault, which is a felony in the first degree. Montgomery County prosecutors later confirmed the charges, noting that, We are able to seek justice on behalf of the victim..

According to prosecutors, Cosby offered Constand pills and urged her to take them. The pills resulted in Constand being unable to reject his advances and that's when the alleged assault took place. Constand's attorney said about the charges that We'll have to see what happens. We hope justice will be done. We will cooperate fully. This news comes as a bit of a shock after over 50 women have come forward accusing Cosby of rape, but due to the statute of limitations, his victims have been unable to press charges until now. And, according to Yahoo, charges on this case were filed just days before the.

Top 5 SHOCKING ExtraMarital Affairs Of Bollywood Actors

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