Welcome home hubby! Sweetheart, how am I looking? Actually, I am not feeling upto it. Very tired! It’s ok! Go freshen up! Today, I have cooked your favourite meal.

But i have already had my dinner. You already had dinner Rohit? Yeah! But we were supposed to have dinner together? Today is our. Am sorry!.

No we didn’t cut any cake. He just came. I had cooked his favourite meal. But he did not eat. He just went to sleep. He was tired.

I just wish i had not married him. You were right, I should have listened to you. I really miss you! Ok, bye! I am not going to suffer anymore. Now, I will do whatever I want.

Oh, no! yesterday was our anniversary. I came late. And went to sleep Divya had got a cake. My God, now she is going to throw a tantrum. Rohit, you are gone now!.

Get ready fast, and go to office! She must be very angry! Darling, your breakfast is ready! Huh, what’s this? She is happy! Phew! Am saved! Oh, you are ready for office already?.

Yeah, i have a meeting with the client. It’s ok! Your breakfast is ready. I was simply getting scared. Hello! Hmm! Hmm! (Giggles) Hmm.!.

Yeah, i know!(giggles) Yeah, right! (giggles) Haan baba! I just can’t wait any more. In fact, as soon as he goes to office, I’ll leave. You are so naughty! Of course, don’t worry, he will never know.

An Extramarital Affair Saheb Biwi Jasoos Again Love or Affair Hindi Short FilmEng subtitle

How are you.?? I’m sure, Rumi is having affair with someone what nonsense . you know that doubt is the main reason for destroying the relationships buddy im not doubting , im damm sure !! do you know , she tells me always that im going out for one hour but she doesn’t come back for 2 to 3 hours.

And as she comes home she directly goes to bedroom and i don’t know whom she keeps messaging always on phone. if i ask anything she doesn’t answer me back. look, don’t worry. Everything will be fine. nothing is gonna be fine. i have decided that i will find out whom she is meeting with and what is she doing. will you back me up ? Just tell me buddy i’m always with you.

Look, find someone who can spy on rumi and he can find out that where she is going and whom she is meeting with and what is she doing. you mean to say detective ?? whatever. but he should be trustworthy. don’t worry, I will. ok i’m hanging now.talk to u later.

what happened ? why were you ringing doorbell ?? i forgot my keys in the gym that’s why . And listen.I might be late because going to friend’s B’day Party. Alright !!! So when will you be back ??? 2 to 3 hours maybe. Rohit, listen.she just left home and she told me that she is going to her friend’s B’day party.

Then .?? so, just fallow her and find out where she is going and whom she is meeting with.?? R U Mad.?? How could i fallow her.?? do you have the address that where is she going ?? Fine than, give me 5 minutes Hello.

Hello, rumi can you here me ?? Yes ok listen, I brought a bag day before yesterday,,, where is it ??? It must be there, look in to shelf its not there It must be there honey.

Please come back Can’t come back, Im almost there and once ill back i will give you Please its very urgent for me, just come back for 5 min Ok, Coming !! Thanks dear, Im waiting Please take UTurn.

Listen rohit, she is coming back you just come here fast and fallow her. I’m coming (Door bell ringing) I kept it here ITS HERE !!! HERE.

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