Well, you got a better idea? l did, once. (Ennis) You did, once. Well, have you been to Mexico,Jack Twist? ‘Cause l hear what they gotin Mexico for boys like you. Hell, yes,l’ve been to Mexico.ls that a fucking problem? l’m going to tell you thisone time, Jack fucking Twist. And l ain’t foolin’.

What l don’t know, all themthings that l don’t know. could get you killedif l come to know them. l ain’t jokin’. Yeah, well try this one,and l’ll say it just once. Go ahead!l’ll tell you what. We could have hada good life together. Fucking real good life.Had us a place of our own! But you didn’t want it, Ennis.

So what we got nowis Brokeback Mountain! Everything’s built on that!That’s all we got, boy.Fucking all. So l hope you know that,if you don’t never knowthe rest! God damn it.You count the damnfew times. that we have been togetherin nearly 20 years. and you measurethe short fucking leashyou keep me on. and then you ask meabout Mexico and you tell meyou’ll kill me. for needin’ somethin’l don’t hardly never get!

You have no idea how bad it gets! And l’m not you!l can’t make it. on a couple of highaltitudefucks once or twice a year! You are too much for me, Ennis. You son of a whoreson bitch! l wish l knew how to quit you! Then why don’t you? Why don’t you justlet me be, huh?

lt’s because of you, Jack,that l’m like this. l’m nothin’. l’m nowhere. lt’s okay.Get the fuck off me! lt’s all right.lt’s all right. Damn you, Ennis. l just can’t standthis anymore, Jack.

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