Newt Gingrich Protecting Sanctity of Marriage

Hai not time i get back oak fantastic newt gingrich bills are not marriage with automatic stadium and please give people a bit he says that uh. uh. he would be ally to find ways to defend that byu as legitimately in effectively as possible referred to marriage being between man an old woman or man or woman and mr and then that mistress becomes the white and the second mistress who then becomes your wife as a third of life in the second mysteries but i don't want make innate.

Ability to budget if newt gingrich who has seven mistresses in several wives but he said a bird executive matt he says that if we allow gay marriage that we're going to be i'm quoting your winter degraded terrible model which i think it's going to be very very difficult and painful to work our way out me like a model that you uh. create when you tell your wife in the hospital as she got cancer you server papers divorce paper they say or how muddled up warm as a little bit is abit had sex with my mistress while.

You were sick i will leave you now think rabbi the situation by men on this trip and then you do it again hate newt is you paid him and he's been a little modeling nasa says i get right but i'm trusting him at is all i think they're back i'd just get out of the recent menu nebraska stop talking every state every single thing he said credible embarrassed and those are just uh. the countryside just the progressives are democrats if your question isn't it and you go to the sanctity of marriage act however.

Cynthia Nixon Gay By Choice

Cynthia nixon had an interview with new york times magazine and during that interview she says that she decided to be a lesbian she was it board that way which is a very controversial step to take on uh. the games so i won't not to say that big a few do you think that connects title of the games that they are and what that is ok instrument that plays i don't know if it's not pc but with the business anyway i want to read your average that's not a matter of peace in our business more like grandma or.

Doctrinal 'cause like something you ram research so what what did she say about the gates not high in there's a seat on the magazine says that i gave a speech recently an empowerment speech to the gay audience and included the line i've been straight and i've been gay and gays that are and they try to get me to change it because they said it implies that homosexuality can be a choice and for me it is a choice i understand for many people it's not but for me it's a choice and you don't get to define my davis for me.

She continues to say i'd also feel like people think i was walking in a cloud and didn't realize i was gay which i find really offensive although she did and macbeth backhanded sub al gore's embodies getting it up often arms over this how but don't worry young person is here to solve this riddle for you guys as we often do uh. so is being gay and shorts or is this something that you're born answer is for some people depending on where they are on the spectrum when it's of course by famous spectrum theory that the.

Fester kids eat travel back in time to steal but anyway uh. they met if your aborting quoteunquote very day on that spectrum eating that you're largely gay there's not much of a choice if u born largely straight there's not much of a choice you're straight that's what you want right but it was so why the metal your bisexual then sure you'd be get you to be straight new realities you're actually bisexual you're choosing the different gender is that you are having his partners a different times in.

Your life so mistress up sexuality is the most interesting thing in my opinion to learn about because i agree sexuality very first time not because i have like herbie waker tendencies but just because there's so many overloading from up there's so many differences uh. when it comes from comes to one person to another so let me give you an example there is a study done that looks at the sexual desires of men versus women and they found out that on average women have a broader range of sexual desires.

Than men do don't sell curious to see whether or not that's a biological thing or if it's something that is i've created by you know societal expectations so i'll give you an example ill mad don't get to experiment with their sexuality the way with him right women came down whole in that the jonah pool as much as they walk into a below average right but many can do the same thing if men attempt to do that there nearly castoff is gay even though they were just experimenting.

Selfconsistent really interesting you've said many faceted fixed that dot including the vintage airport at the without it and where there was a poor media diving if there is mayjune two units yeah uh. thirty but uh. is for social stigma as per cent of course you're right those moral well of one they're relating two guys although some people break it hugh hefner's talked about how he might have done that when he was younger everybody says ok bodies here after you know he saw the stratus guy in the world.

Scalia Ditches Obamas Childish SOTU

Ever since the leon i did not attend the cd in in fact he doesn't ever attend the state of the union because he's a grumpy old man and that he was actually at an event that was a sponsored by the smithsonian associates and he was without the scene the union why he doesn't go and here's what he had to say and by the way this event is happening as the state of the union is happening and he says are the following it has turned into a childish spectacle i don't.

Want to be there and lead dignity to it he's a little i doubt he's incredible he continues to say this ideals that does that mean in the event that he was speaking at just to upstage the president the state of the union is not something i'm mark on my calendar likes easter for yom kippur kipperman split really surprises me about that is there is absolutely no chance excatly elad any dignity to the proceedings of the scene between i can't imagine he was in the media covering that by doing a antitrust and historians say.

Although i got all the sound of music that is so much more dignified carried out and that's right and you know speaking of childish nina scalia is the guy who there's that tech famous picture of him flipping somebody off and also the whenever he is asking about that ridiculous ambush the court decision that the supreme court made that gave the election in two thousand two president bush he says get over it so how is that childish are not childish how is that dignified in any way but i also think about these even thou i am.

Unhappy with the way uh. all by my house you know dot there is presidency with with some of the policies of the pastor did not pass or proposer did not propose uh. i have a happy that at least you know he has uh. nominated to the supreme court justices that i'm in favor of because if ronnie had gotten elected there's a huge chance that he would be able to nominate at least one if not is not to an end and that scares the hell out of me and as the audience knows i.

Voted for jules stein uh. but at least when it comes to the supreme court's uh. i and in favor of obama so you know and i feel comes down basically two twenty sixteen has well whoever is in place in twenty six he will have quite a few and major pieces of legislation and some other uh. sites uh. like climate change them jeffries four things are going to be some very big decisions that are going to come up between now and the next one ten years or so.

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