Alright, we are looking at specific ways,specific reasons in which relationships deteriorate. The next one we want to talk about is thirdparty. You know, you’ve heard the phrase twos company, threes a crowd, well that’s whathappens here. Now, when we talk about third party we’re talking about bringing someoneelse into the relationship. Now, the first thing that you probably think of is spousesor girlfriends or boyfriends or intimate sexual relationships and we cheat on each other.That is definitely third party involvement, but it doesn’t always have to be sexual. Itcan be you start to hang out with somebody different, because what third party involvementis all about is that one person’s needs

are not getting met anymore. So, they haveto seek elsewhere to get those needs met and maybe it’s not all of their needs maybe it’sjust some of their needs. So, all of a sudden where you two were hanging out every Fridaynight together or you two were hanging out every weekend together now all the suddenI want to go hang out with Jim. Well, I think I’ll go out with Sally on Saturday instead,because you need that you need to have those needs met. That’s what third party involvementis. So, if somebody starts becoming involved in your relationship that’s definitely a signthat needs are not being met somewhere..

short answer why are small business 401ks so expensive

this is a much shorter version of a waytoo long tutorial I did where adetailed explanation of why small business 401k’s are so muchmore expensive to participants and to providers than largerbusinesses 401 K and indeed they are more expensive from my book of benchmarkes where I canbenchmark your plan expenses and performance if you are contributing to a 401ksponsored by

small business your expenses average 1.5percent of plan assets each year. So for every thousanddollars you have in the plan fifteen dollarsevery year get taken out to cover plan costs oneway or another you and most of the time you don’t even see those payments and you don’t know where to look all you know is by the time you retireyou’re hundreds of thousands of dollars behind

what you’d be you have been putting thatmoney into a large business 401k If you want proof that lowering plan fees by one percent will save hundreds ofthousands of dollars by the time you or your participants retire click here. OK. Here’s the answer why small business401k’s arenot nearly as good a deal because small businesses don’t have anyemployee whose only task is negotiating feesand services

the boss is busy HR departments busy andif there’s a benefits expert in the HR departmentthey’re busy with health care benefits. Usually small businesses end upgoing to an expert you don’t always get from the best dealthe experts sell small businesses a supposedlyFREE PLAN but the participants get a menu of funds that don’thave very many good choices the expense ratios in those funds paycommissions back to the experts the stockbroker the adviser

the 401k company the insurance companywhoever sold you that planned and these expertsmake the solution seem more complex than it has to be likethey’re the only way to get you through the minefield theytell you all the horrible things that can happen instead of giving you lowcost ways simpleways to avoid the minefield That’s why small businesses need a 401k advisor like me, a FEE

ONLY adviser who gets no commissions tohelp negotiate a 401 k plan to help design 401 k plan that has much lower feesthat don’t leech out each participants accounts every year Click on my example if you want to see aplay and 0.5 0.6 percent range, a full percent lower than average. The average is not good plus I offer more services for thatprice

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