There is NO Debt Crisis!

Yesterday he said you know we have a debt crisis blind well we don't have that debt crisis the what is the crisis i mean we had there's plenty more revenue for us to get out there we have we're pulling in revenue rates did fifteen percentage atp we haven't seen this in ages part of that's because of the recession in part of it is because the bush tax cuts so you could raise uh. revenue by gifts in the if dignity of the definition of a crisis that you have.

Some type of problem what is the problem with the deck right now given urgent problem with the dead you know we were urging problem when joblessness i mean it's like uh. it's like saying can you explain why we don't have a tsunami crisis well because there's an absence of an impending tsunami hitting us uh. people are still loaning us money pat rates that a actually profitable for us to borrow the money i'm talking about the us government there is simply no reason to believe that our debt is causing any type of.

Crisis there's no there are no implications to our debt at least shorter nearterm certainly none that are at the well i'm not that there's none that i mean do you know you want to talk about longterm debt increase taxes deal at all the bush tax cuts expire you reduce the deficit within died or no couple of decades and you starting year wait the debt but uh. what is the crisis and um. i think will uh. will hear from uh. some uh. amman and modern monetary theorist mccumber into a startling.

Burton Malkiel The Rebalance IRA Investment Committee

I am on the committee. The gentleman who ran the IBM pension fund for many years, very successfully, is on the committee. The man who founded Greenwich Associates, which is an institutional investment advisory firm, is on the committee. So we have I think, professionals with probably 150 years of investment experience there. And what we do is we ensure that the portfolios that we select for Rebalance IRA are broadly diversified and that it is very likely that even though the shortterm ups and downs may look very similar, that we are very likely to have some investment classes in the portfolio.

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