Impact of 1 lower plan costs

Plan costs do matter here let's take a look at a retirement calculator sure you know one percent does matter. Over on Bloomberg this is a very simple retirement calculator. Let's say you begin investing age 25 contributing ten thousand dollars a year into you 401k and you're going to invest every year until age 65 when you retire if you're getting five percent annually on your investments then by the time you retire you'll have accumulated in that account 1.243 million dollars which is great 5 percent nice conservative investment mix mostly.

Bond funds some stocks. stock funds earn more of course you know they're more volatile Now what if you could trim costs by point 5 percent then the same investments would earn 5.5 percent. So what if you could trim plan costs now you're getting, by the timre you retire, 1.4 million dollars which is a difference over 160 thousand dollars by the time you retire. And if you could trim a full percent which I can from the average plan if you could earn 6 percent on your money instead of 5 percent.

Earning a full percent more by the time you retire, now your up to 1.6 million dollars in that retirement account which would be a difference of 340 thousand dollars by the time you retire. And that's why a lot of times I reccomend to clients they take their money out of the 401 K mix if it's an expensive 401k and put it into an IRA where they can get a much better better choices lower fees lower costs lower expense ratios for funds that they select, more money in thei pocket.

Should you roll over money from an employer plan to an IRA

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Impact Of 1% Lower Plan Costs..

Should You Roll Over Money From An Employer Plan To An IRA?..

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