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Hi! Blair with Professor Savings here, with financial tips for women. Every woman, whether married, single, widowed, young or old should understand their finances and maintain a level of financial independence. Here are a few tips Keep some money tucked away. Set aside you change, for example, or saving daily. Keep a record in writing of all financial transactionsbank or cash. Women should increase their financial knowledge by reading books, talking to experts and reading online. Read more financial tips for women in the article below. And, be sure to subscribe to our channel for more of the financial tips.

Divorce Advice Top Reasons for Divorce

The top reasons for not winning the lottery are because the odds are against you. The top reasons for divorce well that's another story. And this is Dr. Paul author of Boomer girls, a boomer woman's guide to men and dating and host of ask Dr. Paul. The top reasons for divorce, somehow I feel like one of the comedians who comes up with the top ten reasons. And we won't go there on a comic way because it's not funny.The number one is adultery. Number one is cheating. Ok. That's number one. We are not going to go through top ten.

But childcare is another one. They disagree on how to raise children but that's way down the list. Finances is another one. Ok. That's probably number two in that top ten if you will and we are not going to go through ten but number two is having a real financial difficulty with each other. One is a saver and one is a spendthrift and it doesn't work. Or you've gotten yourself so deeply into debt that you are arguing about it all the time. It's a bad, bad scenario. Number three oddly enough, number three comes under the category.

Of addiction. And it can be an addiction that maybe minor, one person sees it as minor, the other sees it as major. Be it alcohol, or drugs or gambling or smoking. The smokernonsmoker is a recipe for divorce beyond belief. Another issue one of the top issues in getting divorced is risk taking. Suddenly one person wants to go into business and is willing to take a big risk and mortgages the farm, the house whatever and the other one says, whoa stop right now I'm not a risk taker. Those things should have been probably exercised in terms.

Prenuptial Agreement Money and Marriage in IRVINE, California

Alright Colleen, I did a little research, and I found the top 10 causes for divorce. So I'm going to do a little countdown for you, and if you could just address each and every one of them for us. So reason number 1 getting in for the wrong reasons. Right. So what this means is marrying for money. And when people hear that, they think sugar daddy or sugar momma. And this is not what that actually means. What this means is that there are already problems before you get married or right at the beginning.

Of the marriage. And how often have you heard a friend of yours say, I'm not sure if this is the right thing, but we've spent so much money on the wedding planning. We've already sent our invitations out. Or how often have you heard someone say, We've just done this huge expense like building a home together. I can't pull out now even thought this doesn't feel right. People in Irvine, California feel that they're obligated to follow through this prenuptial agreement because of the money and time that's been spent.

Pat Robertson Gets Young Turked Hilarious Tutorial

We cover news regarding pat robertson often on the show because it gives terrible advice so recently Jake and I were joking around about our fans and how funny it would be if they submitted a joke question and pat robertson actually answer that question also be a Sorensen did it then what are the rules was you have to somehow get the Young Turks on to that question you have to get them to say turks or young turks whatever it is and Cynthia did a great job doing so we have a tutorial.

Up pat robertson our answering her question take a quick look at that its Turku says my wife and I have had an open marriage for a while now I have taken advantage of the open marriage but she has not should I stop because she isn't taking advantage of it and will I be going to hell for having an open marriage are it's amazing you ask that but you is he going to hell the answer is what you're doing is called adultery don't really is one of the sentence prescribed by the ten commandments thou.

Shalt not commit adultery are you in your wife made my house to be faithful to one another and this open marriage stuff is a direct violation of the commandments of God so what we're saying is are you going to hell for that if you keep it up yes but they're Miller yes can benefit I mean open marriage is an oxymoron really i mean well marriages truly suppose to be there are no that crazy the answer is you were in danger in your life get together with your wife live in harmony with the Lord and I ask is.

Forgiveness for what you've done and he'll forgive you okay they're in danger in your life and what are you going to help your going up you know what I love about that is I don't think that he was even believing what he was saying in a huge smile on his face the entire time will tell you laying on a a hey golden don't say yeah known pan am surprised he didn't say like well don't bother your husband about that mary okay but if the woman is doing.

A way to now we have an issue there's usually harriet was that but you're right he had more like a comehither look like yeah are you gonna help call only yeah he didn't like that anymore and so for the funny thing is it was simply a Sorensen our viewer yeah I was pretending to be the the guy in a marriage asking about the open marriage at in the head coach quarter wrist hurt great right but the full name is she gave them was Turk young the how's that for clear busy the undergrad.

By the way you don't have to be that clear here's the code that we came up with impromptu that one day it to start this a have your initials spell out p.y.t so something like Thomas yarn and treehouse doesn't particularly bad example who but have the initials be tyte who will know that it was you I would say they did a great job infer that we're gonna watered 200 points in our little up on competition we're doing a p.y.t world dot com so let the 280 cities I.

Why You Should NEVER Forgive a Cheating Husband

Can you tell me why you should never forgive a cheating husband If he's cheated once, he's far more likely to cheat again. He says he won't. He said he wouldn't cheat when he promised to have and to hold, to love and to obey. Women say they're supposed to obey. For modern guys, it ought to be the other way around. But let's be honest, if you caught him, he may have cheated more than once. I wonder what I'm supposed to do. Get tested for STDs, make him get tested for STDs, and make sure you don't have sex until.

Both of you come back clean. That's going to be an embarrassing O.B.G.Y.N. visit. Not as bad as it would be finding out your husband is cheating because the OBGYN diagnoses you with an STD. He says guys sometimes wander, and that I should accept his apologies. At least he didn't say it was your fault for not being hot enough in bed. But if he's excusing it, you're making a mistake by excusing it. I do not want to get a divorce. Women divorce guys for violating their trust and falling out of love. He violated your.

Trust and made love to someone else. I'm devastated, but I've heard we could heal. You'll always be wondering if he's having a late night meeting at work or with a floozy. You'll always worry if he's travelling for work or for pleasure. Don't all marriages have trust issues Unless it is an arranged marriage, it shouldn't. Financial problems, that's normal. He's quoting Bible verses about how I need to be forgiving. Will you let him escalate to Bible verses on beating his wife Or polygamy No way. Leave him now while you're young enough to find someone else and start over, since.

Gay Judge Wont Conduct Marriage Ceremonies Until.

We've got a openly gay judge in texas pennant at tiny parker uh. great story yet and so sheet and her main job is not the way people but from time to time in the course of our work people ask her if she gets the shade their wedding in iso it's not part of course or what she does with it it is that one of the punches she could do with that sometimes this passage as she says and the reason she says no it's because in texas they do not allow gay marriage.

It is about to where the quality of that issue i will not be waiting anyone in text let's not say that these people can't get married she says i will be referring to bob jones you know down the hall can't marry you are a miracle on their way there but it's fun uh. but to set the stage you will go to the stand saying hey you know what until we get a quality i'm not gonna participate in that part of the system in thailand that she's doing it in texas two without forgetting the place where.

If this is ever you know uh. dubey ratified uh. gainers and accepted texas among the last places that will be except the you imagine night elegance of the yet uh. but uh. it's it's very brave chris christie when the combo vetoed the gay marriage in marriage emerged bill uh. he said because i think women doors to such an unhealthy destructive lifestyle will be a large man the point is that the dot the babysitter what do you have a right after this depression repetitive but through his meal he was able to certificate a.

They cash has suddenly been subtitles in america for a referendum on and nobody should chris christie put as well does this really awkward in the middle of the stock thirty well they did he puts it on her stomach that's probably also i think it's got to go with the tommy bahama outside the parents the there sure are ideas you go i got it is undecided bombing you pull it only soprano soprano does that affect edits from journalism there is a bad but i heard there was some protesters occupying his pants member of the error.

Married Couples Day Divorce rate down, people marrying later

For those of you out there who have already tied the knot,. today is 'Married Couple's Day' in Korea. Recent data shows the state of marital union in the country is stronger than it was just a decade ago, with more couples staying together for the long haul. Connie Kim takes a look at why. May is the most popular month to get married in Korea. and also the month it celebrates Married Couples' Day. To celebrate the union of marriage, the National Association of Mayors at the National Assembly has been hosting an annual ceremony for the past few years.

At this year's event, Yoon Hakwon and Lee Myungwon were named this year's married couple of the year. I thank my wife for supporting me during our 51 years of marriage. This day was established by the Korean government in 2007 as a way to get people thinking about their marriage, and more importantly their spouse. Married Couples' Day falls on May 21st for a reason. with the numbers 2 and 1 symbolizing the union of two people. It's a day to remind couples of the importance of a happy marriage.

More Korean couples are staying happily married these days. The nation's divorce rate peaked in 2003, which experts attribute to the spillover effect from the Asian financial crisis,. but the number has been on a gradual decline ever since. Analysts say couples are also putting more thought before saying, I do. Statistics Korea data shows that the average age men and women get married. has gone up by more than two years in the past decade. On average, men now get married at 32 and women at 30. Experts also say that couples are now openly discussing their problems more than they used.

Equal Hillary Clinton

Hillary The story of America is a story of hardfought, hardwon progress, and it continues today. Groom I can't believe we're here. Hillary New chapters are being written by men and women who believe that all of us, not just some but all, should have the chance to live up to our Godgiven potential. Groom The reason I can't believe it is because Hillary This progress was not easily won. People fought and organized and campaigned in public squares and private spaces to change not only laws, but hearts and minds.

Groom I remember all the thoughts that ran through my head when I started to realize that I was gay Why me What am I gonna do Will anyone love me I'll never get married. That's the one that really hurt I'll never get married. Hillary And, thanks to that work of generations, for millions of individuals, barriers that once prevented people from enjoying the full measure of liberty Groom I felt sad Hillary the full experience of dignity Groom I felt alone Hillary and the full benefits of humanity, have fallen away.

Groom I'll never feel alone again. I love you. Is that a yes My heart will forever be linked to yours. Will you marry me She said yes! I now pronounce you spouse for life. I was able to find my prince. I don't have the right words to describe what it was like to fall in love with you. My inspiration, my best friend, my husband. I love you. Hillary Some have suggested that gay rights and human rights are separate and distinct. But, in fact they are one and the same.

Pros and Cons About Premarital Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is a document that lets you and your spousetobe make your own decisions about which of your state's marital property and support laws will apply in case you and your spouse get divorced. Here are a some common reasons that people may want to avoid prenuptial agreements 1. A prenup can be perceived as not romantic. During an engagement it does not seem appropriate to discuss what to do if the marriage falls apart. 2. If the couple is young and starting out with no assets, a prenup talk can bring up.

Some trust issues and one of the couple may question the true motive for getting married. 3. It's hard to predict every possible change in the future circumstances that might occur between the time a prenuptial agreement is written and a divorce 4. What seems fair and reasonable right now at the time of writing the prenup might seem extremely unfair to one of the partners twenty years later. 5. State law may protect you without a prenup. California family law does a fine job regulating couples' finances. For example, assets owned before marriage are separate property and.

Those accumulated during marriage are community property that is owned fiftyfifty. However, watch out for fine differences of commingling , which I will discuss in another tutorial. On the other hand, there some considerable advantages to have a prenup before entering the marriage 1. One of the common reasons for divorce is financial disputes between couples. Discussing it all up front will help to reduce conflicts and save money in case of divorce. 2. It can protect your separate property. 3. It helps you plan your estate 4. It defines what property is considered marital or community property.

Financial Advice to WomenLearn to Live Well Professor Savings

Hi! Blair with Professor Savings here, with financial advice for women looking to live well. In most families, a woman's income has become an important part of the finances. Financial independence for women is the order of the day, so it is necessary to understand financial planning 1. Learn to save and invest in a proper manner. 2. Keep a record in writing of all financial transactions. 3. Women should increase financial knowledge by reading books, talking to experts or reading online. Read more financial advice for women looking to live well in the article below. And, be.

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