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The top reasons for not winning the lottery are because the odds are against you. The top reasons for divorce well that's another story. And this is Dr. Paul author of Boomer girls, a boomer woman's guide to men and dating and host of ask Dr. Paul. The top reasons for divorce, somehow I feel like one of the comedians who comes up with the top ten reasons. And we won't go there on a comic way because it's not funny.The number one is adultery. Number one is cheating. Ok. That's number one. We are not going to go through top ten.

But childcare is another one. They disagree on how to raise children but that's way down the list. Finances is another one. Ok. That's probably number two in that top ten if you will and we are not going to go through ten but number two is having a real financial difficulty with each other. One is a saver and one is a spendthrift and it doesn't work. Or you've gotten yourself so deeply into debt that you are arguing about it all the time. It's a bad, bad scenario. Number three oddly enough, number three comes under the category.

Of addiction. And it can be an addiction that maybe minor, one person sees it as minor, the other sees it as major. Be it alcohol, or drugs or gambling or smoking. The smokernonsmoker is a recipe for divorce beyond belief. Another issue one of the top issues in getting divorced is risk taking. Suddenly one person wants to go into business and is willing to take a big risk and mortgages the farm, the house whatever and the other one says, whoa stop right now I'm not a risk taker. Those things should have been probably exercised in terms.

Resolving Financial Issues in Your Divorce

Are you worried about your financial future now that you're going through separation and divorce That totally makes sense to me. My name is Brian Galbraith. I'm the owner of Galbraith Family Law Professional Corporation. We're a law firm of lawyers with offices in Barrie, Orillia and Newmarket. It totally makes sense to me that you'd be worried about your money and your debts. When I went through my own separation and divorce, I was worried too. The best approach to the resolution of the financial issues in a separation or a divorce is to balance the interests between.

Both parties. It's not about finding blame or punishing one party over the other. It's about finding a resolution, finding a resolution that works for both parties so that you can close this chapter of your life and move forward. The first step for you is to educate yourself about family law around financial issues. We have numerous articles on our website that should help. We also have some articles on our blog that should be of interest too. When you're ready, the next step is to book a consultation with one of our lawyers. We'll match you with the right lawyer who can help you resolve.

Avoiding Divorce by Asking TOUGH Questions on Core Issues BEFORE Marriage

You brought up the church, the religious premarital counselling. And I know there's a lot of churches that offer that, and it seems like a really good service. But do they touch upon or hit upon these really difficult points. I don't know if you know what they go through or not. But it sounds like yours is very much inyourface and very direct about things. A lot of times counselling in various things, you're just trying to get you to, it seems like to me, talk about things, and either create problems or you don't get to the bulk of what the problem.

Really is. In your case, was this written by you Yes. And did you just take kind of these that I've chose from all your past clients. Because you could have seen in real life what it really is. Right. Because I have been practicing for a long time, and I've had just my mediation practice for almost 15 years now. So you can imagine, especially in the mediation, when I'm working with both parties, I get to see the dynamic on both sides regarding each issue that's kind of caused the breakdown of the.

Marriage. And they're usually related to religion, money, affairs so anything kind of sex related. And sometimes it's also the role in the relationship. Like they don't talk about, Are we going to both have careers when were married or When we have children, do we want one of us to stay home, does one of us even want to stay home, would we want to go parttime, can we afford to do this And those really aren't things that people necessarily talk about prior to getting married, because they feel like it's kind of jumping the gun. Or.

If they do, they talk about it very loosely. And I think it's really important to make sure when you're starting something like marriage together, that you're on the same page. Because that just makes you this power couple moving forward, instead of two individuals who could potentially have friction moving forward when issues come up. And again, we're not going to hit on everything that's going to come up, but there are some core issues that are the leading causes of divorce these days that I address. And you're right, it's a little.

Bit inyourface. And the purpose isn't to cause problems and convince the couple not to get married. Because what I'm trying to do is kind of salvage the potential for breakdown later in the marriage by addressing these beforehand. And so it usually doesn't incite problems with the couple because there's no hot topic that's readily apparent. We're actually just working through them before, and they probably think some of the stuff I ask them as sort of silly. But it's good, and the couples that I've done it with have come back and.

Virginia State Bar Tutorial Briefs Divorce in Virginia

Virginia State Bar Tutorial Briefs Divorce is traumatic and often involves property rights and financial matters that can lead to complicated legal issues. When children are involved the complications can be even greater. The Virginia State Bar has several free publications available that were written by lawyermembers of the family law section. They don't offer legal advice. They are, though, intended to help you and your family sort through the issues that often come up in a divorce. And while you are not required to have a lawyer in order to get a divorce in.

Virginia, it may be a good idea to have one. A lawyer who has knowledge of the law in divorce, custody, and related issues can help you know your rights and obligations. The Divorce in Virginia pamphlet offers basic answers to some common questions people have when they're getting divorced. For example, you might want to know what are grounds for divorce, what property rights do you have, are you eligible for spousal support, what about custody of the children, and what about child support payments The bar's pamphlet called Financial Issues in Divorce in Virginia offers more detailed advice.

About issues related to money. Understanding financial matters will go a long way toward helping you make the right decisions about these issues. Now while your marriage may be over, you'll be a parent forever. The pamphlet called Children and Divorce offers guidelines for parents who have custody of children and for visitation. The State Bar's Family Law Section also has made a tutorial called Spare the Child to help parents with questions that come up. It's available on our website. Remember, divorce need not lead to expensive and difficult litigation.

Married Couples Day Divorce rate down, people marrying later

For those of you out there who have already tied the knot,. today is 'Married Couple's Day' in Korea. Recent data shows the state of marital union in the country is stronger than it was just a decade ago, with more couples staying together for the long haul. Connie Kim takes a look at why. May is the most popular month to get married in Korea. and also the month it celebrates Married Couples' Day. To celebrate the union of marriage, the National Association of Mayors at the National Assembly has been hosting an annual ceremony for the past few years.

At this year's event, Yoon Hakwon and Lee Myungwon were named this year's married couple of the year. I thank my wife for supporting me during our 51 years of marriage. This day was established by the Korean government in 2007 as a way to get people thinking about their marriage, and more importantly their spouse. Married Couples' Day falls on May 21st for a reason. with the numbers 2 and 1 symbolizing the union of two people. It's a day to remind couples of the importance of a happy marriage.

More Korean couples are staying happily married these days. The nation's divorce rate peaked in 2003, which experts attribute to the spillover effect from the Asian financial crisis,. but the number has been on a gradual decline ever since. Analysts say couples are also putting more thought before saying, I do. Statistics Korea data shows that the average age men and women get married. has gone up by more than two years in the past decade. On average, men now get married at 32 and women at 30. Experts also say that couples are now openly discussing their problems more than they used.

Wedding Proposal Marriage Advice Avoid Money Problems During Marriage

Hi I'm Joe Cuenco, I'm a marriage researcher and writer. Today we're going to be talking about how to avoid financial difficulties during marriage. Now this is a real key issue avoiding this financial difficulties during marriage because it's one of the top three issues that either cause marriages to break apart or cause for marital disharmony. So it's real important that you sit down and communicate between each other and determine what your short term and your long term goals are. The experts will tell you that it's important to have six months of discretionary income for family to deal with, with the unexpected,.

Work layoffs or some unforeseen circumstance. But, and it's really difficult to predict something catastrophic coming along as you hadn't plan for, but it tells about six months is a good target to have in terms of saving and disposable income. But you really need to have a discussion about what it is that you want, short term, long term. Do you need another car because of, because this one is six year older longer. Would you like to have a boat for recreation Would you like to take that special vacation or perhaps an anniversary.

Is coming on, something, something that nature needs to be budgeted for. But the real key is that you develop a plan and stick to it. Perhaps you can work with a financial planner or work with an accountant to help you work through. What are the staples that need to be provided for, for household maintenance and also how do we invest appropriately and also build for the future. So, working, working the details out, is important but you also have to stick by the plan. Make a commitment to stick by the plan and if there any deviations,.

You need to talk about it. And if you're going to spend more than amount of money that you allocated in your account, you need to talk about it. In younger years, particularly younger couples have a real issue with making major purchases and thinking they have to have everything right up front. A good key indicator is if, don't make a major purchase without consulting with the other person. But if you, if you are considering doing something of a large nature, then wait perhaps two days, a week, to determine if you really need that. Because.

Should I Get a Divorce Or Should I Stay in My Marriage

Hello, my name is Brian Galbraith. I'm the owner of Galbraith Family Law. We're a law firm of divorce lawyers with offices in Orillia, Barrie, and Newmarket. I've heard it said that people who get a divorce just give up too early. They just rush into it. Well, that's just not my experience at all. I've helped hundreds of families through separation and divorce, and I can tell you they agonize over the decision. Some people contemplate it for five years, others for up to 10 years before they take action. If.

Your marriage is in trouble, I strongly urge you to seek out marriage counseling. Marriage counseling has the best chance for success if it's started early. One question you might ask yourself is, Can I envision a future with my spouse, sitting on a rocking chair on the back porch, growing old together Now I'm not a therapist, but if you can't envision a future with your spouse, maybe it's time to make a change. A therapist can more skillfully and carefully help you look at your relationship, and help you make.

The right decision. If the right decision for you is separation or divorce, the next step is to contact our office and have a no obligation consultation with one of our divorce lawyers. We can help you through the process. If this tutorial's been helpful, please give it a thumbs up, or like it, or better yet share it with a friend. When you're ready for your separation and divorce, please go to our website at GalbraithFamilyLaw and book a consultation with one of our divorce lawyers in either Barrie, Orillia, or Newmarket. We'll help you get through the process. Thank.

Fort Worth Marriage Counseling With Tracy Crain 817 2834300

Tracy Crain offers Fort Worth marriage counseling to those who desire a happier and healthier marriage. Based in Colleyville, Texas she specializes in Marriage, Family, Addiction Abuse issues. It's a basic human need to share your thoughts and feelings with a supportive listener who can help you find ways to improve your situation. Tracy Crain has over 16 years of experience working as a Fort Worth marriage counseling expert. Do you need help with creating a happy and lasting marriage Fort Worth marriage counseling expert Tracy Crain can help. Please contact Tracy Crain today at 817 2834300.

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Divorce Advice Top Reasons For Divorce

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