Marriage Relationship Advice How to Fix a Bad Relationship

Hi, I'm Patti German and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist here in New York City. In this clip, we are going to talk about how to fix a bad relationship. Best place to start on is to understand what the problem is. For instance, if there are constant fighting we have to understand what's underneath the fighting. There are four indicators of whether a marriage can really go on or a relationship is in trouble. One is if there is constant criticizing, if there is contempt, if there is defending, and if there is stonewalling. So we look at.

Its Not About The Nail

It's just There's all this pressure. You know And sometimes it feels like it's right up on me. And. I can just feel it like literally feel it in my head. And it's relentless, and. I don't know if it's gonna stop. I mean, that's the thing that scares me the most, is that I don't know if it's ever gonna stop. Yeah. Well. you do have a nail. in your head. It is not about the nail. Are you sure, because, I mean, I'll bet, if we got that out of there.

Stop trying to fix it! No, I'm not trying to fix it! I'm just pointing out, that maybe the nail is causing You always do this! You always try to fix things when I really need is for you just listen! See, I don't think that is what you need. I think what you need is to get the nail out See, you're not even listening now! OK, fine. I will listen. Fine. It's just sometimes, it's like, there's this achy. I don't know what it is. And I'm not sleeping very well at all.

Marriage Fitness How to Fix Your Marriage With Mort Fertels Highly Successful Program

Julie P Their emails made me sick. I couldn't believe Dan was having an affair. Jeff C I love you but I m not in love with you. That's what Kate said and then she moved out. Mort Fertel A broken marriage is devastating. You feel hurt, betrayed, neglected, panicked. Well there are solutions. Thousands of marriages have been saved just like yours using the Marriage Fitness Program. This is not counseling. Instead of dredging up problems and getting stuck in the past, you can move forward and make a new beginning. Dan and Julie P.

Marriage Relationship Advice How to Fix Communication Problems

Hi, I'm Patti German and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist here in New York City. In this clip, we are going to talk about how to fix communication problems. The most important part of communicating is to learn to be a very good listener. Part of what happens in relationships is people start yelling at each other and no one can hear anything when you are being yelled at. So, to understand what communication is, is to really hear what someone is talking about, and where it's coming from within them. Is it coming from a place of.

Akshay CONFESSED To Have Fixed Asins Marriage LehrenTV

Akshay Kumar has become a matchmaker in real life. No one else but Akshay Kumar is responsible..for Asin's wedding. Oh yes. Akshay has accepted that he has played a huge uniting Asin and Rahul Sharma. Akki had introduced them to each other..because Rahul and Asin are his very good friends. By the way Akshay was concealing this matter..but since Asin has revealed her even Akshay is not denying the fact. I have been hiding this for three and a half to four years. Yes, I got them to meet.

And Jacqueline was also a part of it. But she didn't realize it because I played it very slyly. It was during 'Housefull 2' and we were in Delhi. Don't laugh, but we were playing hide and seek. And I made the two of them hide together in one cupboard. This is how it started and it is so nice..that they are getting married now. So this is what Akshay Kumar has done. By the way Akshay is fast in getting partners for himself. But Akki has done a deed of great virtue.

Communication Understanding Others How to Fix Your Marriage

Hi, my name is Reka Morvay. I'm a psychologist, and I'm going to talk to you today about how to fix your marriage. Now, if you've reached a point where you have to seriously think about how to fix your marriage that, of course, implies that there is something broken, so the first thing to do is try to determine what exactly it is that is broken in your relationship. What fundamental need is it that isn't being met, or what fundamental boundary is it that's being crossed all the time Try this tactic for a month try to.

Marriage on the Rocks, Fix your relatiionship and communication

My relationships just started to improve immediately. I mean it was really miraculous. Something that my husband and I have been dealing with. Some dysfunctional dynamic that would show up for 15 years and my relationship with my husband completely changed. He noticed it right away. Everybody on the planet is looking for love. If you know how to get rid of the negativity the next thing you do you become loving. When you're loving everybody is looking for so they all kinds of things for you without saying a word. It just happens magically.

I've been in practice for 32 years. This was the technique that I was looking for. Release technique is just fabulous for getting out of the way the negativity between people. It couldn't be simpler. I now recommend this to all of my patients. The release you don't have to work at it. You could have a great relationship just by loving. My mother and our relationship is so wonderful now. Before it was kind of we're on in one month and off one month and our relationship is just getting better and better and better.

Relationship Advice How to Know If You Should Fix a Broken Friendship

I'm Joe Cuenco with Family Resources. Today we're going to be answering the question, when is the time to bring Tim the Toolman in to fix a friendship Specifically, how do we know if we should fix a broken friendship Friendships are living and breathing things. They require attention, nurturing and care. And friendship is actually a two way street. It requires give and take and it's something that is built for mutual benefit. Other friendships can involve the best situation is when you have a lover and that is your best friend.

That typically will build towards a long term relationship and perhaps a marriage. But there are other types of friendships. Could be a workplace relationship, or it could be a friendship of necessity. Where you're maybe not soul mates, or real deep friends, but you have to be together a certain perspective. Or it could be political. You may have a friendship because there have to be agendas to be served. But you need to think about what you are actually getting out of the relationship. It is a two way street. True friendships exist if you.

Can count true friendships you've had in your life, on one hand, and most people can, it really becomes something that you really can treasure, if you can count that many. These are people that will be there at any time for you, at any location, and hopefully you will do the same for them, 'cause that's really the measure of a true friendship. But if you've gone down the path and you've had a relationship like this and you're trying to mend that, you've got to evaluate what actually was the catalyst for breaking down the friendship.

Work to resolve the issues, have a communication, have a dialogue and try to get back on track. Recognize there are folks that you don't need in your life that really only want to take, and it's a one way street where friendship is a two way street, and if you've got somebody that you honestly can work towards and build a mutual friendship relationship for a long term, then that typically is something that will last a lifetime. True friendship will last and survive any issue and any geography and any time. So it may not be an easy decision.

How to fix a relationship problems Relationship Advice Marriage Counseling

You know our finances were stressing out her marriage so bad How to fix a relationship problems you know it was like the wrong and wrong job I hated and are weird it just wasn't working before we found this program is needed really find something that was gonna work ass only 12 marriage counselor actually most wanted nothing really works out my husband Paul discord were at the n are certainly give this one last shot yeah it was the most amazing thing up and you know actually found each other again so don't hesitate.

Fix Marriage Short Film

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