Honor Forced Marriage to Rapist Law Needs Change

Last year a sixteenyearold girl in morocco committed suicide after she was forced to marry the man who raped her shes rate by twenty threeyearold and and she got married because that's the law cared in order to protect her family's honor since she's been uh. uses her virginity has been taken away from her icy has to marion and and make sure that the family's honor remains intact no yeah the really dot when god got raped by the hubble thing would be to rule on the rapist might have been made on a very her from the west of her life salt.

Of course the relationship ends up being extreme really abusive and it was so abusive that she ended up committing suicide so it's a very tragic story i remember talking about on the young turks while morocco has decided to outlaw this traditional practices referred to as article four seventy five of the penal code there and day are no longer planning on forcing women to marry the man that rape them aristotle hang out by the way to solicit that further planning it hasn't passed yet the like old photos.

Hotly votes for people who say hey perhaps we should move the rates another thing is act and that is such a tiny and it's not a tiny politicians problems but it's just one aspect of the huge issue in that country when it comes to women's rights they have out silly no comprehensive laws that protect women's rights and honestly they think of women as property right differences let me give me an exact example of that if you are a woman who has been raped that you've had sex before.

That person who rates you can get a maximum of ten years in prison however the penalties are much harsher if you are of virgin when you got raped in fact it's double echoes from ten years twenty years down the aisle why would you into the penalty it reduced rate because it on the road as protecting the woman debuted as protecting property dana's point if a woman is a version she is more valuable property so she gets more protections lofi so five bucks from you might get ten years.

If you still five hundred thousand for media twenty years right so it's basically grand theft if your repeat the woman whose overture look that's not to say that every moroccan thinks that of course none that we do mark was watching the saying hey we don't agree with that at all olympic looked right at least begin the process of changing and the reason why that process is changing is because moroccans took to the street any protest its ahead so just like we sat with a story of raping india you know it's the.

People of india that went to the streets both men and women fighting for off harsh laws against rapists and the same thing is happening in morocco and so our point is that you've got to move on and obviously a lot of moroccans agree with us from the whole culture because just as as part of your culture doesn't mean it's right despite the culture of this case is bad for and anyone with a shred of decency unreal morality but the big morality of fundamentalists should understand that you know enom.

Always amazed at what culture can do the work people's minds fisher genetic instinct as a father is to protect your kids and that is as dvd safest any human being could ever have about anything can marry your daughter off to the man who brutally raped her to protect you're stupid lassie honor anything that you can believe in that mindset in that perverse idea morality think about how selfish that i would like to protect my honor so i'm gonna send my daughter to repress for him to abuse or for the rest of her life.

Male Soldiers Growing Breasts

Mail german soldiers are are growing press because of some of the controls of the two to sell our apparently is not one of the tales of a deal is that they take the rifle and a slam it pretty hard against our you know one breast nonwork happens chess and double what it does is it that stimulates mail mammary glands and as a result backrest won't route and a little larger than the other one so this is not going to about thirty five soldiers and had to go into onto you know get the situation sorted out.

Because you but like i have a broader council on the other side so that's that's the first of all uh. i have had to go to the german army fit for a vote don't don't have a dramatic has worked out well update i'd just come down i look at them uh. no but seriously evite dislike that old joke from the doctors like all of you know i a in the old ally case when he's really hurt their wish that you don't use it on your belly yet with a stop to start reference book but be.

Uh. there's another military exercises you can do sterile i think that's on the maturity of the wrong idea solar secure about that and they see the baby slamming or an employee joining the german army together will order press save some money decorative simply be how perot was interviewed about this uh. engine she said well going to be doing these trails them as well start slapping those rifles on the other another book that way it'll be like symmetrical at least exit it is a different next eight years ago thirtyfive germans and and terror and.

Top 5 Reasons Why Chinas OneChild Policy Failed.

Top 5 Reasons Why China's onechild policy failed. It Wasn't a policy, but a torture. Millions of women have been forced to end their illegal pregnancies and since 2000, such abortions have numbered about 7 million a year, according to China's Health Ministry. Human Rights Watch says that coercive measures are often used to end and prevent pregnancies lateterm abortions and the forced insertion of IUDs. Couples that have two children could still be subjected to coercive and intrusive forms of contraception, and even forced abortions which amount to torture.

China never had a truly nationwide onechild policy China's population control policies have always varied within provinces and region by region. In rural areas, couples have been allowed a second child if first born was a DAUGHTER , and parents from China's 55 ethnic minorities have been permitted to have more than 1 child. Money has allowed richer to evade the policy. Famously, awardwinning director Zhang Yimou paid a $1.23 million fine in 2014 and apologized for his 3 excessive children. It created a massive surplus of young men According to the China Statistics Bureau, there are now 34 million more men than women.

These men, often described as bare branches because they won't bear fruit, face an uncertain future due to the lack of potential female partners. The spread of cheap ultrasound, which enables sex determination in midpregnancy and easy access to termination, has led to the widespread abortion of female fetuses. Problems caused by policy Because of a traditional preference for baby boys over girls, the onechild policy is often cited as the cause of China's skewed sex ratio. Even the government acknowledges the problem as they won't be able to find brides and may turn to kidnapping women, sex trafficking,.

Many Korean seniors have no support from econmically active children welfare mi

Many Korean senior citizens 65 or older. say they are not living with their children. Theyre also feeling insecure about their finances. Questions are being raised on whether enough governmental measures are in place to take care of the rapidlyaging population. but experts point to a deep rooted custom. Shin Semin reports. Nearly 15percent of the Korean population is in the 65orolder age bracket. a sign that the country is on its path to a senior society. But many of the seniors are feel more and more insecure. Koreas welfare ministry said Tuesday.

That seven out of ten Korean seniors are either living by themselves or with just a spouse. without the support of their children. The report is based on a 2014 survey conducted by the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs. They spoke to nearly 10thousand5hundred seniors. Three of ten elderly people are working after retirement. most of them to support daily living costs. causing advocates to wonder if theres enough government support for rapidly growing aged population. But. experts say the problem stems from traditional Korean customs. Unlike many western countries. most Korean parents support their children through.

Justice Ministry to propose fining people for failing to report child abuse

The government is moving to tackle the growing problem of child abuse in Korea. The Justice Ministry aims to propose a law that would fine people close to five thousand U.S. dollars for failing to report child abuse. The ministry hopes the law will better protect children from continued abuse and ensure abusers are punished. Twentytwo children died in Korea as result of child abuse last year. That's the highest number recorded since the National Child Protection Agency began compiling the data in 2001. Between then and 2012, a total of 97 children,.

11 Yr Old Implies Same Sex Marriage Would Take Away Her Mom

Miss Evans please introduce yourself for the record. My name is Grace Evans and I want to thank you for letting me speak today. Even though I am only 11yearsold, I know that everyone deserves to have a mom and dad. If you change the law that says two moms or two dads to get married it would take away something very important for children like me across the state. My mom is very important to me because she teaches me about things about being a girl. She is kind, thoughtful,.

Gentle and beautiful. She cares for me and others and listens to the things I want to talk about. I am learning from her to be a good woman, wife and mother someday. Even though I learned some of these things from my dad, my mom teaches them in a very special way. Without my mom it would be very hard for me to learn them. She's my role model in how to be a girl and I love her very much. My dad is also very important to me because.

He protects me and helps me get the confidence to be a girl who is growing up to be a woman. He takes care of problems the way my mom cannot. Just like my mom wouldn't be able to be the woman she is without my dad, I wouldn't be able to be the woman I want to be without my dad. Because he is strong, wise and different than my mom. I learned things from him that I would not in the same way from my mom. Since every child needs a mom and a dad to be born, I don't think we can change that.

Mitt Romney on LGBTQ Families 2006

Marriages primarily not about adults but about kids a child and their development and nurturing is enhanced by access and by the nurturing of to parents of two different genders and so as we think about the development of children and the future of our nation and its ability to raise a generation we need to have homes where there are moms and dads so i favor traditional marriage let me get this straight are you suggesting that children who have two fathers or two mothers to gay men or two lesbian mothers that those children are going to be growing up in.

Some sort of weird environment is that what you're saying this is going to affect their their ability to be normal kids I'm saying that the ideal setting for raising a child is where there's a mother and a father now of course we have a lot of homes where there's a single mom and uh. and that's not ideal but there are some great families Two loving parents who happen to be the same sexWolf there's no question that that having access to a mother and father people of both genders is the ideal for the development of a.

Married At First Sight The First Year Season 1 Episode 7 Naughty or Nice Review

Hey everybody it's Married at FIrst Sight time this week so I just finished watching the seventh episode and you know what it was probably not as good as I was expecting it to be. If you saw last week's you saw that Cortney came home from visiting her parents in North Carolina and her apartment all of a sudden was empty And we thought Jason just picked up and left and was done with Cortney in the relationship. Well it turns out he wasnt and I wasn't really surprised. He really just moved her furniture across the hallway.

To a new apartment that opened up that is actually bigger than their current one. He just wanted a fresh start and what better way to have a fresh start than a new apartment. And Monet was back on this episode she was talking about her friend how she's dating two guys and she's not realy sure where it's gonna go, but she's gonna spend new years with a guy she's met through her friends. I think Monet will end up finding someone she likes towards the end of the season. And who knows maybe she'll be on a subsequent season.

Of the show. The last episode we saw that Jamie couldn't get a hold of her Mom and Jamie goes and visits her brother who i guess we haven't seen before as well as a bunch of family members and they all couldn't get a hold of Jamie's mom. They finally get a hold of her. It turns out her Mom just borrows random people's cell phones and claims that she couldn't call Jamie back because she doesn't have minutes on her phone. She usually just texts people because it's a lot easier and free. I don't really know if that's true or.

Not, Also apparently the place she's been working at a lot of the people have been busy or away so she's had to spend more time working. I don't really know if that's true or not we'll probably see that in subsequent epsidoes but apparently no one is happy with Jamie's mom. The other cool thing that happened in this episode was that Doug wanted to do something really nice for Jamie so he bought her a car. IT wasn't a shitty car it was a really nice car and you know i was kind of surprised because Doug has always said he was in debt, he was.

Starting a new job it doesn't seem like a wise financial move. But that's just my opinion. I thought he could have done something that meant just as much but not spend the same amount of money. We've really seen that Doug and Jamie have really grown as a couple and have really hit their stride this season. And it's kind of funny how the roles have kind of reversed as Jason and Cortney are the complete opposite they just seem so immature, they are fighting and arguing all the time and even moving into a new apartment hasn't.

Fixed their underlying issues. Jason and Cortney aren't really communicating Jason never really opens up to her and towards the end of the epsiode we see that Jason is so angry because he hasn't had the time to mourn his Mom's death because he's too busy focusing on what's happening on his life today as well as tomorrow and he feels like maybe the relationship isn't about meeting his needs but Cortney's needs instead. And we see in the preview for next week's episode apparently he goes to Vegas and gets into all sorts of trouble. I'm sure.

Next week's episode will just open up a can of worms for his relationship, at least from the clips they've shown. It's not clear whether Cortney goes to Vegas with him or whether they are separated in Vegas. That pretty much does it for this week. I thought this week's episode was decent not as good as last week, but i am really looking forward to the Vegas episode. It was pretty juicy what they showed and I'd love to know what you guys think. Comment in the section below and If you want to get updates from Married at First Sight.

Memoir Review of Fifty Years in Polygamy by Kristyn Decker

Hi there, I'm Linda Jo Martin. I'm a Book Lady on YouTube, and I'm the Autobiography and Memoir Bookworm Contributor on Squidoo. Today i and reviewing Fifty Years in Polygamy Big Secrets and Little White Lies by Kristyn Decker. Her uncle, Rulon Allred, started a church called the Apostolic United Brethren, based in Bluffdale, Utah. She was raised by a polygamist father. She was one of the younger daughters of his first wife. Her father was Owen Allred, who took over the Apostolic United Brethren sect after Rulon's death, in 1977.

The book was very wellwritten. I enjoyed reading it. I consider it a pageturner. It is 482 pages. I read the uncensored version which was published just last December. I believe there was an earlier version, perhaps that didn't include as much information. There were some difficult childhood situations in her life. She was molested by a halfbrother in the polygamous family. Her mother was not happy with the other wives and she left the home a lot. She got a job as a nurse and so she wasn't present in the home much of the time.

When the author, Sophia Allred, became an adult, she, of course, believed that polygamy was necessary. She was a seventh generation polygamist. She believed that she needed to marry a polygamist man so that she could go to heaven. And she married a friend that she had met in childhood. I always thought that a man in a polygamous family would have to earn a lot of money to support all those wives, but as it turns out, it wasn't necessary because the wives had to go to work to support their families.

I was really putout with Sophia, the author of the book, whose name is also Kristyn Decker, by the way, she changed her name to Kristyn later in life. But I was really putout with Sophia because she stayed with her husband for so long. Just terrible things happened in their relationship but then I thought she should have left him a long time ago, but these women are taught that they must be submissive, and must put up with whatever life gives them because that's their ticket into heaven. It was a great book. I recommend you read it. It's one of many memoirs that are being.

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Jordan Syrian Women In Distress Reporters

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