Should Catholic Priests Be Able to Marry

According to the Vatican's secretary of state priest celibacy is an open question for the Catholic Church and it should be. Family values and passing along belief in god to the next generation are a large part of Catholic life. Plus, marriage is one of the seven sacraments. Why in this day and age does the church require its Priests to miss out on those elements of their religion Well, first off they don't. Celibacy is not a revealed truth passed down from God to man. It is a church discipline and as such there are some exceptions. According to USCatholic.Org.

About a hundred Catholic Priests in the US today are married. These Priests were Episcopalian and Lutheran ministers who got married. Then later converted to Catholicism at which time they were ordained as Roman Catholic Priests and allowed to keep their marriage vows, wives, families.etc. Plus, Eastern Catholic Churches who are self governing but considered Catholic by the Vatican, have always allowed sections of their Priesthood to marry. So, Celibacy is not an absolute requirement for doing the job of priesthood. Plus, Celibacy wasn't a part of Catholicism early on. St. Peter was married for example,.

It only became an official part of religious life in 1075 when Pope Gregory VII issued an official decree banning marriage in the priesthood. His reasons mainly involved stemming church corruption and putting an end to the practice of Priest leaving church property to their wives and children. So, the argument for opening up marriage to the entire church seems strong. So, why haven't they Well, according to current Catholic teachings they see celibacy as a gift that God bestows on those who are called to the priesthood A gift that allows Priests to give themselves fully to their parishioners, all of their.

Love and energy can be spent in that direction and it also allows the Priests to keep their parishioners first in their hearts and minds, not second or third behind their wife and kids. Some Priests think Celibacy brings them closer to their work and as a result closer to God, which you can argue is a practical benefit of celibacy. There are also financial benefits of celibacy or more accurately financial obstacles to allowing marriage. Can the diocese afford to take care of entire families Does each parish have the facilities Would they carry insurance Would they pay for higher education.

Do they take on debts or liabilities of their new dependents And there are few moral pandora's boxy type questions that go with priest's marrying. How do you handle the inevitable divorce or separation Could they marry noncatholics Is it ethical for a priest to take their wife's or child's confession What about the child's or widow's inheritance Can they receive that or are they more like feudal serfs than children Those are a ton of questions and we didn't even mention any of the current gay rights, birth control or any of the other hot button issues for the catholic church.

Catholic Marriage Success Stories!

I know you work with a lot of married couples you have any success stories that you want to share with us Oh my gosh there are so many. Well let me start with my mother and father. My mother and father very funny story in a way in New Jersey they grew up in a city part of New Jersey very italianamerican neighborhood and my mother as a teenager could not understand why she couldn't find a boyfriend. Well later on she found out that my father when he met her once, very briefly, told all the guys in the.

Neighborhood that he was dating her. So he told them to keep their hands off of her. And she didn't really like him. She thought he was you know a braggart a little bit of a noisy kinda guy and he just kept asking her out until she said he wore her down and she started dating him. It was very oldfashioned because they were first generation italianamericans so before they could even date my father had to go to her father and asked if he could date her. That's just how it was done in those days with the nineteen.

Fifties and they started dating. She said eventually she realize how precious he was and they got married. And my father later on would say that that life is hard and marriage you need to have a true friendship with your spouse and he said even when you have the best of marriages which he was convinced he did have. He said that there were time you'd get so angry whatever my mother and even have to go into his bedroom closed the door and remember why he married her. So both of them I have to say where a lovely example of the just plain.

Oldfashioned good solid love and the grind of life. That can get in the way sometimes. I mean they had their financial problem we went bankrupt up one point in time. It Was it was a nightmare. They had four children and they struggled together. So what we saw as kids we always saw them always always a team taking us forward and the love was always there and the protection was always there and we knew that even when we were really poor that wasn't gonna be bad because we had my.

Mother and my father and we knew that they have each other. He died about eighteen years ago and he died in my mother's arms. The last thing he said to her was tree you're the love of my life He gave her a kiss and died right in her arms. I mean it was like a movie was just we laugh and we cry all at the same time because it was so him but but i know other success stories like that as well. So many of the married couple that I worked with around the country I've.

Not Alone Alternate Version

Inspirational music I am a little bit nervous about people kind of hearing that I am this way and them thinking Oh, she's not welcome here. I would say I'm different, we're all different. Pretty scary you know. I mean how many people can I really truly be honest with I've tried to change this before but it's too important to me. I actually think the races should be segregated. Maybe like Asian City or Blackland! It's just my personal belief that a woman belongs in the kitchen. Barefoot. Making a beautiful meal for her husband,.

While holding her two babies, twins, and breastfeeding them at the same time. But definitely not in public, that sht's gross. I already have an idea of what America should be. That will never change. At the end of the day I think we shouldn't be ashamed of how we really feel about things. So just be you. Unless you're Black. Or Asian. Or Latino. Or uh Arab. Or Native American. Don't forget about women. Or a woman. Nobody 's views should be suppressed. Especially if they oppress marginalized groups of people.

Those are my favorite views. I feel uncomfortable when we're not talking about me. I know tons of people who are black. I have friends who are black, my hairdresser's black They're wonderful people. I don't fear them, you know I love them. Oh, it's okay, I'm transracial. Where's that balance You know Like, where can I say Go back to Africa, but still respect someone I just would never be able to take lady president seriously. But I love saying the Nword! Bigoted is a huge word that gets thrown around. And that hurts my feelings.

What about racist Oh no not that word. Sexist No, not that either. It's just my opinion. You're making me feel bad about myself. You cannot have a society of hatred or a society of bigotry. Unless, I mean, you know, you're me and my friends. Uh can you make me a sandwich honey Okay! Aw thank you so much. Actually, it's a little embarrassing but I feel a little black. Yes girl! And I feel white. No, it doesn't work like that. I mean I don't see my mind changing. You know.

Really What if lalalalalalalala Have you ever heard of free speech I just feel like the best way to break down all these barrierssorry Is to just listen to me. You're not alone. You're not alone. You're not alone. We're all in this together in the fight to turn back time, make less progress, and yet still pretend like we're the ones being attacked. And then I think that's it. YAASSSSSSS CUT! Oh hey, so you know when your country legalizes gay marriage nationwide Sound off the alarm of our people!.

AntiGay Plan Backfires On Catholic League President

We told you about Bill Donohue he is the head of the Catholic League that's an organization that has approximately three and have people in it are complaining that the Guinness pulled its sponsorship the same Patrick's Day parade in New York and that he's a strike back because gonna said poll did since the parade organizers and now allow gay people to march in Saint Patrick's Day Parade he's gonna retaliate by marching in the gay rights parade he said oh yeah I like a march in there by saying strain is great I'm never.

Signed just like that now have course expected the organizes evaporate to be as close minded as organize a saint patrick's parade who's truly disappointed when they said the great we'd love to have you and in fact there same it was his group's presence affirms the need for this year's Pride theme we had one when we are one straight is great as long as there's no hate so those very clever way of responding and I certainly meant that in this is absolutely welcome to a walk with us now our sense here on the show was a bill Donahue.

Didn't really mean a walk in the parade he was hoping that they were like I said as closed off to outsiders or people that they didn't necessarily associate with this he is but now the reality is of course gay groups are not like that they were surrounded by Street Books may never had problem was reported all they ever wanted was the same not more the same rights Street citizens in this country have so they said look it we're a collection of people that are gay bisexual transgender.

And if you want to be straight as for the group great grab at all and as we suspected bill Donahue not only did not really in Penn the participate in the parade want to just show show them up but if his book was called would not actually participate in the parade and of course thats announcement today so bill Donahue says today I informed her digital pride officials that I objected to the rule requiring me to attend a training sessions or what they call information sessions I don't agree with you rule I said they responded by saying that attendance was.

Mandatory see that turns out their nterminal donahue gay well he's not gonna go lower back care of course he's lying as always he know what was mandatory for all groups participating at his bill donahue's not gay training programs of course not who'd see only bigoted people like don t he would think like that what what would we do we will try to do brainwashing indoctrination to make everybody like us right now you know the actual purpose so they're mandatory meeting was safety orientation meeting ok allpurpose up boris.

If you're going to march in a parade you need to know where to go and how to be safe in not do the wrong things that we was indeed I created a there they pair did your prior to purchase reflect cable 14 wasn't talking about mm I P reported it is he also insisted the second reason he a would not march was because they're gonna make him wear court LGBT paraphernalia had yet they're gonna make you wear I'm a bow pink triangle granted no of course there were gonna make you wear anything it editor.

Gay Teacher Fired From Catholic School After Marriage Ceremony Political Maniacs

Gay teacher fired from a Catholic school shortly after his marriage ceremony this teacher David can't bend KOMO and he taught at this Catholic High School for over 17 years he was one of the most beloved teachers that same Lucy's Priory high school which is allgirls school in Glendora Calif and him in his partner Christopher Persky we were the first couples to line up on July 1st at the San Bernardino County Assessor recorder's office to get married after stewardess will the ban on samesex marriage unconstitutional the same day the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin rapper.

Its photo and put up a tutorial online upandup newlywed celebrating their marriage last week so that students were talking about it and soon after that they found out that this teacher been fired because he did not appear on their schedules since then they started a petition unchanged at work which has over eighty five hundred signatures now they the school said that you know gay marriage is not within the teachings of the Catholic Church so regrettably they had to let him go Richard how disturbing is this is very disturbing rich.

Are like I don't add another story beforehand but as he tells you but I think the fact that even though I think it be it even more to serve because the pope has recently come out and million through these primaries quality but he is said that who was he to judge arm we learned that in around 100 aideed early Christian church was performing samesex marriages yeah so I i mean i think and it's irrelevant is this is about whether or not he's a good teacher not I meant clearly he's a good teacher is a beloved by the students and the fact.

That they would fire him based upon whom he decides to who he wants to love just blows my mind on only is it wrong on by I think we take a deeper look at themselves to be more introspective amish think about it that you know who are we to judge who somebody loves INS it all boils down to you like the minutiae that this guy's doing his job that should be all about us he's not as doing it you matters you know our beloved teacher and I think.

That you know I think with what this school really needs to look at is not the gay marriage but who the person is and what message you're really sending to your students they're saying that uses suppressed being gay you might lose your job I mean that the message this thing which is part of the problem exactly and you know I really hope I think that our foundation members at checkout be changed at work petition put your signature on a sign that of will definitely be doing that now it.

Will make sure to get you guys late for that and hopefully in the future we'll hear something good on this story hehehe pollination thanks to you we have made in our Go love 1500 subscribers you can check out are behind his tutorial in the description below this tutorial but now we need our next goal we get the 2000 skriver that we can't do it without your help so do me a favor click that subscribe button will get it done subscribers were going to release a very special tutorial.

Jeff Bridges Advice For Married Men

Oscarwinning actor Jeff Bridges has some advice for married men considering cheating go ahead and touch it or do it or whatever early so people are saying his quote means I don't percent over the same way but his actual quote is well live and learn go ahead and do it and we'll see how that goes and so people are taking that to mean well fine I guess what's the difference but bear in mind that based on his very long marriage he says he has been faithful he doesn't think it's a good idea he talks back about.

So the temptation experience as a young actor and so I think he's saying yeah you can try and most willing it's very difficult to resist temptation but you will be better off for case we married thirtysix years that's amazing in holler years mister that's like a billion years in hollywood and so any look and then when you put it in proper context having ties right he said when you touch something hot you don't have to repress the desire to touch you to get so basically saying I go for a man if you are you do the infidelity you're.

Gonna get burned after year bernie realize not a good idea but I also interpret that to mean like that he mighta got burned at some point yeah there's a little bit itself burning in this yeah I think but yeah he's been married 36 years so I mean I think with with the quote that you to show their it's a he it do it if you wanna do it don't do it if you don't do that actually strikes me as a very Jeff Bridges type things a lot to say.

Yeah there's no that's the dude right there a yeah do it do it do it he literally about to ask a Santa also he talks about when he was younger obviously experience la tentation is constantly surrounded by attractive young actresses and things like that so he says no matter how much womanizing you do with a single guy you always think there's more to be done it was basically saying there's you feel this this driver this urge to hook up with the actresses or whoever's around you but it's not like that's something that can be quenched like this author's that.

Eventually be satisfied you this one more bit and so why go through and ruin what could be a great long lasting relationship yeah I i agree with and I think that his philosophy gets kinda cookie in some areas but I think in this area he makes a lot of sense yeah well the reason to do it is doing it yeah I mean there's act so I tried like he's probably right I mean that's what the state that I'm living in right now the flip side is I would I would hold it against anyone.

Should Single College Students Prepare for Marriage Now

Do you think of yourself as preparing for marriage I do. I do. I don't date without thinking is this going to be long term. Because it's not fair to me it's not fair to them. I know what I'm looking for and as I meet people I guess that ideal person gets more defined. Sure. and everybody's like you have such high standards but I think you need to have high standards you just end up unhappy for the rest of your life and who wants that You know That's kind of why we're here. Exactly.

It's not necessarily high standards. I think you said loyalty, honesty those aren't high standards those are just virtues and qualities that everyone should have. Exactly. I'm so glad you understand that! Yes well the more people you see in the more you realize what you want and what is a deal breaker you know I don't need to marry someone 6.1. Right. I got rid of that when I was 15 But you know, you got to have some standards. Right. It's okay to have the superficial ones like I want them to be a good.

Cook I want them to be able to sing. Sure. You know whatever, but you need to have the real foundational relationshipbuilding thinks. Well also know someone who can help get you to heaven and if you're constantly struggling with someone and you know you're not in the same direction you're not gonna get there in the end. Exactly. And you're going to be miserable. Right. So do you have any advice for other college girls I just stayed strong you know. If you know what you want you know you're looking for.

Go for it and hold out for it because it's worth it and you're worth it and I don't get upset about when something doesn't work out. God puts people in your life to show you what you're really looking for.what he has to prepare you for what He has planned for you and everybody you meet every experience to go through is just to prepare you for god's greater plan that's great advice and you're so young and you have so much time in front of you and you keep your standards high. Thanks you.

What Does the Vocation to Marriage Really Mean

What are some of the ways that people can sort of be more educated and what exactly marriage means. I think whether we're talking about how we're approaching this as parents with our own kids. Whether we're talking about how we approach it ourselves or whether we talk about how we approach this in ministry to I'm single Catholics it's important that we talk about vocation. Talk about what that means. Talk about what the Church teaches in the fact that every person has a calling. Every person has a mission that God wants them to say yes to that God wants.

Them to give their entire lives too. And it's in that gift of themselves in that giving selfsacrificing love that they're going to find satisfaction and fulfillment and happiness. All those things we say we want and yet we're always chasing after them because we're filling that void inside of our souls with what culture tell this is going to fill it. Which is stuff like money and sex and wealth and fame and drugs and whatever the latest thing is. You know if that's what you think is going to fulfill you, if your listening to the to the culture you're gonna come away empty and.

Broken and you're not going to know why. So its important we have that conversation started with people when they're very young. Starting with ourselves if we've been wounded are broken in that way. To remind yourself that you have a unique individual calling there's a unique way that Christ is calling everyone of us to serve Him and to grow closer to him so that we can live forever with Him in heaven in the next life. What that means for everybody looks different but recognizing you have that call is so important right at the beginning. It's interesting you said that. You know.

You're looking inside but you're looking to how can you serve God so it's like this inward but yet outward focus. I think there are a lot of distractions to in the world. So you know we know that God is calling us but how do we how do we listen how to hear that. Right. That's an important point to make because we've never had such a distracting busy world. You know the amount of communication we have and yet the failure of really making true connection. It's a unique time in our culture where you know we're more.

Connected than ever and yet we're really disconnected. That there is immediate intimacy and yet there is no real intimacy. That we're living in a culture that expect to get to hook up and have sexual intimacy with people that you barely know and it doesn't recognize the value of lifelong intimacy and the kind of the kind of value that comes from a lifelong commitment in married love. That these are issues that we need to address because those of us who are are striving to live authentic Catholic lives. We know the blah blah blah. What vocation is, self sacrifice, self giving love.

We know that shtick and yet we absorb part of our culture. It's almost like osmosis you know we we here in our own voices in our own hearts and in our own heads when we're thinking about these really important topics that are affected whether or not we're going to be happy in this life. That's the biggest question anybody needs to ask how am I gonna be happy. How I am I gonna find fulfillment. And the answer it relationship That human existence only makes sense in the context of relationship. So what does.

Do you Idealize Marriage

It's funny that it's just associate with marriage because of you picked any other vocation or any other life station or transition motherhood, fatherhood, priesthood, any kind of sacrifice.People sort of they would be suspect of someone who was happy all of the time in those things, but the many talk about someone who's not getting happiness all the time in their marriage or who isn't expecting it. I think a lot of people would look at you sort of like you are crazy. Like why would you assume that. Yet all of those other things are are the same kind of life.

Sacrifices and positions and people just accept that. Right. I think people have this sort of idealistic notions of marriage. It's all the fairy tale the romance novels but unique romantic idea. I think that we idealize what's gonna happen like to live happily ever after part. While living happily ever after looks like a lot of work and sacrifice. And it's not always gonna feel good and that's you know that's an important conversation for people to have. Because there's nothing worse than you know young couples getting married. They're all hearts and flowers and they're crazy about each other.

And then you know they've got a mortgage and got babies and all the muck starts and that's when it really hits the road. And if they're not properly prepared for that that this is that this is going to be a sacrificial life of self giving all the time then they're gonna be disillusioned and sad and discouraging. Well it's a vocation. So you can't you know you should be happy in your vocation but that doesn't mean that that's you know the be all and end all its just what God calls.

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