Announcer: Coming up on this episode of quot;Cheaters.quot; gt;gt; We know that he’s together with his wife tonight. gt;gt; Then he has a choice to make. Open the door! indistinct arguing

gt;gt; What the is all this? What’s going on? gt;gt; Did you know he was married? gt;gt; Going nowhere. He ain’t going nowhere. gt;gt;gt; It’s just like he’s just is trying to keep

a big secret from me. gt;gt;gt; I just can’t go on anymore. I need to know the truth. Joey: I don’t like being the one that has to show you this. gt;gt; Oh, Jesus.

gt;gt;gt; I asked her about him, and she said nothing was going on. Joey: Do you want to confront him? gt;gt; Damn. gt;gt; Oh, yeah. Take me there.

gt;gt; Yeah, I got them. Okay go, go! gt;gt; Get that camera outta my. gt;gt; Don’t. gt;gt; Whoa whoa. gt;gt; This is like not how this is supposed to work, John. gt;gt; Whatever, just go!

Go with him. gt;gt; I love you. I’m so sorry. Announcer: Real reality television as brought to you by quot;Cheatersquot; Detective Agency’s private eyes on quot;Cheaters.quot;

5 Back To School Apps iOS Android

Hey guys Keaton here with TechSmartt and asthe school year starts up once again, I start on August 25 to finish out my high schoolcareer whatever you want to call it quot;my senior year of high schoolquot;, I’m not looking forwardto it and I really don’t like school. I don’t know anyone that says quot;I’m excited to go backto schoolquot;, besides just hanging out with friends and going to their favorite classwhich probably is lunch. But a lot of students struggle using applications and technologyeffectively. Today we’re going to be talking about 5 applications that I use on both myAndroid and iOS devices to just help me learn better. And these applications are just onesI really do like. So without further delay

lets go ahead and dive in. Up first here ismyHomework and before the name turns you off because it screams school and doing everythingwith education. It allows you to organize your schedule with homework, tests, and quizzes.When you get to high school, college, or university, whatever you want to call it, you need tobe organized or you’re going to get screwed over.

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