7 Awkward Moments Saved By A Good Relationship

Woman Hey, can we actually talk Man Yeah, what's up Woman Are we cool, are we good Man Yeah, I mean, I'm wildly in love with you. Is that okay Woman Yeah, that's, I guess what I needed to know. Man I mean, I guess, like, sometimes I feel you're too nice. woman laughs upbeat music crowd talking Man This is fantastic. She's always in such a good mood when she gets to talk to hot boys. girl laughs Nick Hey, I'm Nick.

Eugene Hey, Eugene. Nick Nice to meet you. Eugene Nice to meeting you. Nick God, he's cool. woman laughs Eugene I'm not that cool. phone ringing Woman Who's Katie Nick Katie You shouldn't of seen that, that's my girlfriend. Woman Oh, it's your girlfriend Nick Yeah. Woman Wow. I'm just so impressed that there's another girl who puts up with your bad rapping. Nick Oh yeah, she loves it. woman hums Nick She's always like, Gimme some more of that bad rapping..

And I'm like, who's the bad rapper I rap badly. Blonde Man Hey! Woman Hey! Blonde Man Good to see you. Woman You too. Blonde Man It's been forever. Woman Yeah, this is my exboyfriend Steve. Steve Hey, Steve, nice to meet you. Woman Yeah, good to see you. Nick Nice meeting you. Steve Yeah, nice meeting you, take it easy. Woman Don't worry, he's boring. I'm never gonna get a job. I wore this blazer that makes me look like Ellen.

Nick Hey, you're gonna get a job, okay Woman Not that Ellen's like a bad person, I mumbling Nick hums I'm so sorry. Let's just eat a bunch of ice cream, okay Woman Okay. Nick Maybe you'll get fat enough to where you won't have to wear that blazer again. woman laughs Woman You hate it too, right Nick I don't like this blazer. Woman What am I thinking I'm a truth teller. Man in tuxedo So, you do believe that nonsense.

Woman What. Nick What do you think, you think we're gonna get married Woman Nah, fuck it. Man in tuxedo Do you wanna get married. woman whines to Nick, discuss. Nick C'mon, c'mon, what are you doing to me What are you doing to me Woman I am hungry. Nick There is a dance floor and some more food. woman laughs Nick Did you guys kiss Woman with Black Hair Yes. Blonde Woman Well, then he's a fucking idiot. Woman with Black Hair No, dating just sucks in this city.

Blonde Woman Yeah. Nick You can get on Tinder, Amy's on Tinder. Amy I am all over that Tinder. All the swipes come to me. Woman with Black Hair That's how you got Nick Nick No. Amy No, I actually, I like found him on the streets. woman with black hair laughs Amy Yeah. Nick She bathed me and clothed me. Amy Yeah. Nick laughs Amy So, he's actually in a lot of debt to me. group laughs Amy Scandal, scandal, Nick Should we will watch.

Amy Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Nick Uh oh, I think the DVR is broken. Amy gasps Nick I'm just kidding. Amy laughs Nick I already watched the latest episode of Scandal. Amy No! Nick I jump in the sack and I'm nasty Amy laughs Nick 'cause I'm the bad rapper. I'm rappin' all the time. I rap bad. Amy laughs Man in tuxedo Do young lovebirds still talk about matrimony Amy Yes. Nick At therapy, at therapy.

Creating a Heart Healthy Relationship with Your Cardiologist

Communicating on the patients level, is very important. I think some physicians tend to speak above their patients, or they'll use technical terms. They use terminology that the patient can't understand. It's frankly a foreign language. It's very difficult for them to understand what you're trying to do for them or what their problem is. We emphasize to the patient to keep those communication channels open. It's always easy to get a hold of us. The patient can call. The patient can have his time during his office visit to discuss his problems and concerns. The most important part of the relationship is being trustworthy.

If you trust your physician, that's the foundation to have a good relationship with your doctor. The patient is going to put trust in their doctor hopefully. There also has to be understanding from the doctor perspective that the patient hopefully is being compliant with medications and advice that's given Because if you don't trust them there is no reason to go to see them. And that's in my mind the most important part of the relationship that you have to create with your patients as a heart healthy relationship If the patient doesn't feel like their apart of the decision making process, I think that makes them very uneasy.

The Secret To A Successful Relationship

Relationships are terrifying. I mean, did you know half of all marriages last forever Ello loves, Julian here for DNews. Alright, first of all the oft quoted statistic that 50 of marriages fail is just plain wrong. The actual number for first marriages is closer to 2025, but that still begs the question why do they fail Why do people who have avowed themselves to one another for their whole lives not go the distance John and Julie Gottman have been pondering that question for decades. By the way, they're both psychologists, and yes, they're married. Feel free to d'a now.

According to the Gottmans, you can actually predict with 94 certainty which relationships will be healthy and which will be festering quagmires of misery and stress simply by how they support each other. Anyone who's been in a relationship knows that sometimes you and your partner's interests don't align. Maybe you like hockey but they're not so hot on it. Or maybe they like camping and you understandably think sleeping on the dirty ground in the woods with no wifi is a terrible way to spend a vacation. But when one person tries to share their interests.

With their significant other, that's a big for emotional support. How often they get that acknowledgment makes all the difference. John Gottman conducted a study where they invited 130 newlywed couples to what looked like a bed and breakfast, but was actually a lab where they could observe the subjects. He was watching for how often one person would say something seemingly inconsequential, like, hey check out that bird, or, I have the weirdest feeling we're being watched. Gottman called these bids for emotional support, and noted how often their partner.

Would respond in a meaningful way. Their findings show that couples stay together when they show bids of interest or support 9 out of 10 times, while couples who only support each other a third of the time split within six years. Ignoring those bids for support and acceptance can have an actual physiological effect. The Gottmans and a team of researchers brought in newlyweds to interview them. They were asked some pretty tough questions on their relationships while electrodes monitored their heart rates, blood flow, and sweatiness. while across the board, everyone responded calmly.

To the questions, some couples showed higher heart rates, blood flow, and sweat production. In other words, their palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. They're nervous, but on the surface they look calm and ready. The stress of being in the same room as their spouse and talking about their relationship caused their sympathetic nervous system to kick in and they had a fightorflight response. Those couples were usually divorced within 6 years. So if you want to have a healthy and less stressful relationship, it's important you both work to actively support each other's emotional bids, even if camping is just the.

Communication Tips For a Healthy Relationship

Hi I'm Elora Murray and welcome to the Swinton Counseling News Network. Most people know that in order to have a successful relationship good communication is key. To help you better communicate with your partner here are a couple of tips.The first tip is to be empathetic while communicating, try to understand your partner's point of view.Next, be honest while communicating. Honesty builds trust and respect between partners. Clear up any potential misunderstandings early by speaking freely and openly and don't be afraid to be vulnerable.When communicating with your partner, make sure to explain your feelings.

Avoid accusatory statements, explain to your partner how his or her behavior makes you feel and why.Also, take into account nonverbal cues. The tone of your partners voice can speak volumes. In addition, watch your body language. Eye contact, light touching, relaxed posture and calm demeanor can go a long way fostering good relationship vibes. Finally, communicate through action. Words are meaningless if behavior does not follow.Make sure to follow through on past discussions and promises. Don't just say I love you, show it.That's all the relationship advice we have for you today. Once again, I'm Elora Murray and thanks.

How to Have a Healthy Relationship

How to Have a Healthy Relationship Hi Everyone Christine here Today I want to talk to you about the key to a healthy relationship the number one key or the key to a healthy relationship is forgiveness in every relationship that you have we all must understand that whether a friend, a spouse, a coworker, even an enemy, you must forgive we are all human and we all have flaws, we all have our ups and downs, our great and bad days, so remember is you want to have a healthy relationship.

Be more forgiving if your husband forgets to put the toilet tissue back on the roll forgive him if your best friend forgot your birthday forgive her if your coworker forgot to put copy paper in the copy machine forgive them why because we all make mistakes and we all have days when we have too much on our plates and we forget the task that are at hand the more we forgive the more we are able to have a healthy relationship, be happier, and be stress free and be at peace.

The Ultimate Test For A Healthy Relationship

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