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Eli Tamil Full Movie

All india radio Greetings listeners! This program is Social View To participate in this program we have, Crime branch officer Mr. Mohanraj.

Professor of loyola college and social activist, Mr. Padmanaban are here with us at the radio station. Greetings! Greetings! cigarette has been banned for almost six months, but it’s being sold illegally in few places.

In order to stop that, what actions have you taken? What you are saying is right. I don’t disagree with it. People buy it just because some anti social elements sell them secretly. The government has been propagating the ill effects of smoking in all mediums. Despite that, smoking and selling cigarettes will be dealt with severe punishment.

Do you think introducing such laws can stop cigarette smoking? Sir, it’s only through British, our country got introduced to cigarette. This habit which was followed only by rich people, today it’s being spread across common people too. We have been seeing people hiding cigarettes and buying them. As he said, even though we introduce strict laws and jail them.

It’s difficult to stop people from smoking cigarette Sir, what kind of health problems occur due to smoking cigarette? When we smoke cigarette, the smoke that we exhale mixes with carbondioxide and becomes more toxic People around get more affected than the smoker Instead of stopping, if they continue this habit, in fifty years.

People will get addicted to it and suffer from cancer Sir, when are you going to find the gang of people selling cigarettes? For this, we have formed three teams and are taking drastic measures to find. We will find them very soon. Ah! What a crowd! It’s growing. Let’s start. Boys, come in.

Listen carefully. we are going to play cop and thief game. we should rock. I have no clue which shop I would sneak in. I will decide it on the spot, you should follow. Do you understand? Okay, Eli sir. Now put on your cap. Done! Hold the stick. We have. Use your brains.

Start the game. Walk on, man. Walk. Oh God! Please don’t beat me. I will tell you the truth, sir. I will tell you, sir. What happened, sir? What did he do? Why are you hitting him hard?.

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