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Can infidelity ever, ever, in your opinion, be a good thing We can actually forgive the actual act. The worst thing for a woman is the lie. Right TYRESE GIBSON Mm, OK. OK. I swear, when I discussed with my husband, when we decided to actually get married, it was one of those things where, please don't ever put me in the position for some woman to walk up to me and go, Hi, Tisha. LAUGHTER That's that's the look. How you doing REV RUN Yeah. They don't even have to say a word.

You'd be like, Oh! TYRESE GIBSON Yeah. REV RUN Right. TYRESE GIBSON You'd get it. Where is he You know what I mean Like, don't put me in the position. Because women don't even have to say the words. It's a body language. TYRESE GIBSON It's an energy. Which it's something that we say. It's an energy. It's, hey, how you doing TYRESE GIBSON Yeah, yeah, so the woman's sending the message. TISHA CAMPBELLMARTIN Yeah. Because here's the thing. I'm going to tell y'all real, not throwing dudes under the bus. Right.

But if you are married because I've had plenty of conversation with married dudes. I used to be married. Didn't last long. But I was married. I tried. But listen, when a dude is on a mission to get whatever it is he is trying to get, if the woman is aware of the married woman or the fact that he's got a girl, his mission is to create comfortability in you to get whatever it is he's trying to get. So he's going to make up whatever little he's creating movies in his head and running with it.

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So Tyrese. Yes, ma'am. JOSEPH SIMMONS Uhoh. You always see us together all the time. TYRESE GIBSON Yes. And when we're with you, do you notice you don't see us, like, hugging and kissing on each other There's a reason for that. JOSEPH SIMMONS Why Tell me. Love is nasty, y'all What do you mean First no, I'm gonna tell y'all something. If I, like if we're in the house, if I, like, touch Rev, or whatever, or touch his bald head, or whatever, he thinks it's got to go down.

No. No, babe. That's not on the cue cards or nothing. I know. But Joey, I'm, like, a huggytype person. I want to hug all day. TYRESE GIBSON Right, affection. Yeah, I'm very affectionate. It's just too much. But this dude think you got to take to the next level. It's got to go down every time That's not right. 'Rese, don't listen to her, man. I mean, look, I don't know nothing, man. No, let me tell you something. Women out there, you know we like to cuddle sometime. No.

What'd I do Listen. I try not to sometime not let my toe touch homeboy. Listen, 'Rese. He cannot touch my skin. Are you aware of the fact that she feels like she can't be affectionate and touch you just throughout the day Yeah, she says it all the time. without you look immediately say, if you gonna touch my hand All I do is this. Here's what I do. JUSTINE SIMMONS Listen to him. TYRESE GIBSON You gonna touch my hand, it's got to go down. Here's the answer. JUSTINE SIMMONS Go ahead.

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There's a phase that you can get into if you're not careful, the all right, love ya phase, where it's like, you're doing your thing, I'm doing my thing. All right, love ya. That's where a lot of couples get in trouble, you know That's where cheating, divorce, all that stuff comes into play. I just told my husband, you love me, I love you that's a given. I said, I want you to like me. We're in a whole new, sexy phrase where it's like, I want to be your girlfriend, and I'm his girlfriend right now,.

Tyrese and Rev Run Talk Menogamy Its Not You, Its Men Oprah Winfrey Network

TYRESE Cheating for most dudes is as easy as taking off your shoes! OWN'S EDGY SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE SHOW IS ALL NEW! The worst thing for a woman is a lie. CHEATING STAYING FAITHFUL WHERE DO YOU STAND ON MENOGAMY There's a phase you can get in to if you're not careful. Every man does not cheat. The history of Christianity is not that of monogamy. Know that you're dealing with The Reverend Well I don't believe in God. Is there some holy water ANYWHERE in the building! IT'S NOT YOU IT'S MEN.

Infidelity On Blast Hackers Expose Dirty Dogs Cheating On Ashley Madison Site BOSSIP REPORT

Alright, Ashley Madison has been hacked. If you know what that is and that means you are scared right now. This is The Bossip Report. Alright this Tyler Chronicles man and 32 million people's profiles have been leaked from the Ashley Madison site, now if you don't know what Ashley Madison site is, it's a site for people that are married to go to and cheat yup it got hacked. People's names, accounts and all that were sent to a dark web where only a certain few hackers can see it and they're probably going to get leaked and blackmailed.

So it's the thot come up, coming up on the come up. People didn't know this too, Ashley Madison actually started off as a regular porn site. He was one of the first ones with quality HD. See 5 tutorials like every 24hrs and you had to wait 24hrs to see another 5. I also fuck with peekers, xtutorials is also, faapy vids, pornhd. I like high definition, like if I see a pimple on a girl's ass, porn is awesome, don't take it away from us. Yeah, so tell us what you think about that and if were on the site and got caught up man let.

Relationship Dating Advice Getting Past Infidelity

Hi, I'm Donna Barnes. I'm a life and relationship coach and owner of NYDatingCoach in New York City. In this clip, we'll talk about how to get past infidelity. It's a really hard thing to forgive if your partner cheated on you, but sometimes it can actually make your relationship stronger. If you're honest with each other, first off you have to get the other person completely removed their life. They can't keep seeing them or talking to them in any way whatsoever. But if you can talk about what caused them to cheat in the first place,.

You might find out some things that were missing from your relationships. If usually is some sort of intimacy or something. So if you can find out from your partner what was missing for them, and you can start providing that for them, then it can really help your relationships. A lot of times people don't cheat just because they don't love you anymore. It's just because they're not getting from you what they really want. So, if you think you can forgive them, then you really owe it to yourself to talk about those things and work through the problems.

If I Were You Movie Review 2012

This is a comedy with a classic feel that you need to see. In if I Were You, a woman discovers that her husband has been cheating on her when she sees him and the mistress at their favorite restaurant. A wild series of events happens that leads to the two women making major life decisions for each other. This crazy film had me laughing no matter how impossible this story sounds. After catching her husband out with another woman, Madeline then witnesses the break up of the affair. Lucy then steps into the same shop she is hiding in to by scotch and rope.

The wife follows the young woman home and ends up saving her life. Even though she doesn't tell Lucy who she really is, an odd friendship develops between these two. They agree to make major life decisions for each other because their own choices have led to pretty crappy lives. Now Madeline takes her advice on a lark and things begin to get change, her life gets better. She uses her influence over the Mistress to keep her away from her husband but she honestly cares about this woman's future. When I was finished watching this movie I immediately needed to tell people.

I knew who were going to love it as much as I did. This film easily could have gone vindictive in the dynamic between the mistress and the wife and you would except that but instead we a woman being destroyed by betrayal actually caring about the other woman involved because she is a good person. That's the major point that got me into this movie. Now there is some comedy that's based on deception by Madeline but really the humor here, the jokes, are positive. They are light even though they come from bad places at times.

And that's what made me enjoy the movie so much more. It was a breath of fresh air with this entire story. Marcia Gay Harden headlines this movie and those headlines are deservd. She is drop dead funny here. It's in her line delivery, her screen presence, and he timing alone. Now I have seen her in some darker, twisted roles but this one was just eye opening for her being a comedic lead. Now the rest of the cast is also good. From the lovely, extremely talented Leonore Watling as Lucy.

And Aiden Quinn who shows up as a possible love interest everyone here had me smiling and laughing right long with the main star. One thing I really appreciate in any comedy and especially this one is there was no hoakey or annoying character. It was all hands on deck to make me laugh and enjoy a pretty rich story. I have never been married so I have no idea what it's like to discover your spouse is cheating on you! But I do believe, If I Were You takes that betrayal and puts it into a comedic light.

Marriage Counseling San Jose FREE cheatsheet on preventing divorce

Hi. This is Michelle from Counseling Recovery. And today I want to talk to you about the four signs of emotional meltdown in relationships and what to do instead. So, these are from the Gottman Institute where they did research with 677 couples on what predicts divorce. And what was amazing about this is that they actually predicted divorce with 93 percent accuracy, which is pretty incredible and why I want to share it with you today. The other thing I'm gonna say, starting off, is that if you find yourself relating to any four.

Of these characteristics, don't freak out. It doesn't mean that your relationship is doomed or anything is gonna happen. It's just a warning sign for you on what to correct because these predict divorce not when it happens once or twice, but when it's a longterm pattern of behavior. Ok So the first two are criticism and defensiveness. And they go together. Back and forth, one person starts with a critical comment, the other one reacts. Those are pretty basic and most of us find ourselves falling into that on occasion until.

We learn better skills. The third one, and this is the one that predicts divorce the most, is when there's contempt. And that's a much more intense form of criticism where you're really implying that your partner is stupid, ugly, not enough. You feel better than. This can be indirect with a look or directly with a comment. It can be very abusive. That's the part where you really want to look at because that's the one that really predicts divorce. Now, the fourth one is stonewalling. And, typically, the research says that men.

Do this more than women, but not always. And that's when, during a conflict, you are shut off. You just say, Eh, I'm done. And you get silent, you leave the room, you no longer participate out of anger. So, that's where your partner feels abandoned, feels like, Well, you're not even participating in the conflict. Why can't we work this out But the partner, for whatever reason, just shuts off and usually that's because either lack of skill or stress level is way too high and they can't continue it and they need more.

Skills in that area. So, for the antidotes, what you do instead is, with criticism, instead of being critical, ask your partner up front Hey, can we talk about the money tonight I really need to talk. And get an agreement up front. Or, if your feelings are hurt, just say that. Use an I message. Defensiveness, the antidote is find the grain of truth in the feedback you're given. So, if your partner is giving you some critical feedback, what's the grain of truth that you could feed back to them and say, Yeah, you're right. I did.

Do that. You don't have to agree with all of it. It's just one part that you could validate for your partner where their feedback is correct. Ok. Now, contempt, that means you've really got to look at your stress level because usually when there's contempt, there's a lot of underlying resentment and hurt that hasn't been expressed. So, it leaks out in the contempt. So, the antidote for contempt is tell your partner how you're feeling when it happens. If they hurt your feelings, let them know it up front. Don't let it build up. Now, for stonewalling,.

That's more about managing your stress and getting the tools so you can do it differently. So, if you know you're an eight on the scale of one to ten in terms of stress level, tell them that. Say, You know what, right now isn't a good time for me to do conflict. Let's talk about it tomorrow. I need to calm down first. The other part with stonewalling is you have to be willing to have the conflict and sometimes people need to do that by getting therapy, by learning some skills, or just by doing some breaths and saying Ok, you.

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