Marriage Chronicles

( glub glub ) silence ♪ Ooh ♪ Oh boy ♪ Oh boy, oh boy babe ♪ Ha ♪ Oh boy, oh boy ♪ Oh boy, oh boy babe.

™ª Yeah, yeah ♪ Heard you when you said hello ♪ Felt you when you sent your flow ♪ I just want to let you know ♪ You’ve got my attention ♪ Maybe we can have some lunch ♪ Or maybe we can sit and talk ♪ I just want to be the one.

™ª To love you baby ♪ Now that we’ve been together ♪ For some time ♪ Now ♪ For some time now ( woman ) Um, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, I see here in my notes from our preliminary session that you’ve been married for over 22 years.

Yes. So tell me, why are you here? Well, I can answer that. Okay. Now, I’m not very comfortable. Now, I still don’t even know you, but I’m just saying, I don’t know her. Just go, Ethel. Because my wife, after 22 years of marriage and fidelity,.

Decided to go out and get herself a little old job and leave our house and mess up our happy home. No, no, that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because my husband is the most inflexible man in the whole entire world and his idea of a romance is six pumps and. splat. Kamel. That’s it. Okay.

, if I wanted to marry a little freak, then I’d have married Apollonia or Vanity or one of them, okay? I thought I was marrying a good Christian woman right here. Well, you married Kamel, and me liking sex, wanting sex, wanting to experiment with sex with my husband does not void my Christianity. Now, excuse me for wanting sex. Now, if you want to read about it in the Bible,.

You can always open up the Songs of Solomon, ’cause it’s very sensual and I read it a lot and it makes me feel a way. Okay, okay, okay. What chapter is it? It I don’t know what chapter it is. Exactly. But it makes me feel a way, I’m a flower. You a what? I’m a flower. , will you please tell my wife she’s not a flower,.

When Your Marriage Is In Trouble Tutorial Discussion

Welcome to Marriage In God’s Hands. I’m Alanzo Smith and this is my lovely wife, June. We have been married for years. And we have been working with families around the world as we help them to negotiate their lives to make home happier and better. We would like to talk today about families that are having problems. So our topic is, When Your Marriage is in Trouble. June, do you think that we have marriages that are in trouble these days?.

Unfortunately, too many. The challenge, however, is that there are some people who don’t admit that their marriage is in trouble. I’ve had so many women that say to me, quot;We’re having problems and we need to go get help but my husband refuses because he does not think we’re having a problem. quot; Or I’ve had husbands who say, quot;We’re having problems. I’m about to walk away. I’ve invited my wife to come to get help but she refuses.

Because she doesn’t think we have a problem. She thinks I am the problem. quot; Okay, as two ians, let’s see if we can diagnose the problem. If I should say the following statement to you, what might be your response? quot;Your marriage is in trouble when each partner gets agitated very easily. quot; If the agitant is perceived to be caused by or imposed by one of the parties, then yes, there is a problem. Okay, quot;Your marriage is in trouble when one partner shuts down emotionally. quot; That happens frequently.

When individuals get frustrated or when they think they have done everything they have control or power over and nothing seems to be working, then they just give up. It’s almost like, you know, the computer shuts down. Their emotions just go blank. quot;Your marriage is in trouble when one partner is over critical; very critical and sensitive and makes an issue over everything. quot; That clearly indicates problems. While you should be open to feedback and you should.

Certainly be able to communicate effectively, if you’re only criticized or criticizing, then that’s not a good thing. quot;Your marriage is in trouble when one partner feels stretched out. ‘I have reached my limit. I’ve done my best. I don’t think there’s any more I can do for this marriage and I am tired of trying. ‘quot; That must be such a sad state to get to. Because a marriage is designed to be a happy union, to be a harmonious relationship. And if you get to a point in your relationship where you.

Give up or you think you have done everything you can and you’re at the end of your rope, then you definitely need help. I also believe that your marriage is in trouble when one partner is insensitive. You know, sensitivity goes a long way in helping marital relationships to grow and to bond and to be stronger. When one individual is insensitive, however, to one’s feelings, insensitive to one’s pain, insensitive to one’s problem, or whatever it is, insensitivity can drive a dagger into the heart.

Of the next person. So, yes, the marriage is in trouble if you find a partner that is very insensitive to you. It is the goal of all relationships to be happy, to problem solve if there are problems, to get help if you’re not able to resolve the problems. But certainly, not to stay in disharmony. So the challenge is that we should recognize when there is a problem and get help early. Okay, let’s look at some possible causes now. We have given you some scenarios as to what could cause.

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