Teens React to Bullying Amanda Todd

™ª (Jimmy Eat World, quot;Hear You Mequot;) ♪ Oh, my gosh. I saw this tutorial. Oh, Amanda Todd. I heard about her. Oh, no. She flashed them. Watch out. Okay, that’s pretty not right. That’s pretty creepy. Okay, that’s really creepy. See, now this is cyberbullying.

What a jerk. ♪ I never said thank you for that ♪ ♪ I thought I might get one more chance ♪ Dude, this is serious. Oh, this is just taking it to a whole new level. Then those aren’t true friends, girl. Yeah, the tutorial itself wasn’t what got to me. What got to me was the people in the comments.

That really pissed me off. ♪ Now I’ll never have a chance ♪ ♪ May angels. ♪ ♪ (Sia Furler, quot;Breathe Mequot;) ♪ Dude, that is really (bleep) up. I would try to help if I had the chance to. People are cruel, man. People are disgusting.

I’m sorry. (FineBros) No, don’t apologize. So, had you heard about Amanda Todd before watching this? Yes, I’ve seen that tutorial. Mmhmm. I had heard about Amanda Todd. No. (FineBros) Do you know what happened to her after this was posted?.

She killed herself, didn’t she? Yeah, she committed suicide. No. (FineBros) She actually killed herself about a month after this tutorial went up. Are you serious? (FineBros) She ended up committing suicide. And how does it make you feel hearing this story and knowing that that happened?.

It’s kind of speechless shocked. I feel like she made two little mistakes, and that’s not fair. That type of stuff gets to me, and I’m not a very emotional person at all. She felt like her life was that bad to where she killed herself. You know, and. I wish I could just talk to her. It makes me feel like crap. Like.

Everything bad I’ve ever done to people, like, everything bad I’ve ever said to somebody, it makes me feel like that really had a bad effect. She’s so Internetfamous now and whatever, yet other kids who have killed themselves for better reasons than that. Like. like no one gives a (bleep) about them, you know? (FineBros) And what do you think.


(children) Kids React to YouTube stars! This episode: Roman Atwood! ♪ (heavy metal music) ♪ Ew! (giggles) (prankster) Whoa! What the heck? (titters) (prankster) What’s the heck’s going on? Wow. (amused) What is he doing? Arresting him? (prankster) .grabbing me like that?.

What the heck happened? Jesus Christ. Testing the stream of my sports bottle, dude. My water bottle. Here we go. (cop speaking inaudibly, woman laughing in background) (cop) I’m sorry, man. I thought for sure you were standing there peeing. (prankster) Oh no, man. Just testing the stream of my sports bottle.

Who empties their water bottle like that? ♪ (faint metal music) ♪ (police siren blares) This is cool. The cops just go crazy about it. (cop) I would’ve guessed it was a challenge. quot;Hey, go see if you can pee over in front of those cops and see what they do.quot; (chuckles).

(prankster) You gotta test the stream before you start drinking. (cop) All right. Seriously? (prankster) Have a good night. That was funny. Why do people pull pranks on policemen? (yawning softly) (affectionately) Cute baby. How cute. (in tutorial: both yawning).

(affectionately) Aw! So cute!! (Roman) Did he yawn? (woman) Perfect! (Roman) What if I could pull a prank around the world a prank so sneaky, nobody knows it’s even happening? (softly) Oh, I saw I’ve seen this tutorial! (Roman) .with the power of a yawn. Okay. He’s gonna make me yawn in this tutorial. (Roman yawning).

Wow. How is that even a prank? (Roman yawning) (slightly yawning) They’re yawning. Every time he yawns, everyone else yawns? Making me want to yawn. Trying hard not to. (man yawns).

Now I’m yawning. (Roman yawning) (giggles) Hey! Sphinx! (man) Hey, homey. (Roman yawns) What’s up with the yawning, man? (laughs) (man) 15 minutes you’ve been coming through here like this back and forth with this yawning. (guffawing) (Roman) Tired, man. I’m tired.

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