What Is Sharia Law

Sharia Law we've been hearing about this all over the place lately. It's a tentpole of the Taliban, and it's what ISIS wants for Iraq and Syria. It's also used in the legal systems of the United Arab Emirates. But obviously those are very different groups and situations. So, what is Sharia law Well, there's no set list of things that are, or aren't, Sharia Law. In Arabic, Sharia is roughly translated to path to the watering hole and it refers to a system meant to control all aspects of its followers' lives. That includes daily routines, familial and.

Religious obligations, and financial dealings. It prescribes punishments, but those punishments don't necessarily have to be draconian or harsh. If the particular sect of Islam that wrote those Sharia laws is more focused on charity and loose interpretations of the Quran, then they wouldn't include things like stoning or amputation. In the vast majority of Muslim communities, an eye for an eye is seen as an analogy not as a literal instruction. But extremist groups, like ISIS and the Taliban, have a more literal interpretation of the Quran and other teachings, so their version of Sharia Law includes things like stoning.

And the oppression of women. and an eye for an eye. Like with all laws, it comes down to who is making the law and how they're enforcing it. When we talk about militant Jihadists, it's important to include their desire for Sharia Law in the conversation because the goal of establishing Sharia law reveals a lot about these groups. The teachings that these extremists use, are from the 7th and 8th centuries a time when institutionalized slavery, honor killings, and the general oppression of women were the norm. So if a group is taking these teachings literally, then we can expect to see a lot.

Cancer Is Your Fault, Pat Robertson Tells Abused Woman

Pat robertson loves to answer questions from some his viewers and recently a cancer survivor and cancer victim even messaged him to ask a question about her relationship with her father she said my father abuse my mom for years one day he came home and called me horrid names years went by I felt so bad on the advice of my pastor I went even apologize for anything I had ever done wrong she continues I was tossed out literally so i disowned him I have since had cancer twice and have not been contacted within more by him.

How do I deal with the heartaches wallpaper Robertson had some interesting advice for let's take a look what you learn to deal with is the fact that because a bit harder he could look awesome the hurtful miss that could be a cause liver cancer are you might have a feeling the loss an emptiness and and and EU's solar turned off the commanders system that you have to prevent that that there's a demand system the you need little function when you for giving so all I can say is you.

Your father sound like a absolute raft handgun one day's gonna deal with the man he's gonna be punished horribly but in the meantime all you have to do is forget me that's what you need to do and don't keep harping it and don't keep saying all heard is still be and why did he do that he's a spanker so let's hope it still evaders a mountain right now go over it brings health and well done but but but you cannot keep hiring and he heard me so badly.

Your heart bring it so you hurt yourself so let go her okay para verses my guilty pleasure for so I like the christmas came early this year with that time it was nice okay I am so easy anyone probably a cancer cuz you doing for you your abusive father although he did for eight forgive her abusive father and a few many poor out exactly I'm I see where he's coming from I don't think that he was articulating his point properly because it did seem like he was blaming her for her illness.

Which isn't the right way to go India now look the there's a part of me that again agrees with that was somewhat he said which is we worry about him forgot to do with them anyway and I say this all the time like for if you're really religious person and you know like you don't have to act out vengeance or you know the muslims are always I go we're gonna get you for all our well I think I'm looking at you on his own right by you not trust all is to do.

What he's supposed to do exactly any so he doesn't need your help and so but the great twist there is that I don't think pat robertson actually believes in and in almost all this commentary a beam that we see is I could give the guy a break rates have the right after this thirty whenever it's a woman writing to him he's always like yeah forgive the guy right hand and then the guy will write and say hey my wife isn't being obedient you like I wouldn't it be great if we were like Muslims and this is what he.

Said oh and we can just be our wives bank I every time it did all he had an affair well I mean keeps the Apostle Paul's over you know a guy right at me because i had sex with you know a a transsexual and like peas ago just don't don't you don't tell your wife about it is does need to know yeah hehehe hit it is a gotta be with you later okay criticism let's keep it under wraps okay the only because any trouble so it's always give the guy a break with Pat.

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