Relationship Problems Are Due To Ancestors Unhappiness Ending Suffering Part 3

Dr. Pillaigtgt Relationship Problems are also due to the ancestor's unhappiness. The ancestors may have passed away with these problems, either the father's side or the mother's side. So that issue will also become your issue. Even if you don't get a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or your married life is troublesome in relationship, it's due to the unhappiness of the ancestors who passed away with this problem. So no matter what you do to address this problem through external means, or rationalistic means, such as going to Psychologists and Counselors they will provide only a very limited and temporary solution. The root cause.

For relationship problems is the unhappiness of the ancestors who died with this problem, and they are coming to this earth plane during this time of Mahalaya'. So you can also do special programs, or Tarpanam, with this clear Intent of calling upon those ancestors who died with those problems and help them to solve it in the space where they are now temporarily residing, and once their problems are solved, then your problem will be solved. How do we solve their problem Just the offering done will do the job. So it's important for those.

Its Not About The Nail

It's just There's all this pressure. You know And sometimes it feels like it's right up on me. And. I can just feel it like literally feel it in my head. And it's relentless, and. I don't know if it's gonna stop. I mean, that's the thing that scares me the most, is that I don't know if it's ever gonna stop. Yeah. Well. you do have a nail. in your head. It is not about the nail. Are you sure, because, I mean, I'll bet, if we got that out of there.

Stop trying to fix it! No, I'm not trying to fix it! I'm just pointing out, that maybe the nail is causing You always do this! You always try to fix things when I really need is for you just listen! See, I don't think that is what you need. I think what you need is to get the nail out See, you're not even listening now! OK, fine. I will listen. Fine. It's just sometimes, it's like, there's this achy. I don't know what it is. And I'm not sleeping very well at all.

Weird Things All Couples Fight About

Cheery strings music play That's not how you fold the towels. It doesn't matter how you fold a towel. It does matter how you fold a towel. If you want it to fit in the closet, you have to roll it. loud crunch Oh my God could you chew any louder louder crunch This goes on here. It takes two seconds. Well.Then the next person who comes in will do it. That's not the point. Hey did you throw away my left overs No. I coulda swo ohh you bitch. What did you call me.

Nothing. The toilet paper goes over. It's printed that way so you could see it. No. The toilet paper goes under so that the cats don't get at it. That makes no sense. What do you want to get for dinner I don't really care. The just pick something. You choose. Told ya! Shut up. I don't see why I have to put the utensils face down Because when they're sticking up like that, if someone trips and falls, they're going to impail themselves and die. That's literally the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

I'm not playing this game where I list every single thing and you shoot it all down. I'm not doing this again. Well then I don't know what to tell you. Oh my gosh watch this! This is the best line. Did you watch this without me You weren't home! mug clanks Seriously! 6 more inches and it's in the sink. Well then put it in 6 more inches. heavy sigh Get it I get it. Anything will be fine. Fine. Fine! Alright! We're gonna get. pizza It's food. Anything but pizza. phone slams on table.

What do you wanna eat That is Bill Paxton! It is Bill Pullman. Bill Paxton was in Aliens.That is Bill Paxton. That is him. Game over, man. That is that man right there. Why am I gonna put them away I'm wearing them tomorrow morning. I don't care if you're wearing them tomorrow morning. I don't want them just sitting by my side of the bed all night. Why do you do this! You squeeze from the bottom. The next person doesn't have to squeeze then. It's toothpaste. It's not like it's hard to squeeze it from a new area on the tube.

Why are we fighting about this Why are we fighting about this Why are we fighting about this!. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have. made you make the decision. With that being said, I think your original call of pizza is fine. Just no pepperoni. cheery strings music What do you want on it then Anything other than pepperoni. Oh my God! I'm going to murder you and when the pizza guy gets here, he's going to help me bury your body and then we're going to get married. No, he won't 'cause he'll probably be like Yeah I feel you, bro..

Vedic Astrology Helps Fix Relationships How To Repair Mars Venus Problems in Your Horoscope Chart

Relationship is a complicated problem. There is no easy answer to a relationship. People want relationship, but once they are in relationship, there are problems. There are so many reasons, why relationships are, in the first place, it's difficult to take place because, of various reasons. Why people are not able to attract for reasons like they are obese, they are not beautiful or not having money. There are so many mundane concerns attracting a relationship. Age is also another concern. I am not going to go into any of that, nor I am going to.

Go into compatibility problems. Well we like each other but we fight all the time together or there are issues of control, I want to control, I give orders to control. These issues are there. My solution to this relationship problem is spiritual. Astrology is a very important factor to be looked into. Two planets control relationship Mars and Venus. If Mars becomes bad or afflicted in one's horoscope then this creates a lot of issues in relationship. They are fighting all the time or difficult to attract relationship. Venus creates problems like incompatibility, emotions, excessive emotions or no emotions.

What Its Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship

I am currently in a long distance relationship. For two and a half years it was long distance. The first was two years and I am in one now. We've dated for two years. Then we dated a year long distance. Then we lived together for a year and then we did six months or so long distance before it ended. We were long distance for a year. What It's Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship The hardest part is feeling that nobody else thinks.

That what you're doing is sustainable. You don't have to plan your day around it, but you definitely have to make extra effort. So there'd be a lot of issues as far as communication where I'm not willing to Skype for three hours. We still call each other Sometimes. like every three days, I'd say. You run out of things to say on the phone. How was your day It was fine. Like, Did anything happen It's like, No, not really, like, It was just like a normal day..

And so then there's silence. What was special about my day and how did it change me and how can I share that with the other person Even if you're just sitting in the car driving someplace in silence, you're together and you feel that. And you don't have that when you're in a long distance relationship and you're trying to artificially recreate it but silence over the phone is, I mean, it's nothing, right Silence in person means something. You fall in love and it's hard and it's like,.

Will I connect with someone like this again And is it worth it When you really like someone or even love someone, it makes it worth it. You're constantly asking yourself, Is it worth it And I feel like I learn something new every time I ask myself that question. I mean, it wasn't worth it, right Cause we broke up. So. But, we were never like, But. this is ending our relationship. Yeah. It was just, this sucks, that this is our relationship right now.

Really when it comes down to it any your relationship ends, when either one person stops caring about the other or both people give up. I think the key to doing a long distance relationship is having an end in sight. Like a date, she would move in, Mmhmm. we would move in together in July, so, we knew that. And then we did. We did. Woooo. You really learn about communication and how to stay open with someone. It made us also, like,.

Not dwell as much on, like, little arguments anymore, unless you forget to bring your girlfriend potatoes laughing from the German restaurant. She will drill it home for an hour at you. This happened last night. Waiting, you know, several days before you can even talk or Skype with the other person. Or waiting months before you can hug them again. It's hard giggling. It makes you appreciate loving someone when you can see them everyday. Aaaww. Mmhmm. So sweet. lips smacking Man I had some.

Dating Problems Every Lesbian Will Recognize

So I guess this is good. bye. Hey, you still have my Buffy season two DVDs! You bitch. Aw, Britt, don't look so sad. It's been like a month since she's broke up with you. Come on, you gotta get back out there. I went on, like, three dates last week, and they were all failures. What happened Were they horse lesbians No, this was actually a blind date that I had high hopes for. You know, got my puss waxed for it. But I get there, and she's practically my twin.

Like, I'm narcissistic, but I'm not gonna have sex with myself. It could be fun though. You guys could like, trade lives like in The Parent Trap. That was a good movie. Yeah, but what about your second date What was wrong with her Was she a CrossFit lesbian Like show up with a tractor tire and a kettle bell No, second one was actually going really well until her exgirlfriend showed up out of nowhere and declared her undying love for her and that she built her house.

With her bare fucking hands. Longhaired Woman Aww, that's so romantic. UHaul! Typical. What about the third date Lucky number three No, that was the worst of all. Shorthaired Woman But it looks like it's going so well. Britt No, look closer. We have the same name. Hi, my name is Brittany, and this is my girlfriend, Brittany That's disgusting. What would that wedding invite look like I mean, have you tried online dating Yeah. I've swiped 'til the end of Tinder. Do you know what that feels like.

Both No! We met in person. Longhaired Woman Like, years ago. Yeah, before Tinder. I'm sure there are plenty of single lesbians left for you in this town. Shorthaired Woman Yeah, we have a lot of single lesbian friends. Like Jacqueline! Ok, I met her and a feminist friend. She's very empowered. She talks about vulvas and how they mean something more than what we think they mean. No, she hooked with my ex like two years ago at Dina. Hold on to your taco shell.

Because here comes Cynthia! Oh, she's great. Yeah, I know she's great. I dated her. We have a bunch of straight girls who I feel like if you got them a glass of wine things would get a little crazy, right Like Marsha No, I'm done with the whole straight girl thing. I can't do that anymore. They think my clit is a pencil eraser. No, I know that my sister would sleep with you. She said I was pretty for a lesbian once. I just wanna find a nice, available, single.

Relationship Problems 3 Major Boyfriend Problems

Baby. Mmm yes I need to talk to you. You know recently right, whenever we go out. Mmm ya Eh, look at me la. I'm looking at you. That's all you can say Oi, look at me la. Must listen ok Ya I'm listening. You know you have the best of me right You have my attention and all right You sure You're not even looking at me while I'm talking. I'm looking at you and I'm just looking at the sky. What go home la Go away la. Why la Why la.

Hello Ya, ya, ya, coming soon, coming soon, coming soon, bye, bye, bye. Eh, I'm here. Don't angry la. Just now I was helping the old lady cross the road. Ya right. No, I'm serious. No you look at you. What are you wearing What Ok whhat Eh Eh Eh, I didn' know. I thought I. Don't don't don't. Wei, only shorts only what Why like that Haiya. When can you stop lying to me I'm not lying. First time I catch you lying you said you were playing dota. I was playing. But were outside drinking.

Then yesterday I bought 12 cupcakes. I ate 2 only. Where are the rest You tell me first. You see uh. The guy you saw at the pub drinking it wasn't me hor. Not all Indian brown colour you think what 'bhaiya bhaiya' brother brother look the same hor. Then the 12 cupcakes it wasn't me. It was someone else. Who Tell me who ah. Someone else. Who Aron. Aron No I'm serious. Aron Yes. You and your imaginary friend. He's not imaginary. Oi. See. Imaginary ah See la walau eh.

Weird Things Gay Couples Do

Are these yours or mine Does it matter Yeah, it matters, I'm not gonna wear your underwear. sniffing Mine. Babe come on we gotta go, we're gonna be late. Yes, yes, yes, I am ready to go. No. What No, go change. Why We are wearing the same suit, go change. So, you go change. I put it on first. sigh Voiceover I wore it better. That's why you're changing. Aw man, Joel, you're just.

A little piece of pumpkin pie. He's a fox bear. He's a little goose snake. He's a fur snake. He's a little sea lion. Yeah, you're a sea lion. Yeah. I told you not to be a sea lion. You're suppose to be a dog. Where do ya wanna eat Anywhere it doesn't matter. I gotta pick last time, you pick this time. No, you pick. Okay, Chinese Hmm, no, too greasy. Okay, Italian Hmm, too heavy.

Okay, clearly you have opinions about where you want to go, so just tell me where you want to go, and we can go. I don't care, I don't care. I don't even know, anywhere. Anywhere. Oh, anywhere Anywhere. Anywhere Anywhere. Mexican. No. Okay, I'm gonna kill you. He's got short legs, so. Did you just check out that guy, like, right in front of me No. Super obvious. I didn't, yeah I would like the, umm. You're a muffin soldier.

He's a little piece of potato gnocchi. Yeah, that little dumpling. He is a dumpling. Hey did you use my beard trimmer Yes. You know I don't use this on my face, right Ooh, fancy aftershave. Happy birthday. Hey, you can use this, too. Oh, I guess I could, huh I hadn't thought about that. Isn't this your favorite I mean, I like it. laughs Happy birthday. 'Cause a big melty slice of pumpkin pie. He's a huffle puff.

laughs He is a huffle puff. I know, thank you, I got it. No, no, no, I got it. I got it. No, I got it. Let me get it. I got this. I got it. I got it. Except, I got it. I got it. Goodnight. Goodnight. kisses light clicks off sniffs Did you fart Yes. Voiceover groans you're disgusting. Voiceover I love you, too. Voiceover No, you don't, if you loved me,.

Marriage Relationship Advice How to Fix Communication Problems

Hi, I'm Patti German and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist here in New York City. In this clip, we are going to talk about how to fix communication problems. The most important part of communicating is to learn to be a very good listener. Part of what happens in relationships is people start yelling at each other and no one can hear anything when you are being yelled at. So, to understand what communication is, is to really hear what someone is talking about, and where it's coming from within them. Is it coming from a place of.

How To Fix Relationship Problems

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How To Stop Fighting In A Relationship And Resolve Conflict In Marriage

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