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If you wound up in a convent, or a monastery, after getting married, and didn't mean to, well, how do you survive a sexless marriage This is Dr. Paul, author of Boomer Girls, A Boomer Woman's Guide to Men and Dating, and host of Ask Dr. Paul. This question is asked more frequently than I care to tell you, and I'm really disappointed in people in general, who actually get into that marriage, without having had knowledge of the other person's sexual needs and desires. They've never had sex prior to the marriage, and then.

After the marriage, they wonder why they're not in a marriage, where sex is involved. Get real. Go back to square one and say, Hey look, I'm here now, and I'm in a sexless marriage, and I can't change it, because I am where I am. Now, if the other person has been dishonest with you, and said, Well, we're going to be married, and live happily ever after, then has no sex, be it male or female, then you are being cheated. Cheating is just as real, by going out and finding someone else in your life, as it is by not getting sex at home,.

In your marriage, because that person is cheating you out of the joy of life, and I firmly believe this. Now, I have many other psychologists and consultants, relationship consultants, who say, Oh no, that's perfectly all right. If you both agree for it, fine, but if you don't, then this is a time where you have found yourself in a situation that you have a choice. A, you find another person to make up for what you're missing, in your life, or B, you simply say, That's it, I'm getting divorced, end game now. If you choose the.

Former, then do it, and do it well. Be subtle about it. You may find another person who is in a marriage, just the same way, and it's time that you live your life, so remember, cheating isn't only doing something behind somebody's back, when you have sex in a marriage, but depriving the other of sex in that marriage, is also cheating, and if somebody married you under false pretenses, and in fact adopted you, be it a man adopting quote, unquote a woman, or a woman adopting a man, that is not fair. You didn't opt for that up front,.

Sexless Marriage 4 Tips to a Better Marriage

Are you struggling with a sexless marriage There is no shame in that, it happens to a lot of couples, especially couples that are business owners. Stress builds, exhaustion sets in, maybe we are we have been fighting and having tension within the marriage about things happening in the business Or maybe we are struggling with cash flow. Whatever is going on maybe there is some level of resentment or anger, or bitterness that has come up that is causing us to want to backlash against your spouse and withhold sex.

Big mistake. If you are in a sexless marriage right now I want to offer you four tips that can help change the way you feel about your spouse to help bring that passion and that life back. Number 1 Touch and touch often. They say that touch to marriage is what food is to the body. Touch often. It brings positive feelings and causes chemical reactions in our body that give us positive stimulants and bring back great memories. So, touch, hold hands, snuggle on the couch, do something. But touch often. Maybe it's a kiss. Touch.

Often! Number 2 Communicate and share what is happening in your life. You know, business is hard. If we are not communicating that challenges and struggles that we are having with our spouse because we think we are trying to protect them, we are kidding ourselves. Stop trying to protect your spouse and instead protect your marriage. You protect your marriage by communicating together. Be sure to communicate and do that often. Talk, talk about the things the make you happy. Talk about the things that make you sad. Whatever you do, communicate because your spouse doesn't know what's going on in your mind if you don't.

Tell them. Number 3 Just give one up for the team. Alright, so you don't want to have sex right now. You are not feeling up to it. I understand. We've all been there and we've all done it. Nonetheless, sex is important to a marriage. It is important to bring you together as a team. It's the most physically and emotionally intimate thing that you will do together. With that said, don't withhold from each other. Even if you just don't feel like it. If you're physically not up to it if you can work on making your spouse happy. Find some pleasure,.

Find something in doing something that will make your spouse feel good and will bring the two of your closer together. Number four finally, surprise your spouse occasionally. Or better yet surprise your spouse often. Take off early from work, buy flowers if it's for your wife, buy an appropriate gift something small if it's for your husband. Write a hand written note or letter. The point here is through all of these things show that you love each other. Maybe you're not there where you just physically cannot do it Maybe you are exhausted Maybe.

You are stressed out Maybe you need to find a way to go for a walk together and just hold hands and talk But, whatever you do, if you're in a sexless marriage right now your marriage may be in some type of jeopardy You may be feeling or your spouse may be feeling some type of unfortunate regret, resentment, anger, or bitterness Lets get the problem solved. You solve that problem and you get your marriage back on track. So, those are my four tips for you today. I hope you found them beneficial Leave me.

Marriage Relationship Advice What Happens in Marriage Counseling

Hi, I'm Patti German. And I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist here in New York City. In this clip we're going to talk about what happen in marriage counseling. Generally when marriage counseling starts the most important orientation will focus is on what's the problem. What generally happens is that two people love to show how they fight. And that takes up a lot of time and a lot of space. And that's o.k. because then the counselor understands what happens between two people. But after that it's about learning how to validate each.

Others feelings. Learning how to listen. Learning how to hear. And learning how to really what your, your partner to feel safe. So marriage counseling can be a time when you can learn things that your partner was feeling that you had no idea about. And, and it it then hits and you begin to develop a deeper understanding of what your partner is about. Marriage counseling provides a very safe haven for people to start unfolding their true feelings about themselves and or each other. This is Patti German in New York City.

Lesbian Dating Thoughts on Lesbian Bed Death

Sophie from Seattle submitted a question and she asks, What are your thoughts on Lesbian Bed Death As much as I try to stay connected to my partner, make sex a priority and change up our sex life, it lesbian bed death it still happens. How do I fix it So! Lesbian Bed Death Here's what I about Lesbian Bed Death I think that if we don't work hard at it, it definitely will take over any relationship, whether you are in a lesbian or heterosexual relationship. I think that intimacy and sex has to be a priority and.

It's important, it's the glue to the relationship and it sounds like, you have been making it a priority and you're not sure why it still happens. What I'm thinking is maybe, because we're women. it happens more in lesbian relationships because we have less testosterone. So with men, they NEED to have sex! They have that need, and that urge and they're going to make it happen. because they have that testosterone, right. We don't. We're sort of like, we don't have as much, so. They men will pursue it and pursue it hard, and make it happen, whereas WE will sometimes be like, Oh. We're.

Too tired, or I have the urge, I sort of want to, but I see my partner is tired so I'm just gonna let her sleep and not really bother her. I feel like I'm bothering her. So let me just let it go. And one night turns into another night, turns into a week, turns into a month, turns into a year. And so on. So, I think that you're doing the best that you can. continue to prioritize sex and intimacy in your relationship and make sure to get involved with women who feel like it.

Sexless Marriage How To Restore The Intimacy

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