Why am I staying in an abusive relationship and how do I get out

Okay, so today’s question isa really important, powerful question and there’s so much more to itthan I can even begin to talk about in these next few minutes.So for those of you who do relate, please get some extra help. The question today is:Why am I staying

in this abusive relationship and how can I get out? So, it’s really important to realize that there’s a pattern that happens, that tends to happen in terms of abusive relationships. Now, people who end up in abusive relationships often have lower selfesteem and have experienced some sort of

abuse at some point earlier in life, that tends to be the pattern. And what often happens is,relationships begin in usually a positive way, right?There’s the beginning, the cording, the love, and the fun. There’s an attachment that creates. You don’tusually go out with someone on a first date and they beat you up, and then you end up in a relationshipwith them. The abusive cycle starts

and continues over time, once you’ve already established a sort of attachment with this person.And the tendency to end up in an abusive pattern is usually based on what it is that you, what it is that you deem acceptable. Right? So, somebody who is particularlyconfident and has only experienced loving, healthyrelationships in their life would never feel comfortable with someone

calling them a bitch, right, because that’s not how you treat each other, that’s not whata healthy relationship looks like. But if you haven’t experiencedwhat a healthy dynamic looks like, and you’ve already attached yourselfto somebody who might end up being in a more abusive pattern, then you’ve already found yourself stuckand you don’t necessarily have the selfconfidence to pull yourself

out of it and say this isn’t okay with me.We do this thing, quot;Oh, well he didn’t mean it and it was just one time,quot;and that’s how the pattern really starts to cycle and continues.So, the most important thing to realize is, it’s not acceptable for you or your partner to be mean to each other on any level.That’s not what a healthy, loving relationship is. And if there is,

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