How Movies Can Make a Marriage Better

Man Then why did you marry me Woman I m beginning to wonder Ronald Rogge The early years of marriage are a risky time for couples. We know that about half of couples in the United States divorce, but a lot of those divorces occur in the first four or five years. And so we wanted to try and find ways to help strengthen those marriages, and hopefully prevent some of those divorces. Man Here's to a good marriage. Rogge So in this study, we had two groups of couples that we gave actual workshops, we brought them in,.

We taught them skills on how to communicate. And compared to a group that didn't get any treatment, we found that after three years they had far lower divorce. Woman Just trying to discover where the strings are attached Rogge But we wanted to see, if we did a very minimal intervention, having these couples watch movies and talk about it, would lead to benefits Man What kind of people would just sit like that without a word to say to each other Woman Married people. Rogge The amazing thing is that with just watching five movies together,.

And talking for a halfhour, 45 minutes at the end, we got benefits over three years, we cut the divorce rate in half. Man Do you ever think of marrying just for fun Woman Marriage, fun Fiddledeedee Rogge We wanted to give the couples in the movie condition some choice about what movies they were going to watch together, Woman If I push too hard it s because I want things to be better Rogge There are lots of romantic comedies out there about a man and a woman falling in love, but it doesn't really show them having fights.

As a couple, or giving support to each other after a long stressful day, because they don't end up together until the last frame of the movie. So it needed to be a movie that showed a longterm relationship so it would make sense to talk about, well how did the couple on screen provide support, and how are we doing that How did the couple on screen fight, and how are we doing that Man Well that s not the point. Woman It certainly is Man Not Little girl Bicker, bicker, bicker. Rogge People watch movies all the time,.

And yet they still get divorced. We actually don't think that it's the movies that's the magic here, I mean don't get me wrong, movies are pretty magic, but to strengthen your relationship, we actually think that it's the time that the couples took to spend together and focus on their relationship that mattered. Man You make me want to be a better man Rogge And taking a moment out of their busy life to think about, how am I acting to my partner, this person that I love the most in the world, and is that the way I really want to be acting.

Man and woman arguing Man Could I please get a word in edgewise Woman Go ahead. Rogge What really excites me about this is that it gives us a way that we can reach out and help couples on a wide scale, without needing thousands of therapists trained to work with each of the couples. We can offer couples a way of strengthening their relationships they can do completely on their own, and it's not like they re just, they have to do it with five movies and stop, they could make it a yearly thing they do around their anniversary, watch.

HOW To SAVE Your Marriage EVEN If Your Spouse Is Unwilling HOW To Save Your Marriage ALONE

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Concepts of how to save your marriage, with the last tip being particularly important. We recommend you take notes and implement the concepts immediately and consistently to get the best results. If you follow the instructions, you can indeed save your marriage even if your partner is reluctant. Check out these testimonials from some of the happy people who have already saved their marriages. Since taking your advice, my marriage has had a turnaround. Initially I was the only one interested in salvaging our marriage, but after changing my mindset and approach,.

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Many thanks, Donna P. Our marriage was headed to divorce, it's been 3 years since we last had a 'date night'. We had real communication issues and never seemed to meet each others needs. We listened to the message together read the manual from Save Your Marriage Now. and found many of the things we did were counterproductive. We realized our mistakes, and it took a few months but now our communication is truthful, open and effective. It's so liberating and we feel that we know and love each other deeply.

Again. Instead of divorce, we're now looking at a renewing of vows. Thanks you for all the insights and wisdom! Peter and Jennifer F. For more information on how to save your marriage you can visit our website here too howtosaveyourmarriagenow Recommended tutorials youtu.beabtclqOC7Xo youtu.beBGnMdkW9g4 youtu.bePgNYjgIoMdw Popular search terms how to save your marriage or relationship how to save your marriage when a divorce seems imminent how to save your marriage after infidelity how to save your marriage after an affair how to save your marriage alone how to save your marriage when your husband wants a divorce.

Marriage Counseling How to Communicate Better With Your Wife

Hello, my name is Reka Morvay. I'm a psychologist, and I'm going to talk to you, about how to better communicate with your wife. Now, a fact of communication in a relationship, is very, very important, because we cannot be expected to read the other person's mind. It is very important for us to be able to use a language, that the other person understands. Not everything has to be verbally communicated. You can communicate many things by physical touch, physical contact, by a smile, a look, but when it comes to verbal communication,.

And when it comes to problem solving through verbal communication, it is very important to use nonconfrontational language, so this is what we call using I language, instead of you language. What this means, is that you say to your wife, I am very upset that this and this has happened, instead of, It's your fault, and I'm very upset, so try to focus on how the situation makes you feel, rather than placing blame on your spouse. Another effective communication tool, is making clear how you feel, and what you mean. Do.

How Do You Have A Happy Marriage

Welcome to this week's installment of um Just Between Us. Now what happens groovy music This week we have very special guests! My parents! They've been such a great example to me over the years of how you can be happy and not be alone. How do you sustain a happy marriage Well, he works really long hours and that helps! What Well he's he's not home that much! I don't under That's a joke. My mom's trying to be funny because she's on YouTube. They share a lot of the same activities.

And hobbies and interests! Right Not really. We like to go to the movies! Right! Right, but I like to play tennis. Yeah, we don't even like the same movies. Kay we're gonna take a short break, we'll be right back. groovy music Welcome back to Us Finding Out Love Is A Myth from Allison's parents! Okay Gaby, that is so not fair. How about this, how about you each tell our viewers what your favorite quality is in each other. Oh, please! She does the laundry really well.

Dad, that's not we've talked that that is not a good enough reason to love someone. My parent's have been together since they were in their early 20's! And they just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary! We've had 23 really good years! I hate that joke. Was it love at first sight No. Well, he loved me. What is that like He just was in my living room one day, like he there he was. I've had that happen before. Right I love your parents. I have to reassess my whole life.

Marriage Counseling How to Make Your Wife Feel Special

Hello my name is Reka Morvay I'm a psychologist and I'm going to talk to you today about how to make your wife feel special. Everybody likes to feel special, but most especially the woman that you decided to spend the rest of your life with. One way to make your wife feel special is to give her complements. Or bring her some flowers every once in a while. Pay attention to her. Make sure that when she talks to you you are actually looking at her. And that you listen to what she says. You don't have to solve all her problems but.

Just by looking at her and nodding and making sure that you understand what she is talking about, she will feel like she's important to you. Show her respect, show her that you care, show your kindness and your loving. By those little gestures that you know she would appreciate. If she is always on you about how you leave the toilet seat up, maybe you can try putting it down for a week and see if she notices. Maybe you can take her out to dinner, maybe you can surprise her with a date to her favorite movie. All of.

Google helped save my marriage Cheri

My name is Cheri Wireman. I'm from Quincy, Illinois. I'm going to tell you the story of the day that I nearly killed my husband. We had bought a new washer and dryer. My husband surprised me by doing a load of wash. He never does wash. When I went to take it out of the dryer, I discovered that the white enamel lining was covered in black ink. Obviously, he had forgotten to check his pockets. I was furious. I thought, maybe Google can save your life. So I went to the computer, I typed in ink stain dryer, and.

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How Can I Save My Marriage, Stop Divorce, And Make My Partner Love Me Again

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