I want to start out by telling you a story there was a young man who was 14 years old that met a young lady when she was 12 years old they met at a church and at that very moment he told one of his friends that she would become his wife shortly after being introduced to her they both decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend back then they called it going together they had an interesting relationship with many breakups along with other boyfriends and girlfriends in between they eventually became sexually involved to.

Prove their love and sincerity to one another and at two years at the ages of 16 and 14 they became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl with the newborn baby came many unexpected responsibilities which definitely affected both of their academic schedules even to the point where she took an unplanned break from school and he just barely graduated because of the necessity to work two jobs almost daily after school but they continued to press on after the birth of the baby they still continued to breakup and try new companions.

Bur constantly ended up coming back together not knowing they were carrying new drama from new people into their already disastrous relationship they continued feeling their way through this boyfriend girlfriend thing until she became pregnant again at this point he was a senior and she was a sophomore in high school looking at the possibility of becoming the father of two at the age of 18 the young man considered the fact that he just may love this girl enough to marry her so he enlisted into the US ARMY delayed entry program in January graduated.

From high school in june turn 18 on july 7th and they were married on july 24th then they praised God for the birth of their second daughter that September from that pint on they shared good and bad times and soon after they produced another daughter and one son then they were informed that he had father another son 36 years ago who has a wife and three children although the news was unexpected it was confirmed to be true and they were all joyfully welcomed into the family by both husband and wife as father and mother along.

With his sibling now after 38 years of marriage and a life of complete surrender to god they are the proud grandparents of either energetic young men eight precious young ladies now you must remember that the story began with a boy friend and girlfriend but it would have been a whole lot easier and much more enjoyable had they prepared themselves by following God’s plan and purposes for marriage how do I know because that same young man is minister Raymond C Cullen Jr and Mrs Charmaine Deanne Jackson Cullen is that same young lady and.

They’re both here to share with us tonight to God be the glory!.

Prayer For Marriage Restoration Prayer For Restoration Of Marriage

Welcome to the prayer for marriage restoration this is simply a tutorial i put together I’d like to pay for anyone within the sound of my voice about prayers for marriage restoration all I ask you to do is to agree with me as we seek our Heavenly Father together please continue to meditate on the prep yourself speak it daily or listen to this tutorial over and over again about prayer for restoration of marriage and allow the Word of God concerning marriage restoration to reach deep into your spirit let us pray heavenly father we.

Gathered together here online in coming to agreement in the wonderful and very powerful name of Jesus where two or more gathered there you shall surely be in anything we agree upon is touching it will surely do the Bible says that if there’s any unforgiveness that it should be dealt with before praying therefore we release the anger bad feelings resentment or any other wrong attitude before you now we let your feet and we release and forgive those who have.

Wronged us i looked at those watching this tutorial we come into agreement and lift up their marriage larger world says in Romans five that love is shed abroad prayer for marriage restoration after divorce in our hearts by the Holy Spirit if you say that it is in there then that settles it no matter what we feel father you are loved and you are inside us therefore love is working in the marriage of the listener and restoration is flowing abundantly now in Jesus name we declare that loves and its.

Restorative power is expressed in its fullness in their relationship we pray that they will let all bitterness bad moods malice wrath indignation rage bad tempers resentment brawling spite ill will clamor contentions slander abuse evil speaking or blasphemous language be banished from their marriage in Jesus name we break the power of these things in the name of Jesus we declare that those listening and their spouse are becoming useful and helpful and kind to.

Each other tender hearted compassionate understanding loving hearted forgiving one another readily in freely as you Lord through Jesus have forgiven them we bind your love around the marriage of those listening and we buy and restoration around their marriage right now in Jesus name by your Holy Spirit help them they carry themselves as husband and wife prayer for marriage restoration after separation.

Honorably and properly in your site open their eyes to see the value of their marriage prayer for marriages in trouble that it is precious in your site lord help them to live in harmony and in one accord with one another we speak strength over the name them now in Jesus name we speak grace over them now in Jesus name we declare that they are the same mind they are united in spirit we declare their compassionate kind tender.

Humble and gentle with one another lord we ask that they recognize your peace and your grace which you have given them me that peace and grace which surpasses understanding guard their hearts and minds they are heirs together of the grace of God in Jesus name help those listening to build their marriage on your word since they build their marriage on the rock they will not be shaken when storms come we declare that.

They are rooted in love and found it securely on your love in jesus name every day you are restoring the time that was lost and energy that was lost we declare that those listening and their spouse enduring long and are patient and kind they’re never envious never boil over with jealousy they’re not boastful or vainglorious and they do not display themselves haughtily they’re prayer for broken marriage not rude on mentally and they do not act unbecoming Lee they do not insist on.

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