Stroudsburg Divorce Lawyer My Spouse is Not Contributing, How Can I Get them Out

How do you get your spouse out of the house is they are not contributing to the bills at the house Hi. I'm Connie Merwine, a family law attorney in Pennsylvania. I recently had a case where the woman had withdrawn for the marriage, and wasn't contributing financially towards the bills, the husband came to see me and ask how he could get her out of the house, since she wasn't contributing to the financial obligations in the home. What we had to do in Pennsylvania was file the divorce first this allowed us then to file a position for.

Exclusive possession. We went in front of the judge and told him about the situation financially she wasn't contributing and the marriage was broken. At that time, we received an order that the wife had to either contribute half the costs or move out. And she eventually moved out, with my client receiving his court order for exclusive possession. If you are in a situation like this or have similar questions, give us a call and set up a consultation and we can discuss what options you have available to you. Thank you for listening.

Divorce from the perspective of a business owner or spouse of a business owner

Representing a business owner in a divorce requires specialized knowledge, skill and experience. We have all three at Little, GilmanTepper Batley. We've developed a reputation for successfully representing business owners, allowing them to preserve their assets, continue to produce income, and run their business. The value of a business or other highworth asset is often one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. Our firm primarily handles complex valuation issues and we work with a carefully selective network of forensic financial professionals to provide expert guidance in many areas, including.

Reviewing financial documents. Determining income available for support andor maintenance. Valuation of business, businesses, and business interests. Valuation of stock options and securities. Tracing assets and analysis of pre and postmarital assets. Assisting with settlement structure. Income tax planning and considerations. Because of our vast experience in the courtroom and at the settlement table representing either business owners, or their spouses, we are able to help identify, evaluate, consider the costs of their different options and adopt a strategy to meet that client's goals. Having experienced attorneys to handle highnetworth cases.

What is the Divorce Process in Pennsylvania Part One

My name is attorney Roy Galloway I'm the owner of The Law Office of Roy Galloway LLC I'm here to talk to you today about a common question that I receive from perspective clients and that is what is the divorce process is Pennsylvania Divorce process in Pennsylvania is simple at least one of the spouses must reside in Pennsylvania for at least 6 months prior to initiating the divorce process the divorce process is commenced by filing a complaint the complaint should be filed in the county where the party where the person asking for.

Divorce resides or the other party part of the divorce resides. Custody is a part that you can raise as part of the divorce proceedings you can do it separately as well. So if the parties aren't able to come to an agreement with respect to the custody arrangement between the parties they can certainly file for custody at the time of divorce That's very cost effective to do it that way because your not having to hire and attorney for two separate cases and uh so you can do it that way. Sometimes those parties will file for divorce and the.

Parties eventually come to an agreement. So that's something that you can work out that's part of the divorce proceedings or something that you can institute in a separate proceeding as well. There are several economic claims that you can raise as part of the divorce proceedings in Pennsylvania. Division of property, alimony, which is payments that one spouse makes to another party payments that the spouse makes to another spouse after the divorce is already granted. Alimony pendente lete thats alimony or support payments while the divorce proceedings are pending. Counsel fees that's reimbursement for attorneys.

Fees expenses, it may be expenses like expenses that are made to another home. That is major thing in trying to resolve economic strains can actually hold off the divorce because what happens is the court will not grant a divorce when there is economic claims pending so sometimes thats one of the things that you know parties are fighting over who gets part of the retirement, how are we going to divide up the marital home, who gets what money out of the bank accounts and those things can hold up the divorce. There's an exception.

To that, the parties can actually get a divorce while there is pending economic claims. If the attorney files to bifurcate the divorce from economic claims. What that means is were going to separate. We will allow the divorce but you allow the court to leave open a resolution to retain jurisdiction resolve the economic claims. That's the caveat, that's the exception to the general rule, that you can not get a divorce until all the economic claims are resolved. If youre going through a divorce at this time we understand that divorce can.

Divorce Lawyer Mount Pocono PA What is Equitable Distribution MHK Attorneys

You're getting divorced. You need to know what equitable distribution is. Hi. I'm Connie Merwine from MHK Attorneys in Pennsylvania. I'm here to talk to you about how the courts divide up your property in your divorce. First issue is what is the marital property that is going to be divided by the courts Martial property is anything that was acquired by the two of you during your marriage. It doesn't include gifts or inheritances that you got during your marriage but it can include the increases in value of these assets. In.

Addition, in Pennsylvania, it doesn't matter the title to the property it can be your name or your spouse's name. It's still martial if it was acquired during the marriage. It's very important to determine what the martial assets of your marriage are so that the court can value them. The way that they are valued is different ways. For vehicles, it's very easy we just go to Kelly Blue Book and find an evaluation. For real estate, you need a more sophisticated appraisal usually done by a certified appraiser in the state. In regards to.

Evaluation, it's not what you paid for but rather what it's worth today. The factors that the court looks at for equitable distribution are quite extensive. There are 11 factors that are set out in the statute and the court must consider all of them. The most important ones are generally the length of your marriage, the relative earning capacities of the parties, and who is going to have majority physical custody of the children. The other factors are very intricate and what we really should do is have a consultation to get together and.

Miami Bankruptcy Attorney Alberto Hernandez P.A.

Miami Bankruptcy Attorney Alberto Hernandez P.A. 8181 NW 154th Street Miami Lakes Fl 33016 Telephone 305 820 0334 When searching for the right Miami bankruptcy attorney keep these important things in mind just as important as a decision to declare bankruptcy is the bankruptcy specialist you select to represent your affairs always look for a Miami bankruptcy attorney with expert knowledge and experience and current make up the lost she got a bankruptcy attorney to provide a free consultation and has the time to meet with you in person when the need arises.

When there's a cause to discuss matters too early the following are three vital steps to help you find a bankruptcy attorney that's right for you 1 Make sure you understand the attorneys fees and billing rate along with any other cause to work on your case 2 The State Bar can also help you make an informed decision when choosing a reputable Miami bankruptcy attorney 3 Always ask if they have online testimonials a positive reviews they could direct you to there's more you should know about using a Miami bankruptcy attorney.

Can I Represent Myself In an Arizona Divorce

Hi, I'm Chris Hildebrand of Hildebrand Law a family law attorney and I have been practing family law and divorce law in the state of Arizona for over twenty years. One of the questions I hear sometimes from potential clients is that are going through a divorce process is Can I represent myself in a divorce with out a lawyer. The answer is simply yes. It is always best to consult with a attorney to get some advice if you are going to represent yourself, but you are not required to be represented by a council or a attorney during a divorce.

Scottsdale AZ Divorce Attorney Kevin Park

Im very experienced, I've been practicing for 25 years and doing family law for over 20 here in Arizona. For me satisfaction in doing family law really comes from assisting people who are having a really difficult time attorneys are also known as counselors because most of the time when people come to you in a family law case, they're fearful because they don't understand what's going to go on and they don't understand what they can expect, so I try to kind of get rid of those fears early on, giving them sort of a plan, and.

Then going forward with that. Satisfaction, for me, comes at the end when we've been able to achieve all those things and they're happy that they had somebody who could help them along the way. I think the best fit cases are ones that have interesting and complex financial cases, particularly ones that involve stocks, investments, stock options, sometimes dealing with complex property issues and things like that, along with spousal maintenance I was a financial advisor where I sat down with people and help them build a financial plan for their future. My approach is such that I'm practical, pragmatic I'm not aggressive.

Dividing Possessions during Divorce

I was going to call this one, Get your crap and run! but I've been advised otherwise. So instead, this episode is going to be called, Your favorite chair, is it even yours Hey there, this is Al with Divorce Candor. If you're like most people, you've got a home full of stuff. Some important to you and some not so much. You'd be amazed at what people will fight over in court, sometimes irrationally. Don't be one those people. As you waste countless billable hours over some stupid record collection,.

You should glance over at your lawyer and see if you catch 'em salivating. Trust me, you don't want to be there. I am not telling you to go and empty out the house of things or take things that are important to your partner so that you can hold them for ransom. Don't be that person. Get out with your dignity intact. Always be the better person. Now, having said that, if there is something that is truly important to you and something that truly matters, like some family heirloom, take it out now and place it someplace safe.

Where To FIle Your Divorce If Youre In The Military

If you're in the military or your spouse is in the US Military, it makes it a little more complicated in filing for a divorce. One part is to determine, where will the divorce be filed Even though a person can be in the military stationed abroad, they may maintain and United States residence as their primary residence. A good way to draw an analogy is to look at a baseball player. For example, a New York Yankee may be travelling all during the baseball season, but in the off season, they may maintain a house in New York or even.

Probate Tutorial No. 6 Life Insurance and Other Agreements that Avoid Probate

This is Mark Kemp of LasVegasProbateGuide with your Two Minute Probate Tip. Well, another class of assets that does not have to go through the probate system are assets that are held by agreement or contract. And the perfect example is life insurance. If a person who died has a life insurance policy, and they've completed a beneficiary form, then that beneficiary is able to go to the company that issued the life insurance, fill out their paperwork, submit a death certificate, and they get the money. It doesn't matter whether or not there's a Will, doesn't matter whether or not there's a living.

Trust, doesn't matter whether you have a probate for plenty of other assets. That life insurance is going to go to the person on the beneficiary form. So here's a story. I had a high school friend who married his childhood sweetheart. And when they got divorced years later, as part of the divorce decree, he had to maintain a life insurance policy on himself until his youngest child was age twenty one. Well at the time of his death, he was remarried and his youngest child was twenty three. But he had not changed the beneficiary form,.

So when he died, the life insurance proceeds did not go through probate to his current wife or his children. The life insurance proceeds went directly to his exwife. That's because the form at the insurance company controls. So other assets like that are life insurance, an IRA, 401k, any kind of retirement plan where they let you fill out a beneficiary form that says Give the money to this person. That is the person who collects it regardless of what your Will says, and regardless of what the probate court says.

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Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Attorney Stop Creditors Harrasing Phone Calls

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