Koreas Constitutional Court rules adultery law unconstituional ,

Koreas Constitutional Court has struck down the law making adultery a crime. The law punished cheating husbands or wives with a maximum sentence of two years behind bars. Shin Semin tells us more. Having an affair will no longer be a criminal offense. Thats the ruling issued by Koreas Constitutional Court on Thursday,. following four previous appeals, with the last being in 2008. The ruling is based on the argument that the law infringes on an individuals right to privacy. and that extramarital affairs should be regulated by civil law. not criminal law.

The decision has raised the question of whether some of the roughly 55hundred people charged with infidelity since 2008 will file for a retrial or compensation. And one uncertainty thats been expressed is that affairs could become more prevalent. Adultery is still illegal. It is still a civil case. The criminal court is leaving the matter to the parties directly involved. Whats worrisome is the low alimony payments for people getting a divorce because of an affair,. as people might come to think of the destruction of a household as a minor offense..

Under the law, an extramarital affair was a criminal offense punishable by up to two years in prison. But only a small percentage of those deemed guilty were jailed, as infidelity is difficult to prove, and enforcement of the law has waned in recent years. The plaintiffs would use the law as leverage to get a higher divorce settlement. Kim Kwangsam, a former prosecutor, believes that abolishing the law could lead to a rise in the number of extramarital affairs. In other nations that have struck down anticheating laws such as France or Germany,. they didnt.

Cheaters caught on tape sentenced to jail

Car sex cheats caught out by recorder A 34yearold married woman from Hsinchu was having an affair with a coworker. Last April the woman asked her husband for a divorce suspicious, her husband hid a recorder in his wife's car. The next day when his wife arrived home he retrieved the recorder and listened to his wife 00030.000,00032.000making love with her coworker How does that feel Is that good Oh yes. It's too good. Angry, the husband sued the pair adultery is illegal in Taiwan In court his wife said that.

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