Pillai:gt;gt; Relationship Problems are alsodue to the ancestor’s unhappiness. The ancestors may have passed away with these problems,either the father’s side or the mother’s side. So that issue will also become yourissue. Even if you don’t get a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or your married life is troublesomein relationship, it’s due to the unhappiness of the ancestors who passed away with thisproblem. So no matter what you do to address this problem through external means, or rationalisticmeans, such as going to Psychologists and Counselors: they will provide only a verylimited and temporary solution. The root cause for relationship problems is the unhappinessof the ancestors who died with this problem,

and they are coming to this earth plane duringthis time of ‘Mahalaya’. So you can also do special programs, or Tarpanam, with thisclear Intent of calling upon those ancestors who died with those problems and help themto solve it in the space where they are now temporarily residing, and once their problems are solved,then your problem will be solved. How do we solve their problem? Just the offering donewill do the job. So it’s important for those of you who are wanting relationship, or arefacing problems in relationship, must want to take advantage of this upcoming two weekperiod of ‘Mahalaya Amavasya’, the ‘Mahalaya New Moon Time’.

Infidelity Counseling New York City

Many times couples can manage their problemsthemselves. However, at times, the problem is too great for them to solve without a professionalhelp. Some of these big challenges are when couples face infidelity or experience breaksof trust. Infidelity is one of the most painful anddevastating experience that can be inflicted in a marriage or other committed relationships.Infidelity in intimate relationship or extramarital affair threatens the foundation in which ahealthy relationship is built upon. It breaks its exclusivity. It breaks its integrity andit breaks its confidence. The thought that from now on you can nevertrust your spouse again fills the unfaithful

spouse feeling of sadness, anger and hopelessness.As such, betraying your spouse can cause a severe damage to the relationship and caneven lead to a divorce. Yet, if both parties agree to work together and go through theprocess of overcoming the pain and the betrayal, relationships and marriages can overcome infidelityand affair. With hard work, patience and commitment togo through the difficult process of healing, couples may find a way to emerge strongerand happier. No doubt, that this is a great challenge, yet it is possible to achieve.Ernest Hemingway once said The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong atthe broken places.

spiral2grow can support and guide you overcomethe overwhelming crisis of the affair, and direct you through the recovery process. Wecan help you rebuild the trust and develop the necessary skills to have healthy and fulfillingrelationship..

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